BSG Renewed?


From TVTome:

January 18, 2005

Season 2 Info
Six scripts have been ordered for Battlestar Galactica Season two Ron Moore Reports to Now Playing Magazine.

A further story from earlier states that the sets have NOT been struck yet and are awaiting news of a second season. February 18th has been set as a possible date for new episodes to resume shooting although this is UNCONFIRMED. Stay tuned for more info.



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That would be really dissapointing if there wasn't a season two. After the mini-series and the much hyped season I think they'd have a lot of upset fans on their hands if they didn't renew it.

Does anybody know how the ratings are doing in the UK now that nearly the complete season has been shown?




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Found this on the scifichannel newsgroup (COMEDY)
Plotlines of new Battlestar Galactica episodes (spoilers)
At least 6 episodes of the "new" Battlestar Galactica are being produced for
the scifi channel. Our spies tell us about the following plotlines:

1) The Cylons launch a surprise attack, disrupting Starbuck and Boomer's
lesbian wedding.

2) A Cylon operative slips a secret ingredient in Commander Adama's chilupa
which makes him both indecisive and impotent.

3) President Roslin goes through menopause, getting hot flashes that set off
warning indicators on the Galactica.

4) A new Cylon model is revealed, in the form of Robin Williams. He comes
aboard the Galactica offering a peace treaty, but is secretly paving the way
for an attack by demoralizing the crew with his unfunny humor.

5) Athena, played by Jennifer Lopez, makes an appearance. She wants to wear
sports bras and short shorts on the bridge against the Commander's express
orders, causing a crisis.

6) A cylcon suicide bomber crashes into the landing bay and starts a huge
fire, cutting power and disrupting Starbuck's sex change operation, raising
doubts as to whether her new male genitalia will work properly.


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the main problem with this series has been it's distinct theme change from the original series. i'm afriad that there are a lot of people out there voicing their disgruntled views on the series format.

however, after the time and expense, and history of series if and when they get cut, i am assuming at least two series before they cut it, if they intend to.

download and unzip the 4 attachments i am attaching, scans from the winter 2004 edition of the UK publication SFX from Future Publications (remember as always in the interests of safety to virus scan each and every attachment you download before opening and remember the correct way to open any document safely is to right click on it and select the correct program to open it with)

these scans, an interview with the two british stars of the series, is what i give to all BSG viewers i come into contact with that are confused about the new thematic filming as compared to the original series


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Mr. Destructo, remember, for large images like that the Gallery makes a fine choice for uploading instead of attachments. ;)