British Science Fiction Awards Announced


An Old Friend
The winners of this year's British Science Fiction Awards, for work first published in the UK during 2007, were announced yesterday at the annual British Science Fiction Convention, Eastercon, in London.

The results are follows:
  • Best Novel: Brasyl by Ian McDonald (Gollancz)
  • Short Fiction: 'Lighting Out' by Ken MacLeod (disLocations, Newcon Press)
  • Artwork: 'Cracked World' by Andy Bigwood (the cover of disLocations, Newcon Press)
No award was given this year for Best Non-Fiction due to the committee receiving insufficient nominations to allow a consensus shortlist to be formed.
This year being the 50th anniversary of the BSFA, a special award was also given for the best novel of 1958.
From we learn: "The winner was Non-Stop by Brian Aldiss. Brian was unable to accept the award in person as he is the Permanent Guest of Honor at ICFA, which was taking place the same weekend. However, the ICFA attendees managed to keep the secret all afternoon and a special presentation was made to Brian at the ICFA Awards Banquet."
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