Black and blue

This is my story of what happens after the season 4 finale - enjoy!

Chapter 1

Sydney opened her eyes, her head was throbbing. Light streamed in through the open window, into.... her bedroom?

"Wait" Sydney thought to herself, "this isn't right." She sat up, questions spinnig through her mind. The last thing she remebered was, Santa Barbara, driving with Vaughn. Vaughn - she suddenly rembered it clearly. they had been driving along, happily, confessing their love 4 one another, when he told her the truth, she replayed it back in her mind, everything he told her.

"For starters, my name's not Michael Vaughn."

Then a sudden screech, a bang, the car had crashed. Yes, so why was Sydney here sitting in her bedroom seemingly uninjured. And where was Vaughn? Hundreds of questions filled her mind as she climbed out of bed and headed to the living room.

"Good morning sleepy head." Vaughn smiled at her from behind the kitchen counter. Sydney stared at him, what was going on? Vaughn instantly realised something was wrong, his smile turned to a worried frown.

"Syd, is everything ok?" Again Sydney stared at him. He began to walk over to her, "Syd?" but she backed away. Everything he had told her in the car, how could she trust him when she didn't even know his real name.

" How did we get here? What happened after the crash?" Vaughn stopped in his tracks looking puzzled.

"Sydney." he paused unsure what to say, " We got here when I drove us home last night after you had been to see how Nadia was doing, and I don't know anything about any crash but if I didn't know any better I'd say you have been dreaming." A sudden rush of relief filled her, of course. Everything had been a dream. Vaughn hadn't betrayed her, and his name was Michael. She smiled and rushed over to him throwing her arms around his neck. He returned the grin and kissed her affectionately. His hands ran down her back as she held her own round her neck. On her finger she felt a ring, her engagement ring..... she pulled her hands away to look at it.

Yes, everything was perfect again. Sydney had Vaughn, her fiancee, the man she loved, and now she knew he hadn't betrayed her, she could tell him the news she had discovered right before she left. The news of a new arrival who would change their lives forever.
Chapter 2

"Michael, I have some news." He c***ed his head at her, not used to being called Michael. But before she could say anything more, the doorbell rang and Vaughn went over to answer it. Behind the door stood Weiss. He looked tired and upset, certainly not his usual self. Sydney realised why, still coming to grips with what had been a dream and what had not, she rembered her sister, Nadia, had been infected with a virus, and was still recovering.Vaughn stood aside as Weiss walked past him. Syd got up and went over to him with open arms.

"How is she?" she asked. Weiss swallowed hard, and tried to look cheerful,

"Doctors say she's become more stable but she is still infected and their struggling to find a cure." Sydney closed her eyes. It seemed to be that just when things started going ok for her, something new would happen and bring her down again.

The three of them sat in silence for a while, unsure of what to say, when Vaughn's phone rang. Sydney and Weiss both looked as he answered. The conversation he had with whoever was on the phone to struck Sydney as odd. The language Vaughn used was unusally guarded, as though he was trying not to reveal something.Not to mention the fact that it was only really herself, Weiss or Nadia who rang Vaughn on his mobile. Unless it was APO.

"What?" Vaughn said in a hushed voice. "I see, and what can be done? Yes ok, yes that sounds fine. Yes please do." He put the phone down and Sydney gave him a puzzled look to say, "Who was that?" Weiss was staring at the table and didn't seem to care what the phonecall had been about,

"That was just the garage, said I need to get my brakes changed." There was something about the way he answered that struck Sydney as unusal.

"How did your car get to the garage?" Sydney asked. She tried not to sound too suspicious. Vaughn looked a little stunned, but then smiled, walked over to her and kissed her. The he said,

"I took it this morning while you were in bed, sleepyhead." Sydney grinned at him, but inside her head was ticking. She knew that kiss, she had heard her father and Vaughn describe it to her from their experiences with her mother, Irina, and Lauren. It was the kiss you give to someone so that you have time to think of an answer to their question.

"I think I'll go get a shower" Sydney said. Vaughn smiled at her while Weiss gave her a brief nod before continuing to stare at the counter. Syndey jumped up and walked across the living room to the bathroom. Once inside, she turned on the shower but did not step inside. Instead she sat down and began to think to herself about what was going on. Was she merely being over paranoid since her dream, or was there something deeper there. Then she heard her voice in her head.

"Syd what are you crazy. Vaughn has one phone conversation that sounds odd and you jump to all sorts of conclusions. You love him, your going to spend the rest of your life with him. You can't let your professional paranoia screw that up."
Chapter 3

Outside the bathroom, Vaughn and Weiss sat in the kitchen. Vaughn sat listening for the sound of running water. When Weiss heard the shower go, he leaned across to Vaughn and whispered,

"Does she suspect anything?"

"No" Vaughn replied. "I made out that everything that happened with her and Vaughn in Santa Barbara was a dream, and she excepted it."

"What was the phonecall about?"

"It seems the APO team are searching for her. It is imperitive they do not take her from us. We need Sydney, we need what she has. If APO gets her, then the truth wil never be revealed, and that is a possiblity that we cannot afford to encounter."

"Do they know......? About the child I mean?"

"It seems not. I feel she was trying to tell me before your arrival."

"Don't forget to look surprised then."

"I am not a fool." Vaughn through a digusted look at Weiss. "Anyhow, we cannot let them know. We must keep her here for nine months, once we have the child, we dipose of her. Then Rambaldi's true endgame will be revealed." Vaughn stood up, he looked proud. Weiss nodded, and then asked,

"But Michael Vaughn is evidently the father, not Rambaldi, can this baby be that which was prophesized?" Vaughn looked at his friend, and was about to answer when the bathroom door opened. Sydney came out, a towel drapped around her head, wearin a long bath robe. Vaughn smiled across the room at her and she flashed a grin back. He looked back at Weiss, and gave a brief nod of dismisal before heading over to Sydney's bedroom.

Sydney sat infront of the mirror, combing her hair when she saw Vaughn behind her in the mirror. He came up to her and began to massage her shoulders. She tilted her head and rested it on his hand. The she kissed his hand, and slowly turned, kissing him all the way up his arm until she was standing level with him. She closed his eyes and kissed him, his lips were warm, soft. She ran her hand down the side of his face as they kissed, she loved the feel of his skin, the way he quivered when she touched him. She would give anything just to stay here in his arms forever. She felt so safe, so secure when he craddled her. They stood together for a minute, wrapped in one anothers arms, enjoying the perfectness of the moment, when Vaughn pulled his head back from hers and said,

"So, what was it you were going to tell me?" his voice was so soft, so gentle, so loving. She kissed his nose.

"We" she kissed cheek, "are", his other cheek, "going" his forehead "to be", then she paused, playfully staring into his eyes. She kissed his lips and then began to kiss his cheek again until she reached his ear, where she whispered, "parents".
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Chapter 4


Jack sat behind the desk staring at Vaughn. His tone was sharp, and his face one of frustration and anger.

"And what then Agent Vaughn?" Vaughn stared back at Jack. Above Vaughn's eye was a cut, which was beginning to sting again.

"I have told you. Another car drove right into us, there was noway I could have avoided it, it just came out of no where and sped towards us. I was knocked unconcious with the impact, and when I was revived, there was no sign of Syd, or the passengers from the other car."

Jack looked at Vaughn. He looked around the room,

"Does anyone else have any intelligence to offer." Weiss and Dixon both shook there heads while Marshall looked tearful. It had been the same for days. Jack sat and asked Vaughn to retell the story, incase there was soemthing he had overlooked, he then asked the rest of the team for clues and always received a negative response. The team had been reduced to just five members now. Sloane was in jail, Nadia in hospital, and Sydney, well no one knew were Sydney was.

"Dismissed" Jack muttered and Weiss, Dixon and Marshal turned to leave. Vaughn looked at Jack before getting up, but was stopped by him. "Vaughn wait a moment" Vaughn sat back down, bracing himself for Jack Bristow's questionning.

"Agent Vaughn, I feel you are hiding something from the team and I" Vaughn sighed, he had been expecting this. True Vaughn had been hiding something but it seemed unlikely it would help in there search for Sydney, Vaughn's telling Jack that he had confessed his terrible past. Jack looking at Vaughn with penetrating eyes. "Well...?" Vaughn shook his head, and Jack nodded. "Sydney has always been secretive about things."

Vaughn looked up, "What is that supposed to mean?" Jack looked at Vaughn and then stood up begining to pace around the room.

"We can be quite sure that Sydney has been kidnapped. The car delibrately hitting you, no one in either car when you woke up. It is quite obvious that the parties intention was to render you, and possibly Sydney unconcious, so that kidnapping her would be an easy task. However, what I don't understand is, why would someone go through so much trouble to plan all this, unless Sydney had something they wanted."

Vaughn looked at Jack and smiled. Even though he was, to tell the truth, terrifed of Jack, he couldn't help but admire his mind. The way he thought, his level headeness. So Vaughn tried hard to think,

"Sydney, she's a brilliant agent, skilled, talented, beautiful" Jack coughed making it clear he wanted Vaughn to stop there. He knew all that. He looked again at Vaughn, hoping he would think deeper. "Sydney, she...." Vaughn paused. He thought hard. Why would she be wanted by an enemy, she must have something, or be able to do something, or be someone important to them. Be someone, be someone, that was it. But Jack realised it at the same time as Vaughn and they both ran for the door.

"Marshall, Dixon, Weiss" Jack barked. Within seconds the three men were infront of him. I want to know everything you have on Rambaldi. Any information on where his followers are, and anything concerning the 'Chosen One'. I am going to see Sloane, see if he has any leads, as soon as you find anything promising contact me, and with that Jack left APO, followed closely by Vaughn.


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