If you like longish books with a lot of politics The Count of Monte Cristo, I love it. LOTR is the best though. :)
Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse. It might be a bit difficult for people below high school to understand, though. My college friend recomended it to me. (i'm 14) and i loved it. it is my new fav book.
Crime and Punishment is probably the best psychologycal thriller I've ever read. Then War and Peace gives you an incredible insight into the Napolionic Wars. Anna Karenina is too sad for me, but it is a very good read. Anything by Hesse, the man is a genius. If you want a good romance The Age of Innocence or, more recent, The Bridges of Maddison County.
Right now I'm reading Doctor Zhivago, I'll get you back on that one when I finish it.
SiriCerasi said:
Green Rider by Kristen Britain (I think :unsure: )
The green rider, thats a good book.
For the heavy-duty reader The Wheel of time series is a must, 10 book so far od about 1,000 pages full of interesting charaters, cultures, and plot twists.