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She's just can't see that...I don't think it's necessarily to change him, but finally find something she wanted. We may not understand why, but Leah has most likely gotten used to the live she lives and wants at least her dad to be proud of her.
i read the poisonwood bible a while ago, but it was one of the best books ive ever was good because all the characters evoked different emotions, and the plot was good, but the book also had some meaning...

has anyone read Girl With a Pearl was excellent...the plot was good, and there were some of the best descriptions i've ever read...the writing was just beautiful

and now for a book i hated...The Lakehouse...i really didn't like it...the plot was preposterous, and it just got worse...and there were some inconsistencies...just dont read it

yup, thats all for now, but i still have all my summer reading to do...has anyone read The Emperor of Ocean Park? that looks good...

like ya said, i havent even heard of it! can you give us a summary becuase the title sounds interesting!

and aliasbabe, i read she said yes when it first came out, i forget much of it but i remember liking it!


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It's narrated by this girl, Morgan, who has this best friend, Jimmy, who she's been best friends with since like birth. He's a theater dancer and she's taking improv classes at Second City (in Chicago). Anyways... he gets killed by a drunk driver and most of the book is about Morgan's struggle to move on and live her life without her best friend. It's really sad but touching and I first read it about 5 years ago. LoL
Existentialist said:
Has anyone read Say Goodnight, Gracie by Julie Reece Deaver? It's one of my favorite books but no one else has like heard of it.
I read it about two years ago, but I never liked it. The story just wasn't anything I like to read.
But I did like one quote from

"Knowing what you have to lose, but risking the loss anyway. That's what life is all about."
nance said:
I'm going to read Girl with the peral earring this summer for school!
its a really good book...i highly reccomend it :smiley:

i have to read All the Kings Men
Brave New World
Cry, the Beloved Country
and another book I can't remember the title of...

has anyone read any of these books?
I've read Cry...and I actually liked it. seems as if I'm the only one who did. You know I'm talking about you Auntie Vic...;) Just kidding of course

But did you like it Bevinksi?
btvaughn said:
I've read Cry...and I actually liked it. seems as if I'm the only one who did. You know I'm talking about you Auntie Vic...;) Just kidding of course

But did you like it Bevinksi?
what?! i didnt like that book..... :blink:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Bridget is right, i didnt like that book at all!! and i dont really know why, i guess it was just boring and slow moving and plus i had to read it for school so i just didnt like it! but you could be like Bridget and like it?! ;) who knows?! :lol: :lol:
just read To Kill A Mockingbird last night!! very very good, Atticus makes being a lawyer sound halfway enjoyable (which is something I've never really picked up from either of my parents ;) )

anyone else read it?
yep i read that for school ...and bridget...LOVED IT!!
it was a great book and poor Boo!!great book!

i think the thing with school books is that i love most of them as well....but there are a few that are like why?! and the fact that i read that book in two days before the exam!LMAO!!!i was too busy reading something else...thats how it is with me...if im not reading anything else i will read the school book, if i am i have no interest in the school book, like the great gatsby didnt read it becuase i was reading the little friend!LMAO!


I read it, sis! I enjoyed it. ^_^

Okay you Shopaholic fans- I'm reading this series and there are only two books in it so far. The first one is called Sloppy Firsts and second one is Second Helpings.
This is a review from SOPHIE KINSELLA! The creator of BECKY! okay:

"Such a sharp, funny, poignant heroine, with an inner world we can all relate to. I loved it." -Sophie Kinsella

Please read this series! They reallly are great. (i'm on the 2nd one now!)
LMAO!! what a great plug should be in sales nance!LMAO!!! i'll look into it, alot of ppl i know have read those books and really liked them soo i might!