Music Bruno Mars


I'm trying to win this one sweepstakes where the winner will get a free trip to the Bahamas to see Bruno Mars over Labor Day weekend. I'm doing this for my sister, who is a fan. I haven't heard much of his much, but he seems chill.
Anyone here a fan? Has anyone seen him live?


Code Monkey
Staff member
Gotta' admit, I know the name but not the music. I'm more of a 50's-70's kind of music fan.

Azhria Lilu

My 2 year old loves The Lazy Song by him... Grenade is bearable as well.... although hearing them 50 times a day does drive me crazy since I'm a rock music fan!


I'm a rocker, too. But I guess my guilty pleasure is pop. He apparently writes a lot of music for other artists to use, which is really a talent, and will allow him to stay in the business.