Books on Cell Phones?

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well, my phone is an mp3 player and has 64megs of memory on it, i only have a mono headphone at the moment, stereo ones are about £20 sterling! but technically, i could then have a mp3 player capable of what i am looking for, playing audiobooks!

i was wanting one for when i walk places, but i cant walk far at all anymore, so thats out of the window! and its not safe to listen to anything on headphones whilst cycling, let alone legal


You speak here about listening to books on the phone and I read people discussing READING books on the phone like we read them on palm pc. I think it terribly uncomfortable but some of them really do it. Brrrr!


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one or two lines at a time.

Several mobile Web sites offer hundreds of novels — classics, best sellers and some works written especially for the medium.

It takes some getting used to. Only a few lines pop up at a time because the phone screen is about half the size of a business card.

But improvements in the quality of liquid-crystal displays and features such as automatic page-flipping, or scrolling, make the endeavor far more enjoyable than you'd imagine.
Surprisingly, people are using cell-phone books to catch up on classics they never finished reading. And people are perusing sex manuals and other books they're too embarrassed to be caught reading or buying. More common is keeping an electronic dictionary in your phone in case a need arises.
The Tokyo-based wireless service provider offers 150 books on its site, called "Bunko Yomihodai," which means "All You Can Read Paperbacks." It began the service in 2003 and saw interest grow last year. There are now about 50,000 subscribers.