Sci-Fi Bipedal Robots as Human Sidekicks


Feb 15, 2018
All I want is some unobtrusive machine that waits quietly in the corner, then emerges on demand to find the television remote.
Yeh, I know what you mean. Until the other half says "get up you lazy B.. and get it yourself. We're not buying one of those! And if you do get one I will tell it to say that to you! Pass me the remote will you?"

Tom, of course I'm being the DA :))!) here but with technologies that are rising (and extending) today such as walking robotics, voice responding apps, tech in the home, neural programming, all will integrate under the pressure of competition. Probably spin-off stuff.

" You are confusing science fact with science fiction." Really? Science fact plus innovation gives us what we have today and that WILL change in a 'positive' way. I think Sci-Fi extends our thoughts about what we desire and there must be a drive in that direction. The near future generations will be mad to try any new tech as it comes out. They do now but not me I'm an old codger (but you probably have a different view of me). You talk of atom sized nano whatsits but I'm pushed to see how an atom sized anything can be anything other than an atom. I wonder if you are despondent about future tech having obviously gained a lot of expertise as I deduce from your replies and I grant that comes from being active in forums around the world. The companion side we should not get too hung up on. Maybe that was the wrong term but we will have apps soon then probably a talking dog which doesn't eat, etc. People will fall in love with a furry robot which initially will trip it's owner up (neither looking where they are going!). My argument about fear sticks I think. People say they 'fear' but that fear is not going to be stoked by a massive step towards the reasons for it. Grant every Human the common sense to accept something if it doesn't shoot them first. Advances in tech are dribbled out to the population at large. There will always be activists but mostly they are a minority. I guess for the original post I shall continue to hone my ideas about what might be possible considering your points as I go (which I have copied into my local notes–I guess that's allowed).
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