Horror Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I love this show. I was so into it when it first started, and kind of tapered off because of college and gilmore girls, but I'm back to loving it. Anyone watch it? I mean, I was never as into it as I am into Alias of course, but it was a great show that I still love.
I like it very much and I admire James Marster's acting (no, sorry, it's not the cheekbones . . .). Seriously, the man can create sexual chemistry with a door. It provides a lot of tasty philosophical food for thought if you scratch beneath the surface. Last season was a bit grim, but this season has been very interesting so far.
Seriously, the man can create sexual chemistry with a door.

Lol! But yes, I agree. And it reminds me of that scene in "Lie to Me" (Season 2) where he and Dru were trapped in that club and he looked at the door and said, "Where's the door knob?" :D

But yes, I'm obsessed with Buffy too, although Alias has sort of eclipsed it lately. I do think it's getting interesting right now, and I can't wait to see Faith return later in the season. (She'll be on Angel first, in a few weeks.) I just hope that if the show has to end this season, they'll end it for good and not continue with a weakened Buffy-less version or a spin-off. I've heard rumors that some characters might migrate to Angel if Buffy ends this season, which to me would be better than a spin-off.

Of those who watch the show, who's your favorite character? Mine's Anya. I don't think any character in the history of television has ever made me laugh as much as Anya does.... "I Anya, promise to love you, to honor you, to cherish you, but not to obey you of course, because that's anachronistic and misogynistic, and who do you think you are, like a sea captain, or something??" :sideroll: :sideroll: :sideroll:
I used to looove this show. I saw all of the first 4 seasons. And then I watched sporatically (mostly around the time of Joyce's death). I don't watch anymore (it's on the same time as Gilmore Girls, unfortunately) though. But my friend and I have "Buffy nights" where we watch tapes and tapes of old Buffy episodes!
My favorite character was Oz. "...And the hippo's like, 'What about my pants? I have my hippo dignity.' And the monkey's all, 'I mock you with my monkey pants.'" I still love that whole little speech. I loved him and Willow together... they had the cutest conversations! The season with Riley... was that season 4?... had a lot of good oneliners that were very humorous.
"What are you doing?"- Dawn
"My boyfriend. Go away."- Buffy
<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Buffy was always my favorite show! I love that show still... never miss an eppy, but i do also feel that my obsession with alias ever since the show began last year is greater than my very longtime Buffy obsession.... but could you imaginine the greatness of what it would be like having Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Garner in the3 same show! THey are sooooo great!!! I thought last season was a little sad( except the musical that was great!) but this year has been so great!!! thank god its not on the same night as alias... but it is on same as Gilmore girls so my vcr is always in overdrive on tuesdays!!!</span>
Well, for me, the pre-show starts at seven and the actual show starts at eight through eleven on channel five. But there is a live pre show on E going on now I think.
I know, it was so sad...like they are surrounded by extraordinary people and they are the regulars who can't do much, it was just sooo bittersweet.

And the ep where buffy gives a speech at the end...it was weird they had two eps that ended like that in a row...or close together anyway.