Black Angel - One of Six - Chapter 1


Aug 28, 2005

Finding this forum is like finding a city made out of chocolate, after watching season 4 I've now become well and truly hooked on Alias.

Apart from being a Alias craving fan,

Who I am?

Well, first things first, my names Mark Silgram, I live in Manchester, aged twenty five and I write,

a lot, with passion.

I finished the first draft of my 250 page novel earlier this year thinking where on earth can it go?????

As I started writing the re-write, my pool of ideas mushroomed (I'd love to think) into a complecated plot engrained with twists, sub plots and intriguing chracters.

I now want to reach with my writing as many people as I can!

So Alias fans, if you let me, I'd like to post a new chapter of my novel each week starting with the first, so I can then be guided with all your thoughts and comments.

That said,

Enjoy the show!

Mark Silgram

See below

Black Angel

One of six

A thunder clap roared, bellowing from the night like a mythical creature clawing at its prey, hedgerows and trees its claws, drawing ever closer to the blue metal skin of the unmarked Police car; its unsuspecting prey. Jack Thornton gripped the steering wheel, an extension of his own fingers, his foot firmly smashed down on the accelerator. Radio cracking to life, he keyed a button
‘Blue Two. This is Blue One, do you read me over?’
‘Blue One, this is Blue Two, reading you loud and clear, what is your status over.’ More crackling and fizzling and then
‘Blue Two, we are approaching the house now, I repeat we are approaching target, please advise, over.’
Through the static Jack could hear boots splashing through mud, he keyed the radio
‘Blue One, I don’t need to remind you who we are dealing with, so proceed with extreme caution, I repeat proceed with extreme caution, over.’
‘Rodger that Blue Two’ heavy breathing, ‘taking up positions’ several thuds, then splashes, clicking of guns being c***ed, static ‘around the house, now, over’ Furious rain relentlessly pounding the car.

Eyes straining, looking through the rain splattered windscreen he keyed his radio again,
‘Blue One, are ETA is two minutes, copy that?’
‘Copy that Blue Two, team is in place, waiting for your order, over’ Static, rustling of wind, a clap of furious thunder
‘Blue One, you have my order to proceed’
‘Rodger that Blue Two, entering the house now’
Footsteps, a battering ram smashing into the front door, an ear piercing bang, splintering of wood, shouts
‘Keep communications open Blue One, let’s catch this bastard.’

Roaring wind battered and rocked the car, wheels spinning tearing up mud. Jack’s ears glued to the radio,
‘Jesus... 'a sound like boots on cornflakes, ‘Blue Two, the entire floor is riddled with live beetles, I repeat there is f***ing beetles squirming over every inch of the god damn floor.’ Jack’s eyes widened, exchanging a look with his partner DI Pool. As ever DI Pool’s expression remained calm, other people in the force who did not know him as well might have sensed Pool’s expression frosty and harsh.
‘Blue Two, there's a jigsaw on the wall with some of the pieces missing, names and future dates scribbled over some of the pieces in spidery handwriting.’

Pool took out his note book and keyed the radio
‘Blue One, give me a description of the names, over.’
‘Blue Two it is hard to make out. Letter’s L,C,A,K,B then a space and N,G,E,L,A’ Pool scribbled furiously in his note book, eventually holding the page up for Jack to read, the letters now decoded read ‘Black Angel’. Pool keyed the radio again, almost shouting through the roaring of the wind and rain
‘And the date, Blue One’
‘Sorry two hard too make out Blue Two’ more heavy breathing, Jack grabbed the radio, frustration getting the better of him he barked
‘The girl Blue One, is there any sign of the girl?’
‘No sign as….wait….s***….’ frantic shouting, barking of orders, Jack gripped the radio his knuckles turning white, a bead of sweat trickling down one side of his face
‘Repeat that Blue One…what is happening, respond, over’ deafening blasts of a shotgun being fired, bodies hitting the ground,
‘Blue One…what the f***’s going on, please-’
‘…my men…being mowed down…s***’ the static now awash with the onslaught of continuous fire, boom, a sickening crack of ribs, more bodies thumping to the floor. Jack slammed his foot further down on the accelerator throwing the both of them backwards into their seats. The worry and concern overriding protocol Jack jabbed at the Radio button
‘Harry, can you…’ the crackling of static ‘….read me, please respond’
‘Jesus Jack, there all around us…surrounding us…where’s my f***ing backup, I need that backup now-’

‘Harry hang on we’re almost with you, thirty seconds maybe less…wait I can…’ Jack looked through the windscreen ‘…I can see the house now’.
Mud spraying up the spinning wheels, the car bounced wildly from side to side as it sped down a dirt track. The radio burst to life for a final time, through the wash of crackling and static,
‘Blue One do you read me, please respond…s***…my men are on fire…f***ing faces are melting…eyeballs popping…oh god s***, I’m the only one left, my team has been f***ing wiped out…’
Jack, spittle flying from his mouth barked into the Radio,
‘Harry…can you hear me, we’ve arrived at the house, I repeat, we’re about ten seconds away, just hang-’
‘…Jack I don’t know if you can hear me…there’s only me left now, out of a team of five I’m the only one left….my team mates, now melting corpses at my feet…I may only have seconds left, please Jesus god Jack, don’t go anywhere near this house, s*** you enter this house only via your worst nightmare…nothing left to do now…’ the static awash in Jack’s ear, a single tear rolling down from his eye he heard the c*** of a gun and then a boom, a wet explosion and then silence.

Silence, the car skidded to a stop, yards from the house. Rain drumming on the roof of, Jacks face twisted in hurt and despair, gone his friend, wiped out. Pool rarely spoke, so when Jack locked eyes with him he could see the compassion in his face,
‘Jack. I know how close you was too Harry. Ten years on the force together. I’m sorry.’
Jack, lost in his own grief and anger stared out through the windscreen, through the rain, at the house, his voice wistful
‘Why did he do it Pool, what would drive a man, a family man with everything to live for, to take his own life.’
Pool gripped his shoulder reassuringly
‘We finish this. We finish this tonight. That little girl, the little girl snatched from her parents, needs our help Jack.’
Watching the fine rain fall, his fingers caressed the butt of his pistol underneath his jacket. ‘I couldn’t save them Pool, five young girls, all dead.’
Pool took out his own pistol in one swift movement, a shadow passing across his face, eyes narrowing he said
‘It was not your fault Jack.’

Ducking low to the ground, in unison Pool and Jack, guns low and sweeping, they edged towards the house. Wind clutching them in its icy grip, unwilling to let them go, rain blinding them they entered the three storey house. The smell of rotting flesh, rancid stench of stale urine hung heavily in the air like the tar in Jack’s forty a day lungs. Darkness spread throughout, reaching out into the ether. Jack’s ears tuned in to the slightest of sounds, searching for their prey.

Pool was the first to fall. It happened so suddenly, flames thirstily licking at his face, eroding the darkness. Flesh bubbling, melting. He screamed in agony, terror in his eyes, a plea for help. Without a split second hesitation, Jack whipped off his jacket and tried in sheer desperation to dampen the flames
‘Jack….’ Pool spluttered, his mouth now resembling sticky toffee, one lip melting into the other.
‘Pool; John hang in there mate, I-’ Jack cut himself off realising how futile his efforts was. Pool’s entire face his hair, eyes, nose and mouth, all melting together and dripping onto the floor. Looking down his hands saturated with the oily liquid that was once his partner DI John Pool, his mouth open he yearned to scream, but couldn’t, DI John Pool, now nothing more than a pool of his own melting, bubbling flesh.

Darkness, a creature of the night crept around him, stalking him. Gripping his gun tight, his nerves shattered, with each sticky step, his shoes now matted with DI Pool, he gingerly walked further into the glum. A flare of a flame, the smell of sulphur, cigarette started to burn and then a voice, deep, methodical
‘At last we are alone. You have no idea how long it’s took me to get this far. DI Thornton I calculated right from the beginning, the five girls, the killing of them and their deaths would evidently draw you to me. You are now part of the things to come.’ Jack, eyes straining to see the speaker the rage building up inside him, he spat
‘I’ve come for Angela’
‘Angela; She’s the first, the first of sixth’
On the far side of the room, lights flicked on to reveal a cross. His eyes widening with gut retching fear, he watched, beetles squirming over on the live body of a young girl aged sixteen, Angela Robertson. Heart pounding now in his head; one thought, he underestimated his killer. Six men wiped out, because of that slight miscalculation.
‘I know Jack what you are already thinking. The girl is the key. A Black Angel, the first true Black Angel Jack, conduit to God’
The speakers face in complete shadow, the voice resonating in Jack’s ears. Angela, nailed to the cross started to, in deathly spurts, whimper. Flames started lick at the old wood of the cross. Jack’s mind started to swirl with one thought, save the girl.

‘Circle of five Black Angels feeding off humanities darkest thoughts to be resurrected by a chosen one, a sixth angel Angela.’ The voice continued cold and calculated, infiltrating Jack’s thoughts. c***ing the gun, it wavered, two targets; one outcome. The shadow breathed out a heavy sigh,
‘The sound of the hammer c***ing back tells me Detective Inspector Jack Thornton, you are using a Walther PPK; Length 5.8 inches, weight 20oz, calibre 7.65mm and capacity, 7 rounds. You pride yourself Jack on being an excellent marksman, but with just 7 bullets do you really think you can kill me and save the girl in near total darkness. Two targets, not enough bullets Jack. Not enough time. Save the girl Jack and gratify your own perverse lust to quench your feverish thirst of guilt for not saving the others.’
Jack, feeling every bead of glistening sweat dripping from his face, gun slippery between his finger, eyes narrow, determined, he took two steps towards the burning cross. The smell of smoke crept into his nostrils. Pivoting, his voice resonating a deep growl he snarled
‘You killed Pool, Harry, five young girls. It’s ironic you call me perverse. Resurrecting these Black Angel’s you speak of, yet you massacred in cold blood five innocent children, each one described by their grief stricken parents as adoring sweet angels. If you ask me you’re already dead.’ Professionalism returning, swinging the gun back to the cross he watched a single tear drop from Angela’s soaked bloodshot eye. Aiming his Walther at the nail protruding from her blood saturated hand, smoke now tearing at his lungs he said softly
‘Close your eyes honey and I promise you, when you open them everything will be okay’
Eyes looking down the barrel of the gun locking on to the target, the nail pinning Angela’s blooded hand to the cross, his fingers started to squeeze the trigger. His eyes flitted upwards towards her freckled face, zeroing in on a small brown speckle on her left cheek, a birthmark. No an angel. A birthmark in the shape of an angel: burning deep into his eyes penetrating his heart and his soul. Eyes warm and damp, a single tear dropped from his eyelid, glinting in the fire light before dropping to the floor. His hand limp, the gun slipped from his fingers, spinning end over end clattering to the ground. He threw up his arms to protect his eyes from the blinding white light emanating from the cross. He heard four pops, like champagne corks. Lifting his arms with all the effort he could muster, through the light he just had time to see four burning nails hurtling towards him. He ducked, and threw himself under Angela’s falling body. Now in his arms he cradled her softly, the beetles gone. Clutching Angela tight, he staggered to his feet, eyes sweeping the burning room. Black dense smoke billowing around them, the entrance ablaze, he hurtled through the flames towards the spiralling stair case. He needed to get out, fast. Thumping his radio he barked,
‘This is Blue Two, I have the girl in my arms, and I need backup now, over’ His spine freezing with a chill, his words echoing Harry’s urgent pleas for help only moments before, his radio crackled to life.
‘Blue Two, this is special operations leader White Knight, we are one minute away from your position, over’
No time. When your time is up, it’s up. Always a way out though, Jack thought, always. Up and up he went, every so often he glanced down at Angela’s quivering eye lids, shut tight. Slamming into a fire door, he hurled himself through, onto a flat roof.

Pattering of rain peace and silence the ordinary world greeting them with warm welcoming arms, washing away the horrors below. In the distance with relief he heard sirens wailing, slaying the beast; darkness. He looked over the edge, Police cars and vans skidding to halt, police officers jumping out, pelting towards the house. His radio fizzled ‘Blue Two, this is White Knight, we see you, approaching the house now, prepare to jump, over’
Looking over the edge, like ants, police officers swarmed creating a human net. The building started shake under his feet. He jumped. The cold bitter wind stinging his face as he plummeted, a second later, his fall was cushioned. White Knight, squared jawed looking like a dashing spit fire pilot, he shouted
‘Move, move, move, the buildings going to-‘
A flash of white light, the ground shook with shocking force, a deafening explosion, the building curved, blasting outwards, showing them with bricks and glass. Then silence.

Getting to his feet, his face splattered with icy mud, Angela still in his arms, he staggered with the rest of the men towards the police cars. He never seen Angela open her eyes, never seen the fire dancing behind her pupils, never seen, her eyes awash with bubbles of electricity. For if he had, he might have realised one thing, the events that had just transpired was not the end, but only the beginning………
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