British Comedies


Jun 13, 2009
Monty Python has a pretty tight hold for me, so I'd have to say that. I think the Office is pretty good too! A couple episodes made me laugh.


Dec 25, 2007
The Vicar of Dibley !!! I discovered this show two years ago when I went to Wales and it was hilarious! I've seen the one with Johnny Depp, it was so funny to see him like that!

I also discoverd a very old show when I was watching House, it's called "a bit of Fry and Laurie", (I'm sure the British know that) and it's geat comedy. And the english accent is just... :love:

And this may not count as a "british comedy" but my favourite program was "TopGear", I'm a girl, I'm not a big fan of cars but I was watching this every Sunday evening on the BBC! Now I'm back in France, I miss them so much .

Oh, don't forget Mr Bean! one of the greatests!
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