Indie Audio producer

Hi everyone,

A story I produced has been broadcast over the airwaves by I.C.R.F.M.

This is my first public broadcast so I await the response with baited breath.

It's 15 Minutes long and can be listened to anytime FREE by visiting www.icrfm.co.uk and clicking on the listen again button & then click on Portman Productions BUGGED - it's at the top of the drop down list but only until Sunday 8th November.

If they get a positive response then they'll be putting out more Sci-Fi themed productions which is a result dear to all our hearts...

It would be great to hear what you all think of the story.

Just thought I'd let you know that 'Bugged got such a positive response that they've kept it online until midnight tonight (Monday 9th) if anyone wanted to catch it

Thanks to everyone who listened to it....