Bubble wand pulls out a Monster!


Creative Writer

A ten year old girl in the UK at a BBQ was playing with a bubble wand and as the family noticed the shapes coming out were particularly large, this monster came out and was quickly snapped and put on the web.

Apparently he elder sister and brother have got it off her and been trying without success to replicate it but failed.

There's nothing fishy about this 'dolphin' mysteriously bubbling up during a back garden barbecue
That's a weird shaped bubble wand. Common in the UK, Tim, or just something random? I don't recall ever seeing any as a kid that weren't round.
I think some entrepreneurs have been producing 3 and even 4 sided wands that enable large, complex bubble designs. I remember there was a special art event on a plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, when a woman got on and started producing interesting bubbles. If you look at the shapes, you can see similarities to the above pic

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