British Comedies

I'm not sure how many of you would have heard of these comedies, but the people in the UK should have heard or watch these or others, for example Only Fools and Horses, The Vicar of Dibley, One foot in the grave, Porridge, Open All Hours, Blackadder (plus many more i must have missed out)

Personally my favourites are Only Fools and Horses, The Vicar of Dibley and Blackadder :)


The Vicar Of Dibley? You being serious? It's felgercarb, everything about it is felgercarb.

Only Fools And Horses
One Foot In The Grave
Fawlty Towers
Steptoe And Son

All classics. The Vicar Of Dibley isn't even close.
I didn't think it was that bad, i started watching it not long ago. The actor who plays trigger from Only fools and Horses in pretty funny.
What are your favourite episodes for only fools and horses, blackadder and porridge?


Porridge and OFAH; I like all episodes, I honestly don't think there were bad ones.

Blackadder; The first series I hate, it's so bad. Series 2, 3 and 4 are all good though. Series 4 is probably the best.
Likewise i don't think there were any bad episodes, my favourites for only fools and horses would have to be the early series with Grandad in (series 1,2,3 and some of 4). The Christmas special from 1989 was my favourite; when they went out to Margate :D
I don't particularly like the most recent 3 Christmas Episodes which were made (n)

With Porridge i just love all of them, including the two Christmas specials and the film which was pretty good, it was sad that Richard Beckinsale passed away so soon (n)


Yeah, Grandad has always been my favourite character. It was sad that he died aswell. Uncle Albert never really did live up to Grandad's role.
I've always like the character that plays Roy Slater, as you may know he was offered the part of Delboy but turned it down. As well as starring in Only fools and horses, he's been in major films such as Moulin Rouge, which is one of my favorite films (don't mean to go off subject :LOL: )
I agree, Uncle Albert didn't live up to Grandad's role. I didn't particularly like the later episodes with Cassandra and Raquel.


Jim Broadbent, innit? I think he'd have made a felgercarb Del Boy, David Jason is perfect.

Yeah, it did get a bit poor. I think they should've stopped completely when Rodney and Del found out how much that clock was worth.
Yep that's him, he's such a good actor even at the age of almost 60 he's still starring in major films. To be honest i don't know, i prefer the idea of David Jason as Delboy, but at the same time Jim Broadbent is such a versatile actor and i think it would be interesting to see how it would be like he played the lead role.

I agree with that, it would have kept the ending open-ended as it were, letting the audience think and ponder what happens next. Quite similarly to The Italian Job (1969) don't mean to go off topic :angelic:
I actually preferred Uncle Albert to Grandad who just sat, watched telly, ate cheeseburgers, and moaned. Couldnt get enough of those "During the war..." rants from Albert :LOL: Loved all the Only Fools eppys, some classics, the diamond smuggling eppy, the falling chandelier eppy, Del Boy falling through the bar hatch...the list goes on. One of the all time classic British comedies :D

Honorable mentions go to:

Drop The Dead Donkey
Dads Army
Black Books
Open All Hours
My Family


Grandad didn't like cheeseburgers. He wanted an Emperor Burger. :LOL:

My Family was alright when it first started, but it's been milked so much now. It's not funny in the slightest anymore.
I've been reading on the internet about "Ant & Dec" being a very funny duo.

I've since learned that they were popular co-hosts/co-presenters of Britain's SMtv childrens' program and CD:UK music program. I found a number of their antics and comedy routines on YouTube. Sure enough they are quite funny. :LOL:

Some of their gay-implication routines are surprisingly adult for a kids show, but I can tell that their show also had an older secondary audience in mind. :D


Ahh, Ricky Gervais, one the most over-rated people of all time.

The Office was fantastic, no doubt about it. But everything he's done since is poor. Extras was just terrible, his stand ups have funny parts but nothing special.

I went to see him when he came to Ipswich. Just under thirty notes it cost me, and he was on the stage for about 50 minutes. Complete rip-off.

Fat, unfunny bastard. Without Merchant, he's nothing!
Out of the lot mentioned, Porridge would be my favourite. I was very sorry that we lost Richard Beckinsale at such a young age. (BTW, wasn't Porridge written by Michael Vartan's father-in-law?)