Boy Meets Boy


Title: Boy Meets Boy

Genre: Reality

First aired: 2003-07-29

Creator: Dean Minerd, Douglas Ross, Tom Campbell

Cast: James Getzlaff, Dani Behr, Andra Stasko

Overview: Television's first gay dating series with a new twist on a traditional dating show.
Boy Meets Boy
This was halarious! the guys were so funny. me and liz kept trying to figure who wasnt gay on the show,.,.. its really hard.. its right before queer eye for the straight guy... u shoudl definately try to cathc it.. its the bacjelor only wiht all guys.. so funny!!! i like dan.. hes really funny if u look at his facial expressions! :D
I heard about this show on the radio and i laughed my head off!! Boy meets Boy?what the hey? lol...but it only shows on Bravo and i don't have I bet all the guys there are hot cause all hot guys are gay
Omg Dan was straight Wow I was goiong nutz so was Sean ahh I think Frenklin is straight uh oh hes gonna pick a straight guy uh oh u oh uh oh uh uh uh uh oh uh uh uh oh uh uh uh oh uh uh uh oh no gonna be good
(y) This is a hilarious show. I had never heard of it and one day I was flipping can imagine my suprise when I came across a show where there were these hot guys slow dancing with each other. I've been hooked ever since.

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