Boarding School

:confused: I am thinking about going to a boarding school. The school is called The Andrews School, it's all girls and is very nice. I am having second thoughts on my college prep school now cause it doesn't give me a challenge. My parents said I could if I wanna too, it's only 40 minutes away from home. If I don't go than I can be a dat student. What do you think?
my best friend goes to boarding school at Conserve School. it's a high school in uper wisconsin, and 5 hours away from her house. It's also boys and girls. i miss her so much, but she gets 1 week off every month.

If i was going to boarding school, i wouldn't want to be a day student. Also, i don't think i could handle an all girls school. But if you think you want to go, i think you should!
my bro goes to boarding school and he loves it. we hardly hear from him cause he is having so much fun. also my cousins go to boarding school and i have seen it. it looks so much fun. i also go to an all girls school. i have to say that i do miss the boys but it is suposed to be better academically for girls if they have classes with only girls in them.
i think that if it feels right for you, and you have the oppertuntiy to go there then go because it wil probably be an experience that you will value for the rest of your life, if you enjoy it or not.
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For my freshman year I had a go to a SDA boarding school in Mississippi which has given our family problems in the past (dont wanna talk about it...dont ask :mad: ) or going to a local public high school with people I know...Im sorry but I just dont like boarding school........but If you really want to go....then go! :D