Wanted Buying your sig .psd's

I'm buying (10) Sig PSD's.
These PSD's will be used here on the forum as a learning resource pack for our members.
I'm buying a maximum of 3 PSD's per user to get different styles mixed into this pack.
Please post with the final image of the sig & your price in credits if you wish to sell.

By selling the PSD's to GFXDrop you give us the right to distribute the PSD's to our members. All credit will still be given to you, we are not stealing you work. If you do not want others to use your PSD's... don't sell them to me :D
Vero said:
Arhm.. I don't know how much so pick anything from 10 - 40. :/
>.> 10-40 is A LOT. Think your under-worthing the credits.. that would be equal to you posting 40-160 times... first place for SOTW gets 25 credits as a prize..

ill give those for 5-10 credits each