Blur Does LoTRO


With the NDA lifted, it's cool to talk LoTRO.

I'll try and make this an interesting thread with pictures and comments.

Let's start with the character screen. I built this guy based on the literary character, Flashman. He's the star of some of the most un-PC books ever written =D=

This field looked really pretty... reminded me a lot of Dantooine in SWG, although the colours are obviously different. This was only on medium graphics setting, too.

See the tab I've flagged down the bottom? 'The War'?

I guess this will be my stats for the war when I actually get involved in it...

Last one... here's a typical quest being given out. And, can I just say, the quests are really good? I mean, sure, they're the standard "kill x and deliver y", but the actual writing and storyline is well done. They have some good content creators.

All in all, LoTRO is just like any other fantasy MMO you've played. Yes, there are little nuances if anyone wants to get pedantic about it but, in broad brushstokes, it's "yet another fantasy MMO".

The appeal, as I see it, comes from:

* Being new.
* Being set in Middle Earth.

If you were playing EQ2, for example, and were totally bored with it - but not the fantasy concept in general - this could be a good game to look at. (Although in that scenario, I daresay you'd probably look at Vanguard first... but I think you know what I mean for the sake of the example...)

Similarly, if you were playing EQ2 or WoW, but were a real Tolkien nut, this might be enough to swing you over because the game is essentially the same sort of thing... but the names, places, concepts, etc, are going to resonate a lot more. Personally, I like playing in this world and it feels a lot more real and literary to me (which are probably odd words to use, I know), than stepping into Norrath in EQ or Azeroth in WoW, etc, etc. It's just one of those things... call me weird, but I can't believe in a world that some Sony staffers cooked up one day after lunch half as much as a world created by the father of modern fantasy.

That said, will I play it? No, I don't think so. The game isn't offering anything profound or really new that interests me, so I'm still biding my time, really. The fact it's Tolkien - and the literary side of Tolkien rather than a straight pull from the films - is really cool, but it's still not enough for me, personally.

Interesting game though. Tolkien nuts and people who are over EQ2, WoW, etc, and want to launch into yet another fantasy MMO will really like it, I think. It's certainly very competant, even in beta.

I'm actually surprised the game is as good as it is.

I'm still not playing it... but I think it's quite good for what it is.
Ah what to say.

You're basing all that on the first five levels? Well, you're not too far off. HAHAHAHA

I've not gotten past 35 myself, but can tell you what you experience the first 10 are pretty much what you get the rest of the game. I've read and talked to a ton of max lvls, and yeah, it's same. They've no end game.

I like the game. I love the world. I dislike Tolkien. Graphics rock. Problem with the game is there is nothing to do once you max out. This literally is a A to B game where once you're done with B you quit. Unless you enjoy redoing the EXACT same content. It's extremely linear. Frankly, I'm just not the alt-aholic, redo the game person I used to be 3 years ago. *shrug*

I do think the box price is worth the A to B experience. If you're one of those gamers that hangs around way past end game then this game will probably be worth the $199 founder preorder for you. The game is somewhat challenging. The instances (fellowships) range from totally lame to great read or fantastic challenge.

For avid industry players... this is a game you need to try so you've references for the rest of industry. ;)