Bradley Cooper hotter than M. Vartan?

Is Bradley cooper hotter then M.Vartan

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  • they're equally hot

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  • Vartan is hotter

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Dec 19, 2003
Nome, Alaska
SydBristow13 said:
:D plus he has character and real acting skills. he didn't get where he is with his looks only. like *cough*Varten*cough*
Whoa!!! what has MV ever done to you!!!! and he didn't get his role cause of his looks. it's because he is a great actor !!! BC is a good actor as well no need to Mock MV. And It's Vartan no Varten!!! I voted for MV of course.

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Aug 1, 2004
Overall, MV is hotter. However, in my best of list, Bradley has the best eyes. Here's the rest of my Alias best list: Best voice - Spy Daddy; Best smile - Sydney, Best hair - Vaughn; Best cheek bones - Irina; Best mouth - Sark (so cute).


Mar 20, 2004
Flowr99 said:
I voted that MV was hotter. But they both are... does anyone else find they look alike???
So funny that you should mention that, I remember a Bradley Cooper interview where they told him they were going to have to dye his hair bleached blonde because Michael and him had the same hair colour and JJ didn't want that, anyways, they ended up botching the job and he said that he had to go and get all these special conditioning packs done to his hair because they had fried it.

They are both very attractive in their own way and I have heard nothing but nice things about both of their personalities.

Bradley is super cute :love:, but Michael (OMG) he is :jawdrop: :drool: worthy.


Jun 23, 2004
Oh...I thought they were equal. I mean, In the first season, I was thinking whoa! Will looks way hawt! And then in the second season, he still looked hot, but I didnt really like his hair shortened, which brings me to my next point. I hated season 3's look on Will. It just didnt do it for me. I have nothing against, shaved haired peoples, but well, it just didnt suit him. Well thats what I thought.
Michael Vartan, he looked totally hot in 'Never Been Kissed', absolutely gorgeous! In alias, he kinda looked dull, and it just got worse,a s he got those wrinkles! I hated them! It makes him look way older! But other than that, theyre both hot so yeah...


Mar 25, 2004
North Carolina
Yeah, I think they're equally hot. I mean I prefer Bradley because when he smiles...sigh...I just find it hard to focus on anything or anybody else. Vartan is also gorgeous, I mean the cleft chin is just too much, I can't take it! So, they're both's just, well, I belong to Bradley :shamefullyembarrased:
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