Blue Heelers

Aug 13, 2005
I've watched this on & off since it started, and have seen the comings and goings of many members, and a change of police station. For me, the defining moments of this were:

Maggie's death in 2000 - her brother Mick shot her and she died in PJ's arms

Jo & Clancy's death - A backpack with a bomb was given to Clancy, who had Downs, and blew him, and "Connable" (Constable) Jo Parrish up

PJ leaving to go to Melbourne. Sniffle. Who am I going to drool over... okay Jonesy, Alex, Joss..

PJ & his lovers - poor guy - both fiancees cancel the wedding: Maggie was shot, Jo was blown up....gotta feel sorry for him

I never liked Sergeant Tess Gallagher - she reminded me of Singer in JAG. Wish they'd killed Tess off and made Ben Sergeant.....

Joss & Kelly - can you say LOVE? Those two have got to be in love - its clearer than anything!!! And TPTB - Get Jonesy and Susie together already!!!!

Jack Lawson - OK he's left but hubba hubba!!!! Me-ow he was cute.

jessie tubb

Oct 11, 2005
Sydney, Australia
hey i just found thi
and i LOVE blue heelers...
mainly jonesy :love: :D
but the have just confermed on the news that channel seven is going to axe it!!!!!
i think is is sad to lose this cool show :(
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