Buying a Cray


An Old Friend
Cray Research and Cray computers FAQ Part 1

* Cray supercomputer families
* Assessing a supercomputer
* PVP Generations, XMP, YMP, C90, T90
o Parallel Vector Processors, the core product line of Cray Research.
o Inside a Vector CPU
* Air cooled vector superminis, XMS, EL, J90
o EL and J90 internals
o Four things that annoyed EL customers.
* The Cray-2
* Massively Parallel Processing systems, T3d, T3e
* Cray Superserver systems
* Cray Operating systems
* Ows and other support equipment
* Trademark Disclaimer and copyright notice
Cray Research and Cray computers FAQ Part 2

* Tales from the crypto and other bar stories
* The immovable object
* Cray-1 Lands at Boeing
* CPU hangs
* A good start
* Tales from the crypto
* A change in the weather
* It would not start and EL pictures
* Install Photos
* Cray-2 Cooling towers
* NetworkCS Powers Down (last) CRAY-2
* Cray-3 memories by Steve Gombosi
* Regular Crashes
* Lost in the post
* The wrong kind of help turns a crisis into a disaster
* Trademark Disclaimer and copyright notice
Cray Research and Cray computers FAQ Part 3

* What's in a name ?
* What's in a number ?
* Where did the first ones go ?
* Who has/had the most Cray systems ?
* What is a T94/SSS ?
* What went overseas ?
* Keeping it cool
* What's a Mega word ?
* What is an SSD ?
* What is SEC-DED ?
* Binary compatibility
* How did users shape the design of Cray machines ?
* Why was it hard to program Cray machines ?
* What is boundary scan ?
* How is a T3d different from a Beowoulf/NOW/PC cluster ?
* What is dumping ?
* How do you start a Cray system ?
* Instructions for starting a Cray EL system
* Chips off the same block
* Could you choose the colour of your Cray machine ?
* What was Ducky Day and "Octal"?
* What were the code names rain, gust, drizzle, cyclone etc ?
* What was the physically smallest Cray machine ?
* What was the physically largest Cray machine?
* What was the computationally largest machine that Cray made ?
* What limits prevented Cray from building even "bigger" machines ?
* What was the Cray connection with Apple ?
* How many people worked for Cray Research ?
* Who ran Cray Research
* Was a Cray supercomputer value for money ?
* Did Cray fail? It was bought out by SGI in 1996
* What is happening now ?
* Trademark Disclaimer and copyright notice
Cray Research and Cray computers FAQ Part 5

* Introduction
* Cray 1s
* Cray 1m
* Cray XMP
* Cray EA
* Cray YMP Model D IOS
* Cray YMP Model E IOS
* Cray 2
* Cray XMS
* Cray YMP EL
* Cray EL92
* Cray EL94
* Cray C90
* Cray T90
* Cray J90
* Cray T3e
* Cray T3d
* Cray SV1


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For computer geeks, Cray will be spoken with reverence for years to come. His Cray-1 design was the rare item that crossed over from functionality to pop culture icon, or, at least, to a computer culture icon.