Bjorn Lynne


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
In the Cool Fantasy side of things you might find some of Bjorn Lynne's music fittng your mood.

Welcome to the official Bjørn Lynne site.

I've been lucky enough to have had my music used in TV programmes such as BBC "Meet the Ancestors", CBS "60 Minutes" and many others, in independent films such as "The Oracle", "Vampire Sisters" and "Ingebjørg Olavsdatter" and many others -- as well as composed music for video games such as "Worms", "Project-X2", "Alien Breed 3D", "Seven Kingdoms" and many, many more.

01: Messages (06:54) [mp3 preview]
02: Endless Possibilities (07:20) [mp3 preview]
03: Hyperdrive Stimuli (05:39) [mp3 preview]
04: No Looking Back (05:21) [mp3 preview]
05: Ruins of an Alien Civilization (02:43) [mp3 preview]
06: Mind of the Visionary (08:21) [mp3 preview]
07: Ypsilon (01:57) [mp3 preview]
08: Neuralnet (03:58) [mp3 preview]
09: Faces pf Fatality (10:03) [mp3 preview]
10: Crystal Vista (04:39) [mp3 preview]
11: One Step To Paradise (09:37) [mp3 preview]

01: Stranger on a Hill, part 1 [mp3 preview]
02: Valley of the Clouds [mp3 preview]
03: The Forbidden Desert [mp3 preview]
04: Alissarian's Cave [mp3 preview]
05: Sarn & Giff [mp3 preview]
06: The Heroes Return [mp3 preview]
07: The Thief of Walaria [mp3 preview]
08: Gundara & Gundaree [mp3 preview]
09: Methydia's Cloudship [mp3 preview]
10: The Battle of 'Two Stones' [mp3 preview]
11: Betrayal in Zanzair [mp3 preview]
12: Stranger on a Hill, part 2 [mp3 preview]

01: Witchwood Prologue [mp3 preview]
02: The Woodlands [mp3 preview]
03: The Forest Speaks, part 1 [mp3 preview]
04: Sunlight at the Mooring, a Jetty on the Lake [mp3 preview]
05: The Forest Speaks, part 2 [mp3 preview]
06: Homeland Farmland [mp3 preview]
07: The Forest Speaks, part 3 [mp3 preview]
08: Tell Tale Signs [mp3 preview]
09: The Forest Speaks, part 4 [mp3 preview]
10: The Town of Witchwoode [mp3 preview]
11: After the Rain (Dew) [mp3 preview]
12: A Presence in the Air [mp3 preview]
13: The Sinister Maze [mp3 preview]
14: The Forest Speaks, part 5 [mp3 preview]
15: The Faery Woods [mp3 preview]
16: Recollection (Sea of Memories, part 1) [mp3 preview]
17: Nostalgia (Sea of Memories, part 2) [mp3 preview]
18: The Gathering [mp3 preview]
19: Witchwood [mp3 preview]
That is just 3 of his albums with previews. There are many more available. the Winds-01-Stranger on a Hill_ Part 1.mp3
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