Calling All Bandies!

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Hey! Now that the new semester is starting up, marching band has come to an end (at least for me, I don't remember if there are still competitions going on or not) I just wanted to see what you all did for your marching shows.

Last year, my band went to the Fiesta Bowl National Band Championships and had one hell of a year of work. So this year, my director picked out some extremely FUN music for us...the Newsies. Yeah, you're probably thinkin' "Disney shows?!". But, seriously, this was some cool stuff. Our awesome music writer had us play jazz, the gorgeous ballad from the rooftop scene. Oh so awesome! And our drill writer was a god too. The best year as far as visuals- we got our FIRST visual caption at state. It was definitely a great year.

Please share!!!


Okay, let's see...
The Beatles show
-Magical Mystery Tour/Hard Days Night
-I saw her standing there
-Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts club band/With a little help from my Friends
-Elenor Rigby
Senior Show
-Get on your feet
-Bend me shape me
And there are like five more shows, but they all repeat the same songs or I forgot. I'll do the buffalo show +pregame tomorrow.


Let's shuffle off to Buffalo (meaning the Bills) pregame version
-Venus (yes, the song from the razor commercial)
-Bend me shape me
-Elenor Rigby
Let's shuffle off to Buffalo, halftime remix
-Soak up the sun
-I saw her standing there (I think)
-Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band/ With a little help from my friends
-Blister in the Sun (Maybe?)
See, there was lots of music. And when we were rehearsing these, we were rehearsing like for like five different gigs at once, so the director'd be all "Halftime!" And we'd just be "BETH!" (Squad leader) In panic. Even she didn't know where to go.
Well... i'm in a marching band, but it doesn't do competitions. We usually just do festivals and stuff (we play as a concert band mostly)
We've played in the lord mayor of london's parade a couple of times. This year though, we went to belgium to play in the rememberance parade. It was terrible actually... travel all night to belgium, then at 7 in the evening march to the Menin gate while playing, then stand there for about 20 minutes before marching back again... we did that two nights in a row, only the first night it was freezing cold and raining. We were wearing thin white gloves too, which got wet and made our hands even colder... Then one day we marched in the middle of the day, and had to stand under the Menin Gate for about an hour... I couldn't handle that one though, i was really tired and had a hangover, and went pretty dizzy. (don't march with a hangover) but that's pretty common in rememberance parades, cus they always involve a lot of standing still, so a lot of people pass out. quite scary actually.
Then we came back on the saturday (another night of sleep lost) and went for a march on the sunday here in birmingham. That was ok though, i was just sick of marching by then. It was fun now that i look back on it though :D

Well, not shows, but my marching experiences :D
Let's see, our show was themed Rat Pack jazz. We played Down with Love, Kissing a Fool, and Moondance. It sounds like ti could be pretty cool......if it was done right. Our drill charts were sucky (comprised mostly of curvy shapes and no cool special effects things) We had a rough little transitioning year.
Last year though was awesome. It was themed "Batman: The Legend of the Dark Knight" We played songs from the movie, and at one point toward the end, we marched into a block and the guard girls flew a giant black flag with a yellow bat symbol painted on it over the band. We took the show to a competition in Miami and it earned us three standing ovations. It was just an awesome show.
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