Book release moved up to mid-September


Molly Fyde Chronicler
Holy cow. First, the book was due out in early October. Then it was moved up to late September. Now it's mid-September.

The publisher loves the shape the ms is in, and the edits are going very well. The reward for my hard work is the feeling that I need to start working even harder!

The opposite problem would be worse, though... so on I forge.
September is a terrific time for a book to come out. My last one came out that same month.


But seriously, it's just enough time for word to get around, so that when Christmas comes knocking, people have already told their significant others what they want...

Unless they can't wait, of course, in which case they don't have to hold off until December.

I sure hope you're right. The publisher is thinking of an April/May release date for the sequel, which will also be a dandy time of the year. It'll be interesting to see if I can keep a 6-month schedule going for a few books. I have a feeling the next few won't be as easy as the first ones were.

As I go through the editing process, I find my writing flow is suffering from knowing more rules. I need to re-learn writing in "draft" mode and understanding that I'll edit for perfection later (and often). Now I get hung up on a "be" verb, or a POV slip, and instead of forging ahead, I sit and pound away at a single sentence in edit mode, which breaks my flow.

Yet another facet of this learning process, I suppose.
I'm actually going the opposite direction. I used to get hung up on every little word, phrase, and scene. Granted, I've learned a lot since I started out down this path so long ago, but now I'm more than happy to just pound out complete garbage, knowing that my work will go through several self-revisions later.

A 6-month schedule for me would be a nightmare. I like to get short stories published along the way, to keep people interested between longer works.


My next longer work is due out in January. That should be a strange time frame...Christmas will be over and no major gift-giving holidays (Valentine's Day doesn't count), so I'll be interested to see how that impacts sales.