Bring Down The Enemy


CIA Director
Author: Kathy Bruce
Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Alias. Alias is the creation of J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot Productions, and is owned by ABC, and Touchstone Television, and among other people. I don't own any of them. I only came up with the storyline, and my characters.
Rating: NC-17. Torture,Guns, Smut (later on in the story) and some swearing.
Summary: Sydney finds out that Vaughn has been kidnapped and she would do anything to bring him back alive.
Author's note: The character I've created is "Jessica Holmes". When I first started to write about her. I couldn't think of any good storyline for her and I was about to throw that character and forget about her. My mind kept telling me, "Keep her in." Well, I did kept her in and I finally got a storyline. I won't say what's her storyline is about. You guys have to read and find out. I'm finally writing my story again and almost done with it. I've stopped writing my story because of writers block and my Dad was having heart problems then. I started to write my story second season.

Chapter 1: Missing

Agent Michael Vaughn was on his way home from a long mission. He had a couple more miles to go, after which he could go home, feed his dog, then go to bed and get some sleep. He had been yawning ever since he had gotten into his car.

'Come on, Mike, stay awake,' he said to himself. Suddenly the car made a strange sound, then stopped. Gray smoke floated out from under the hood.

'This can't be good.' Vaughn mumbled to himself. He stepped out of his car and shut the door. He walked up to the front of the car and lifted the hood.

A black van drove up. Two men stepped out of the van, both wearing black masks, black shirts and pants. They walked up behind Vaughn. One man took his gun out and pointed it behind his head.

"Mr. Vaughn, get in the van. If you don't follow my orders, I will kill you," the man said.
Vaughn followed the man's orders. The men shoved him in the van and drove off.

The meeting Sydney came in to her apartment after a long and exhausting day. She'd had four briefing meetings with Kendall. She wondered if Vaughn had made it home safely. She put her stuff down and lay down on the couch. The minute she closed her eyes, the phone rang. The weary agent picked herself up and, with a heavy sigh, walked up to the phone.


"Joey's Pizza?"

Sydney paused. It's Weiss on the phone. Why would Weiss be calling me? she thought to herself.

"Wrong number," she said. Then she hung up and rushed to the warehouse. Seeing Weiss leaning against the desk, she started asking questions.

"What's going on? Where is Vaughn?"

He gave her a worried look, not sure of how to tell her the news. There was a long pause before he told her, "Vaughn has been kidnapped."

"What? By whom?"

"We don't know yet."

"How did you find out?"

"Devlin received an e-mail and notified me."

"Do you know who sent it?"

"No. Devlin is going to get an agent to search the e-mail address."

"You know, that e-mail address could have been deleted by now."

Weiss sighed. "I know. That's what I told Devlin."

"Do you know if Vaughn is alright?"

"They said he's alright, for now."

"I'm going to help."

"Sydney, you can't help"

"What!" she yelled. "I have the right to help!"

"Sydney, calm down. "I know you want to."

"Why? Did Devlin tell you I can't help!" she glared at him.


"I don't care what Devlin says. I'm going to help the team!"

"Syd..." Weiss sighed, then continued. "I think it would be best not to look for him. I would like to help also. But I can't, I've got a job to do. I think the best thing for you to do for now is to keep busy. I'm sure Sloane has missions planned for you."

She sighed. "Yes. He does have missions planned, but I'd rather help."

"Sydney, just take my word for it. Keep yourself busy. Call me when you have your next mission. Okay?"


"And I will call you when I hear anything from the CIA." With that, Weiss walked off. Sydney stood there, watching him leave. She yanked her cell phone out of her coat pocket and dialed her father's number.

Jack's Home

Jack was in the kitchen making lunch. All of a sudden he heard his phone ring. He hurried to wash his hands and dry them before walking up to the phone.



"Sydney." He noted the urgency behind his daughter's voice. "What's wrong?"

"Could we meet somewhere?"

"How about the park?" Jack asked.

"That would be fine."

"I'll see you there."

"Okay. Bye." Sydney said.

En route to Bristow Meeting

Sydney arrived at the entrance to the park not long after hanging up with her father. As she prepared to park her vehicle, her cell phone rang. The number was Weiss' desk at the CIA.

"What have you got?" Sydney asked.

"And hello to you, too," Weiss retorted. "Analysis has traced the e-mail to a laptop."

Sydney groaned. "So, we still don't know who has Vaughn?"

Weiss paused a moment before responding. "Actually, we do. The laptop uses an inscription code exclusive to one company in this country."

"So?" Sydney asked expectantly.

"The only company in the U.S. to use this particular code is Credit Dauphine"
Sydney's sigh was almost a hiss. "Sloane."

A Father and Daughter Meeting

Jack stood there watching his daughter, noticing her sadness showing more and more every day. He could tell by her eyes, by that look. In her life, she had been lied to so many times. She had met her mother, who had faked her death. She had been in love with a man, with whom she had planned spend the rest of her life with; he had been murdered on Sloane's orders. Her best friend had been kidnapped by Sark and tortured by the Asian dentist. Now Sloane had Vaughn in custody. Sydney knew that she loved him and that he loved her. They had actually dated twice. Of course they couldn't tell anyone about it so they had to keep it to themselves, so people wouldn't know that two agents had dated. Jack wished he could hold her, tell her things. He just didn't want to upset her further.

Sydney met her father's gaze. "Why would Sloane do such a thing?" All of her emotions started coming out.

Jack stood there, wanting to give her the answers she needed to know, the answers she would understand. She was no longer a little girl asking him about which drawing of hers he preferred, she was a woman asking questions to which he didn't have all the answers. He couldn't think of anything that would satisfy her. He could see his daughter's tears getting heavier. Her eyes were red from crying so much. Finally, he answered, "I don't know why he wouldn't do it. Sloane is a bastard."

"I'm going to get even with Sloane." Sydney said.

Jack, who had turned to watch the carousel for a moment, faced Sydney once more as the wind started to blow his grayish hair different ways. He knew he would do his very best to protect her from Sloane. "I know you want to get even with him." He could see Sydney was trying to stop crying. She just couldn't.

"Dad, I need your help. I want you to help me destroy SD-6, once and for all. We'll set a date, then we'll do it. I'm going to tell Dixon about who he's really working for. I don't know how much more of this I can take. SD-6 has Vaughn and as far as I know he is still alive. I'm going to get him out." She was crying even harder. As the wind was drying old tears, new ones were now running down her face.

Jack moved close to Sydney as she looked up at him. He then proceeded to hug her for the first time in years, hoping that she would understand that he truly loved his daughter. "I know you will. I will help you. But, If you tell Dixon, his life will be in danger, yours too. I think it would be best not to tell him."

Sydney looked up at him again as they both pulled away. "Dad, I have to do this. I have to tell Dixon! He has the right to know, he's my partner!"

Jack looked at the ground for a moment and sighed. He then looked up at her. "When you tell Dixon, make sure SD-6 isn't tracking you. Don't do it at your home, nor at his home. Be sure you are not anywhere even close to the Credit Dauphine building."

Sydney stopped crying as she realized she had her father's support on this, albeit somewhat reluctant due to his concerns for her safety.

"At the CIA? Would that be all right?"

Jack grew silent. The look on his face revealed that he had a plan.

"What?" Sydney asked.

"That will work. I'll go and see Kendall. He should be there. You will have all the protection you need.

"Thank you." A smile crossed her lips. "When SD-6 is gone. I'm going to celebrate."

"May I join you?" he asked.

She looked at him, somewhat surprised by his request. Her smile broadened. "Yes."

Somewhere in London

Vaughn awoke in pain. When he sat up, his ribs felt as if they were on fire. He groaned in pain as he noticed a lot of blood on his purple shirt and on the pillowcase. He moved his left hand; his right hand came along and he realized that he was handcuffed.

He had to think of a plan. He couldn't stay in this tiny room, with a tiny window. A computer desk and computer stood across the room from his bed.

Vaughn noticed something silvery and shining by the computer's mouse; he stood up and, finding that he was not chained to the bed, walked over to the computer. He then walked up to the door and looked out the window above the doorknob. He turned around and walked back to the computer desk and looked down at that shining object. It was sharp; he knew it would free him, maybe even work on the lock on the door.

He picked up the sharp object, then heard someone walking down the hallway. He walked back to the door. He knew how dangerous this was. He looked out the little window and saw Sark.

The hallway

A tall, dark haired man was talking to Sark. The men nodded, then shook hands. The tall man left and Sark turned his attention to a woman in her 20s. She wore her long, light brown hair in a French braided down her back and her bangs were feathered above her blue eyes. She walked up to Sark and they kissed.

"Miss you." She said.

"And I, you. Sloane has a job for you."

"Really? Do you know what it is?"

"No. He would like to see you. Now."

"All right."

He leaned over and his lips grabbed her lips. They both kissed again. Then she looked at him and smiled. "I'd better go, then."

"I guess you should, while I take care of business."

She turned around and left the hallway as Sark watched her. Vaughn rushed back to sit down on the cot. Before he could try to free himself, the door flew open and hit the wall. He hurried and hid his object in a pants pocket and looked up, acting like nothing had happened.

A blond haired man with blue eyes stared at him coldly from the doorway.
"Mr. Vaughn," he said.

Vaughn looked up at him, "Sark..." He groaned in pain.

Sark, still looking at the CIA agent, walked closer and sat down in a nearby chair. "The CIA took something from us, and we want it back."

"Screw you! You won't get anything back!" Vaughn screamed.

"Did you learn that from, Sydney?"

Vaughn just glared at him.

Sark took his cell phone out and started to dial Sydney's cell phone number.

"Here. Talk to her. Tell her that the kidnappers want the disk and the map that the CIA took. If they don't comply, we will kill you."

Vaughn rolled his eyes at his captor's cliché comment. He started as he heard Sydney's voice.

"Hello? Hello? Anybody there?"

"Sydney..." he groaned in pain.

"Vaughn, where are you?"

Sark could hear Sydney. He looked at Vaughn, "You don't know."

"I...ah don't know," Vaughn responded, rolling his eyes again.

"Is Sark with you? Tell that bastard to get on the phone"
"He's not with me," Vaughn lied. "You have to listen to me."

She became silent.

"The kidnappers wants the disk, and that map that we took."


"Sydney. They will kill me." Vaughn glared at Sark.

Sark grabbed the cell phone away from him. "Miss Bristow. You listen to me..." He stood up and walked to the door, "If you make any mistakes, such as telling the CIA, I will kill the love of your life."

Tears ran down Sydney's cheeks like stream. "You bastard!" she yelled at him.

He chuckled, "Sloane...knows the truth about you, and your father. That you two are double agents for the CIA and are planning to destroy SD-6."

Sydney's roommate, Will, walked in. "Hey, Syd! I've have great news!" He noticed the worried look on her face and rushed over to her.

Sydney looked up at Will silently. He stood there and waited.

Sark told her where and when to meet so they could trade the disk, the map, and Vaughn. She hung up and turned away from Will as she started to cry.

"Syd?" His arm went around her. "Tell me, what's going on?"

"They have my...I can't..." She wanted to say, but SD-6 might be listening in.
"Syd?" he kept calling her.

Sydney walked up to her television. She turned the volume all the way up. She hoped that SD-6 couldn't hear. Will looked at her strangely.

"They have my handler!"

"Who does?"


"Sark?" Will shuddered at the memory of his captivity with that creep.

"Yes. I want you to stay out of it."

He stood there looking at her, then he nodded. "I'll stay out of it"


Sydney rushed up to her father, "Dad, we need to tell, Dixon, NOW."

He looked at her expectantly as he laid a mission folder down, "You heard from the kidnappers?"

She nodded, "It's Sark. That's why I haven't seen him at work."

He stood there. "Did you talk to him or Vaughn?"

"Both. He's going to kill him." She started to cry.

He grew silent again, "Okay...I'll call Dixon and tell him to meet us at the Post Office. There will be a man there named Jerry."


A Few Minutes Later

Dixon waited in front of the post office. Sydney arrived and walked up to him.
"Hi, Syd. Tell me what's going on?"

"I will. Follow me."

They both walked into the building and down a hallway and were met by a man who appeared to work there.


"Yes. Follow me."

They both walked into a small, windowless room. It was really hot and full of mail sacks and tubs.

"Sorry about the mess," Jerry said.

"It's alright," Sydney said.

They both sat down to wait for Jack. Sydney kept looking at Dixon. Every time she did, tears ran down her face.

"What's wrong, Syd?" Dixon finally asked.

"You will find out."

"Have I done anything?"

"No, no," Sydney assured him and tried to smile.

"That's good to hear," he said, obviously relieved.

The door opened and Jack and Kendall entered the stuffy room. Dixon looked at the two men curiously as Kendall walked up to him, "Dixon?"


"Nice to meet you. I'm FBI director Kendall."

The men shook hands.

Jack, Kendall, and Dixon sat down and looked expectantly at Sydney.

Sydney cleared her throat a couple of times before announcing, "SD-6 has nothing to do with the CIA. It's part of the Alliance."

Dixon grew silent, his brown eyes growing larger with disbelief at what he had just heard. He glared at Jack. "You knew about this?"

Jack met his glare and nodded.

"How come you never told me?"

"Protection. If I told you, your family and mine would be in danger."

Dixon sighed and rubbed his face with his hand.

Sydney looked at him, "We will explain about the Alliance later. Dixon, we need your help."

Dixon glared at her and nodded.

"My CIA handler, Michael Vaughn, has been kidnapped. Sark and Sloane are behind it." Tears ran down her face.

"We don't know any new hide out that they may have," Jack interjected.

"London," Dixon replied.

"London?" Jack looked at him oddly, "Where at in London?"

"I'm not sure."

Kendall sighed. "It's better then nothing." He rub his hands together and looked at everyone. To Jack and Sydney, he said "We need one of you to go back and find out where."

"Sloane is gone," Sydney informed him.

"How long is he gone for?" he asked.

"He didn't say," Sydney replied, "I could search in his office."

"Go then." Kendall said.


Sydney walked into Sloane's office and turned on the computer. She typed in 'London' to see if she could get anything.

She scrolled down to see what he had typed. The computer started to beep and flash, 'London, England.'

"Michael Vaughn is in London, England." She scrolled the screen down and found a photo of the place. She took a CD out and placed it in the drive. She saved that page, then shut down the computer and left his office.

She looked up at Jack as she walked past. "Done."


Sark looked at Vaughn, then stood up. Vaughn looked up at him with a glare. Sark drew his gun out and knocked him out cold.

Sark walked out and locked the door. He put the key in his jacket and walked down the hallway into Sloane's new office. The girl was still in his office and they were still discussing her new job.

"You'll start tomorrow," Sloane said.

She smiled. "All right." They shook hands and she headed for the door. Sark and she gazed at each other as she walked out.

Sark looked at Sloane and they waited until the door had shut all the way. "Any word from Agent Vaughn?" Sloane asked.

"No. He won't talk."

"Make him talk. Torture him...if you have to."

"My pleasure," Sark replied with a nod and left the office.

Sydney's apartment

As Sydney drove up to her driveway, she heard a car pulled up behind her. She looked in her review mirror. It was her father. She cut her engine off and walked up to her father's car. He rolled down the window, "Get in. I need to talk to you."

She sighed, nodded, and walked to the passenger side. She climbed in beside her father and shut the door.

Francie was at the apartment, cooking dinner. She looked at Will and sighed. Will was laying down on the couch watching television and stuffing his face with potato chips.
Francie sighed again and rolled her eyes. "We are going to eat soon, Why don't you put that away?"

"Fran...I'm starving!" he whined.

"I don't care. We're going to eat in five minutes."

Will sighed, "You just sounded like my mother."

Francie chuckled. "Set the table," she commanded.
Will stood up with a groan.
"Did you find anything?" Jack asked.

"Yes..." She took out her purse and gave her father the disk.
He took it. "What's on this?"

"While searching for info about where Vaughn is, I came across an old email. From...Sark."



"Do you know where he is?"

"London, England."

"Are you sure Sloane is not tricking you?" he gave her a worried look.

She sighed All she wanted to do was to find him and bring him home safely.
"It's our only chance, Dad. Sark will kill him." She looked down. "I don't know what Sark is talking about."

Jack looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"He wants the disk and map that the CIA took. I have no clue what he's talking about"
"You were on a vacation." He paused. "Vaughn and I went on a mission..."

"What?" She looked at him.

He sighed. "Vaughn and I took the items.. These items would put an end to SD-6." He looked at her.

"End? What's on the disk and the map?" She asked curiously.

As then, Francie walked up to Jack's car, while she dried her hands off with a dish towel.
Jack slipped the disk in his coat pocket and rolled down the window. "Hello, Francie," he said, putting on a smile.

"Hi, Mr. Bristow." She smiled, then looked at Sydney. "Syd, dinner is ready"
Sydney looked out at her and smiled. "I'll be there in a minute."

Francie looked back at Jack. "You're more then welcome to have dinner with us. I made shrimp," she offered.

"Thanks, but I have to head back to work. Some other time," he replied.
Francie nodded and walked back to the house.

Jack looked at Sydney "I'll let you know if I find anything."

There was a long pause.

Jack looked at her again. "You should get going."


Jack walked into Kendall's office. "Kendall."

Kendall looked up from his desk. "Jack, what do you have?"

Jack reached into his coat pocket, drew out the disk and laid on top of Kendall's desk.

"Sydney copied this from Sloane's computer."

"What's on it?" he asked.

"Vaughn's location is confirmed in London, England. And I need the disk and map."

Kendall groaned, "No."


"We will not give them those items."

Jack sighed. "If we don't, Sark will kill, Agent Vaughn."

"Maybe he will, and maybe he won't, but I still won't hand them those items."


"No. End of story." Kendall cut him off.

Jack sighed angrily and left his office.
Chapter 2: No Where To Turn

Jack walked down a long hallway of the CIA. He went to the room where they kept the disk and map. He walked up to a drawer, opened it, and removed an antique wooden box. Shutting the drawer, he walked over to a desk, and set the box down. He knew he was breaking the CIA rules, but at the moment he didn't care.

All of a sudden, Jack heard some clattering in the distance. He looked over his shoulder and, although he didn't see anyone, he hurriedly hid the box in a briefcase and left the building.

London, England

Vaughn awoke with a big gash on his forehead. He slowly stood up and walked over to the computer. He turned it on and hacked into Sark's internet. This was the only way he could get the CIA's attention.

He looked down at the keyboard and started to type. He sent the e-mail to Jack, then hurried to turn the computer off.


Jack walked back in to the CIA offices. Kendall was speaking to a blonde, blue-eyed woman dressed in black pants, a red turtle neck shirt, and a black leather jacket.

Kendall looked at him. "Jack? I'm sure you remember Faith Hanks."

"Yes, I remember," Jack replied in disgust. He wasn't pleased to see the FBI officer. They hadn't gotten along when they had worked together during her assignment to the CIA a few years earlier.

"Mr. Bristow. It's been a long time, hasn't it?" she looked at him.

"Yes, it has." They both shook hands.

"What are you doing here"

Kendall's beeper went off and he had to leave.

"I'm helping you to bring Michael Vaughn back," Faith replied.

"Really?" He raises his eyebrow.

"I know what has happened between us in the past. Can't we just forget it and make up?"

"No." Jack was obviously annoyed. "What you did was wrong; you got away with it and I got the blame."

"That was a long time ago."

Jack sighed.

"Oh, by the way," she added, "There is a bigger surprise."

"I can hardly wait," Jack groaned sarcastically.

"Mr. Kendall is going to let me work with you."

"What!" he growled.

"Starting today." Faith's beeper went off.

Jack stormed into Kendall's office. "I will not work with that woman!" he hissed through clenched his teeth as he pointed to the door.

Kendall sighed and looked at him "Jack, grow up. She had solved many cases." Kendall stood up, and he took out a file, "I thought maybe she could help us find Vaughn"

"Why did you team me up with her?"

"Maybe you two will find a way to get along. Oh, by the way, you will be handling a new agent."

Jack sighed. "What is her name?"

"Jessica Holmes," he replied as he handed Jack the file.

Jack flipped through her file. "What time is the meeting?"

"Four o'clock." Kendall replied, "Until then, you will be interviewing Dixon."

After the talk with Kendall, Jack walked back out, and he saw Faith talking to his daughter. Of course, they were talking and laughing.

He thought to himself, "It is nice to see Sydney with a smile." Sydney hadn't put on a smile since Vaughn been kidnapped.

The Truth

Dixon stood up in front of Jack. He was angry that Jack had lied to him; he could have told him the truth before he even started to work at SD-6. He began yelling at Jack as his temper went out of control. Jack stood there, speechless. "Dixon." He called out.

Dixon cut him off and continued to yell.

"Dixon." Jack called again. There were several CIA agents watching the senior agent and this visitor in the hallway. " I know you're angry, and I understand that. Yelling is not going to help."

Dixon calmed himself down a bit. The agents were still watching them. Jack looked down the hallway ordered the agents to get back to work. The he gazed back at Dixon "That's better. I know you have the right to be angry."

"Damn right." He agreed, while he stood against the wall, "How am I supposed to tell my wife about this?"

Jack sighed. "You can't tell her. Not yet, anyway. Now that you know the truth about SD-6."

"That SD-6 is really the enemy to the United States, and I've been killing the wrong people." Dixon cut him off.

"Yes." Jack said.

"How can I live with that? I killed a lot of innocent people in the past, and you and your daughter never told me. I was supposed to protect this country from the bad guys."

"I know how you feel about Sloane and about my daughter. You do have the chance to work for the CIA, if you want the job."

"Yes. Of course I do. I want to get that son of a bitch."

"All right. Let's go to my office then."

The two men proceeded to Jack's office. Dixon sat down first, then Jack. He turned on his computer and, taking out a file, handed Dixon a test.
Dixon looked at Jack curiously. "What is this?"

"This is a test. Every one takes this before they're recruited into the CIA. I'll take you to a private room, and we'll go from there." He looked at him.

Dixon nodded.

"Do I still go back to work at SD-6?"

"If you want to. You have to agree not to tell Marshall."

Dixon sighed, "Okay, I agree not to tell him, but he has the right to know."

"I know he does. This is not the time for him. Once we get you in, you can help us find Agent Vaughn."

Dixon nodded. Jack went online, so he could check his email. Jack looked back at him, "Any questions?"

"No. None that I can think of."

The two men stood up and walked back to another room. Dixon sat down and started to take his test.

"When you're done, you may come back to my office, and we will go from there," Jack informed him.

Dixon nodded and looked over his test. He took his pen out and started to fill in the answers.

Jack walked back into his office and sat down in his black leather chair. He picked up his cup and started to drink his coffee; he quickly set the cold, bitter brew aside. As he checked his e-mail, he noticed an unfamiliar address. His head said to delete it, but his gut instinct told him to open the e-mail.

It was from Vaughn. He printed out the e-mail and rushed out of his office. He headed straight to Kendall's office.

"Vaughn e-mailed us."

Kendall was talking to Faith and they both looked up at him. "What are you talking about?" Kendall asked.

Jack handed him the email.

"We should send a team out," Jack said.

"Are you sure it's really from him? How could he get a hold of a computer if he was locked up somewhere? This could be a setup," Kendall said.

"It's a start. I think we should go. While we can." Jack looked at him.


"Come on! He could be dead by now!" Jack yelled.

"Don't you yell at me like that!"

Jack glared at him, and he was still arguing over his words, and then Kendall started to yell at him. Their faces were bright red from yelling at the top of their lungs.

Faith stood there, sighed, as she rubbed her face, "Stop it! Both of you! Stop acting like five years old!"

The two stopped yelling, they looked at her, in silence.

Jack stood there, and she was actually right, him and Kendall were behaving like they were both five years old. But, Jack was getting annoyed by Kendall's rules.

"I've been to London few times so I know my way around. I'm sure I could help you to find out where their hideouts are and I would like to go on this mission."

Kendall looked at her, "You didn't had to ask if you could go." He said, "You were going anyway."

Faith put on a smile, "S-should we have a briefing?" she said quietly.

Kendall sighed, "I guess…we should. In six hours."

Jack nodded quietly, and left.

Kendall looked at Faith, "You come with me. You will help me set up the meeting."

They both walked off. Jack walked down the hallway, he saw a young girl in her twenties, "You must be Jessica Holmes?"

She looked up at him, "Yes. Did I come in a bad time?"

"No." He took his keys out, and he unlocks his office door, he opened the door, as she walked in, "Have a seat." Jack looked at her.

She sat down.

He walked around his desk, and he sat down in his chair, "I see you've worked at the CIA in D.C.?"

"Yes. Do I have to take the test? I took one in D.C."

He looked up, at her, "Everyone has to. It's the rule." As he took the test out, "Are you ready?"

"Yeah. Get it over with."

They both stood up, walked out, and they both met Dixon on the way.

"Here is my test."

Jack took it from him, and he gazed at his test. "Go see Kendall. He will tell you what to do."

Dixon nodded, and left.

Jack and Jessica walked at the end of the hallway, he opened the door, and walked in the same room where Dixon was.

Jessica sat down, as Jack handed her the test and a pen, "Take your time. There is no hurry."

She nodded, as her left hand reached for the pen, and she started to fill in the answer.

A few hours went by

She knew she had the job, as Jack walked in the room. Jessica handed him the test, and he looked at it. "Well…This is interesting…"

"I'm in?"

Jack flipped through the test, and looked back at her, "Have you had any training done?"

"Yes. I've had training for melee and small weapons. I know how to fight. I know how to use a gun." She smiled. "I don't need any training."

"That's good. Because we really could use you."

"Really?" She raised her right brow .

"Yes. An agent is missing, and we could use you on our team to find him."

"There is a problem…"

"What's the problem?"

"I have a daughter, and I don't know who would watch her."

"Talk to Agent Weiss."


He sighed, "His sister owns a daycare center in town, and sometimes she will watches kids, as their parents out of town, et cetera."

"I shall do that"

Jack lays the test down, "Welcome to the CIA."

Jessica let out a smile. "Thanks."

As then Jack's phone rang. He looked at Jessica. "Agent Weiss is still here. I think he might at his desk."

Jessica nodded, and left the room. She walked down the hallway, as she passed the office door, a man walked out, and the both collided into each other.

"I'm sorry." Jessica said.

"It's all right." The agent looked at her. "Jessica, right?" his brown eyes met her blue eyes.

"Yes. Weiss?"

"That's right." He let out a huge smile. "Did you got the job?"

"Yes. I start today. Your sister owns a daycare, right?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

"Jack told me." She smiled. "I have a four year old daughter. I haven't even looked for the right daycare."

"My sister would be happy to have her." He takes out a card, and he hands it to her.
She takes it. "Thanks."

"Where is your daughter?"

"She's with Sydney. Do you know where she is?"

"Yes. I'll show you."

Jessica looked at him, and smiled. There was something about him, that she liked. And she wasn't sure.

She followed him to Sydney's desk. The little blonde haired girl turned, "Mommy…" She hurried and walked up to her.

Jessica picked her up, and looks at Sydney, "Thanks for watching her."

"No problem. She's a sweet kid."

"I know." she pulls her daughter's hair back.

"Are you going to work here?" Sydney asked.

"Yes. I start today. I just hope they don't mind her for now."

"The day is almost over with." Weiss said.

Sydney notices Weiss. "Well, some of us."