Buyin My Boy a Car

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You know I can't even PAY attention. This thread isn't about the bestest fastest or most expensivest car, It's about love and responsibility.

A coworker's father recently died and he inherited his dad's car. He parked his work car and put the plates on the new one. The police threatened to fine him for everyday the car was in his trailerpark unlicensed. He has till this weekend because monday they start fining him $20. a day. He was talking about running it down to the junkyard and getting $50. for it.
My son is a part-time resturant worker. (Mr LoBucks) I called Mr. LoBucks and asked him if he wanted a car. Of coarse he said yes but there isn't but $20 in his cashfloe. Talking with my co-worker about buying his old beater he originally said he wanted $300.00 but he doesn't have time to wait for payment. I bargained and got the car for $80.00 with all the parts he has as spares. He threw in the repair manual and its a deal.
I told Mr. LoBucks he can borrow the $80. but he has to get it legal and insured before it leaves my driveway. We drew up a contract and everything.
He also has to replace the worn CV joint and bearing himself (i'll watch but will not touch). I already showed him how to do Brakes and tune-ups.
Just a little life story I thought I'd share....we will be leaving to go get it soon.:P


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Skwirlinator, good to hear you're helping the boy the out. :cool: I think it's safe to say he'll remember his first car for years to come as well as how he got it. I still remember my first car.... a late 70's Granada that my neighbor was getting rid of. It was definitely a beater and he eventually sold it to me for a give-away price. I didn't have it for long, but I still remember it. My first 'real' car after I got my license was a 1984-1/2 Escort GT that I traded a computer system for; in hindsight I should've kept it. :(