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November 13

The Black Beanie
jack said:
we never could finish a game of checkers or battleship. and damnit i liked battleship.

hahahahahaha!!!! I always cheated on battleship, moving all the ships around-- shhh.

I used to play it when I was 12 everday after school with a group of friends. I just bought the game again in my 20's and it's even better than I remembered! I love strategic games that make you use your brain. Only problem is, that the game can last for days sometimes and you have to be careful not to bump into the table when you're taking breaks! Anyone familiar with the game knows what I'm talking about ;)
I highly endorse the new Trivial Pursuit game. You know, the Pop Culture one. The questions are easy enough for you to have a chance to answer. I also own the 20th Anniversary one and that one was just to hard for my liking. So (y) (y) for Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture.

I'm also a huge fan of Balderdash... making up definitions is my forte!
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