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Mar 18, 2003
United States
i know im not fat but it doesnt stop me from feeling fat. that BMI thing or whatever said that i was actually underweight but i still can pinch my stomach and my arms. blech. im trying to hold back on the cookie dough and chocolate which is a major part of my life and is resulting to major problems :unsure: arf i like neeed chocolate and ice cream. they're an essential to my survival.. see im obsessed.. not good.... not good..


May 25, 2003
I see all these stars on the cover of magazines what went to diet and have become skeletal. When I looked in the mirror in high school all I would see was fatness compared to them and I would hate myself, but now I'm starting to feel more comfortable in my body. It's not something overnight, it's taken 5 years to even start to like my body, but each day I accept that this is who I am and that I'm not meant to be 5'7 or 5'8 and only 100 pounds. I'm 5'6ish and 118 and I'm not going to diet and be anorexic/bulemic to fit a Hollywood ideal.
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