Calling All Sci Fi Fans!!

just a quik quiz/questionnaire for all u sci fi fans. we are university students researching on the patterns in sci fi fans. we would appreciate your help if you could post your answers up. remember there are no right or wrong answers. thanks so much

1) Do you find that sci fi films have any relevance to your life experiences ,if so how?

2) What is it about sci fi that you find more compelling than other genres?

3) Are you an active fan? -Do you buy DVD/Soundtracks
-Dress up
-Made a fan film
-Rituals when watched a film

4) How often do you go in forums?
1) Do you find that sci fi films have any relevance to your life experiences ,if so how? Not as you would think but I do believe we are living in a dystopia.

2) What is it about sci fi that you find more compelling than other genres?
I like "WHAT IF" thinking and science fiction gives me that

3) Are you an active fan? -Do you buy DVD/Soundtracks Yes, I have many DVDs and Movie clips but bvery few soundtracks
-Dress up NO
-Made a fan film NO
-Rituals when watched a film In trade School we used to have Kegger SciFi weekends but nothing in the last 20 years or so

4) How often do you go in forums? Daily and in multiple sites.
If you are doing research I may be able to help some:

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Notice that these are kinda dated but you should be able to gain access to many of the main page by deleting everything past .com.

I also have extensive listings in many other forms.

You could say I am a collector of scifi sites and links
Here are my CURRENT scifi and fantasy bookmarks


The Protocols of Science Fiction Feature | The Essential Science Fiction Library

Ciruelo Gallery 'OUT OF MY MIND' - ORIGINAL ART AND TEXT The 'Out Of My Mind' site is crammed full of original Science fiction art work and stories plus many other things too, added to ASAP Sci-Fi 3D: The Ultimate 3D Sci-Fi Resource Science Fiction related 3D Models, Images and Animations including Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica and Aliens. The Light Works - Digital Imagery Star Wars Spoofs Wallpaper Home Page Frameset Franz Vohwinkel Illustrationen - Homepage Franz Vohwinkel, Illustration. Fantasy and Science Fiction Art for Trading Card Games, Roleplaying Games and Books. Illustrations for Family Board- and Cardgames. Fiction Science - Homepage of Meinert Hansen The Star Trek Gallery - HomePage The Star Trek Gallery, more than 4000 pictures of Star Trek, StarTrek original, Star Trek : The Next Generation, Star Trek Generation and movies,Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise, Lots of links and much more for Star Trek visit me and email me!! Cette page est aussi en Francais ! The Stars Like Dust... Isaac Asimov, all time greatest science fiction author, the man behind the Foundation saga and The Three Laws of Robotics. Miles Teves - Hollywood, science fiction, fantasy, movie, illustrator, designer, conceptual, sculptor and make up effects artist. Miles Teves is a Hollywood Conceptual Artist, specializing in Charactor Design and Make-up Effects for Major Motion Pictures. This Website contains a wealth of images from his portfolio. index 3D Art Gallery 2000 - Parallel Worlds NE 3D Art Gallery 2000 - SF Surrealism Fantasy Free Pictures Unique and creative artwork by Joe Bartz Unique and Creative Artwork by Joe Bartz. Galleries include Bartzology, Lunatic Visions, Religious, and Science Fiction. L I N D A B A C O N Abandon Art - The Art Gallery SCIFI-ART.COM | 3D SCIENCE FICTION ARTWORK | 3D STUDIO MAX Scifi-Art is an international group of artists sharing their passion for scifi and 3d artwork Galler Navigation Science Fiction Art Posters - Other Diagrams :: Star Wars Origami Original origami creations and diagrams. A variety of subjects, including STAR WARS ships. X-wings, TIE fighters, even an R2-D2. Stephan Martiniere Concept Illustrator FW4 FP HTML 1950's Science Fiction & Horror One Sheets This page offers poster reproductions, 1950's science fiction poster one sheet reproductions, science fiction movie poster reproductions, links to secure order form, Paypal Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Gallery - Most viewed/Keeper of Chaos - Speculative Vision Science Fiction and Fantasy Brought Into Focus: art gallery, interactive Sci-fi and Fantasy stories, forums, Scifi search engine, writing resources, JAVA games, much more. Barclay Shaw: Painting Top 10 Craziest Star Wars Tattoos - The Force in the Flesh The Force in the Flesh is a 9 x 11 embossed hardcover, full-color, coffee table book spanning 208 pages and is packed with over 400 photos tastefully telling the individual stories of 45 different Star Wars tattoo collectors and artists from the world over. 3D Sci-Fi Movie Maker Download and Review - Make Your Own Sci-Fi movies with 3D Sci-Fi Movie Maker! :: Astro Models :: Gallery John Kaufmann SF Art Gallery Robert Joseph Ball Gallery Elfwood / SF&F Art / Robert Joseph Ball / Robert Joseph Ball The Lost Files of G'Kane B5 3D Graphics and Babylon 5 Resources scifisuzi 3D Wallpaper 3D Wallpaper with a scifi slant, galaxies, alien worlds, strange creatures and more. Sci-Fi 3DCG Science Fiction related 3D Models, Images and Animations including Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Blade Runner, Battlestar Galactica and Aliens. Movie, TV Collectibles, Model Hobby Kits, Action Figures, Monsters in Motion Movie, TV Collectibles, Model Hobby Kits, Action Figures, Custom Built and Finished Works of Art. From Gerry Anderson to Ray Harryhausen, Predator and Alien, to Star Wars and Star Trek 3D Gladiators Home Page 3D Gladiators is a community of creative people, including 3D and CGI artists and writers. Fantastic Worlds: Sci-Fi Poetry The Science Fiction Poetry Association Fantastic Worlds: Cosmic Poetry Monster Music Jeff Russell's STARSHIP DIMENSIONS Space Vehicles - Vehicle Designs 15 Astoundingly Beautiful Sci-Fi Images - The List Universe There is such a plethora of images of this type out there that I had to set a restriction; the restriction is that the images must include a planet - either a surface or from space. i d e o m a n c e r Speculative Fiction Guide to Extraterrestrials/2 - Gallery 2

Scifi Books & Authors

The Clarion Foundation - Welcome FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION: STORIES (by author) The Ben Bova official website. Daughter of the Night: An Annotated Tanith Lee Bibliography A comprehensive annotated bibliography of all UK and US publications of British science fiction / fantasy / horror writer Tanith Lee. Claw and Quill The Official Website of Science Fiction Author Robert Reed The Official Website of Science Fiction Author Robert Reed Mike Brotherton -- Novels Masterworks of Speculative Fiction Recluce: The Official L.E. Modesitt, Jr. Fan Site :: Short Fiction Which Science-Fiction Writer Are You? Psi Phi Star Trek Book Database: What's New : Hard Science Fiction Hard Science Fiction PS Publishing - Award-winning independent UK genre publisher PS Publishing - UK independent publisher of award-winning science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime and literary novels, novellas, short fiction, collections, anthologies, magazines and more! Allen Steele - Author: Official Website Official wesbite of award winning SF author, Allen Steele. -- Karen Traviss Science Fiction and Fantasy Author -- The Official Website of Sci-Fi Author S. D. McKee The Official Website of Sci-Fi Author S. D. McKee Robert E. Howard - Links SF Novelists A mutual support group for SF/F Novelists Jim Baen's Publishoverse Tribute Page SFDG: Books Discussed THE FOUNDATION TRILOGY: Notes, Articles, and Links The Heinlein Archives Robert A. and Virginia Heinlein Archives presented by the Heinlein Prize Trust in cooperation with the UC Santa Cruz Archives Darwin’s Paradox » Blog Archive » Darwin’s Paradox | Chapter Fifteen Fifteen “Okay, let me do all the talking,” Daniel said sternly to his willful daughter as they peered through the bushes at their gateway into Icaria, Jerome Bixby's Man from Earth WILD CARDS : Welcome to Wild Cards - Tor's official website to George R.R. Martin's mosaic Wild Cards series. The Omphalos Umbrella Luna 15 archive index.html The Chanter | A. C. Ellis Writer, Science Fiction and Suspense Top 15 Great Science Fiction Books - The List Universe There are so many astounding science fiction books out there that this has been one of the hardest lists for me to put together. I have added and culled but finally I have a list of the most important 15 Science Fiction Books of all time. SABERHAGEN'S SWORDS Fred Saberhagen - Summary Bibliography [[Voices of Tomorrow]] 365 Tomorrows Science Fiction Cookbook The Cookbook with recipes on how to cook your favourite aliens and other characters from science fiction and fantasy. Science Fiction Readers Robot Pellucidar home At the Earth's core lies Pellucidar, the prehistoric world created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the creator of Tarzan. Alien Species On MAAR The MAAR web site alien species list. Lord of Chaos Atomic Rocket: Interstellar Empire

Babylon 5


Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps: Klingon Rituals & Traditions The largest and most popular Klingon cultural resource in the world, with over 225 pages on the KIDC, Klingon society, traditions and rituals. STARTREK.COM Warp 5 Complex :: Star Trek Enterprise fan fiction archive


Star Wars Script

Scifi Forums & Groups

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Half-Life FanFiction Archive - FanFiction.Net Games: Half-Life fanfiction archive with over 364 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. ReX's Nexus: DooM Stories SS Universe Fanfiction Gallery :: Aldous Huxley - Brave New World and other works - Extensive information including online texts, discussion forum, links and articles. Comprehensive information on Aldous Huxley and Brave New World. Including: biography, quotes, bibliography, discussion forum, etc... World of Gor World of Gor is the premier Gorean web site created by Gor fans, for Gor fans.

SciFi Research & Reference

Starfleet Library Dedicated to providing you with Star Trek information archives, clips, images, news and current Trek happenings since 1996. Star Wars Episode 7 vii, Indiana Jones 4 iv, Star Wars TV Television Show Series, Star Wars Pictures Pics Photos Images Information about Star Wars 7 vii and Indiana Jones 4 iv in particular Star Wars Episode 7 vii 8 viii 9 ix, Star Wars Pictures Pics and the Star Wars TV Television Show Series Star Trek Intelligence GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources: Book reviews, news, essays, interviews, and links for fans of fantasy and sci-fi with gay, *******, bisexual, and transgendered characters and themes. The STAR TREK starship videogaming source! Star Trek Games, News, Information, playable 3d ship model downloads, and schematics! ISN News: The Zocalo Today Sci-fi for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror with news, info, calendars of events, chat room, message boards, and more! Raphael Carter's Darmok Dictionary DITL : Daystrom Institute Technical Library a Star Trek Website The Ultimate Star Wars Vs. Star Trek Database Star Wars vs Star Trek Pedro's Shiporama A page about Star Trek models, with reference pictures ot the studio models, and articles describing construction techniques. RealHHG - Home Page The RealHHG contains entries ranging from the mundane to the weird, related to Douglas Adams' HHG, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Blake's Seven and other Sci-Fi/Fantasy topics, and some completely unrelated to anything, anywhere. Utopia Planitia Yards - Main Utopia Planitia Yards is an interactive guide to various starships seen on Star Trek

SciFi Audio

Solar Flare: Science Fiction News Covering the worlds of fantasy and science fiction with news, reviews and opinion. All the latest sci-fi news and information. StarShipSofa: Science Fiction Audio Podcast Take a voyage on the Science Fiction podcast StarShipSofa if you dare? Travel into the deepest realms of the classic Sci-fi and science fiction world. Calling at such science fiction destinations as Philip K ****, Alfred Bester, John Brunner and all the other great Sci Fi writers out there. The Official James Patrick Kelly Web Site - Podcasts The official James Patrick Kelly web site Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy British Science Fiction Podcast British Science Fiction present mp3 scifi free from the early days of radio from Britan Well Told Tales is a pulp-fiction podcast featuring original short stories read by professional actors. Twice a month, we present a new short story -- either sci-fi, horror or hardboiled -- read by a working actor. Our podcasts are like audiobooks, only shorter, 15 to 30 minutes, perfect for your commute, workout, whatever. The Sci Fi Sounds Quiz A science fiction sounds quiz with audio questions. Test your sci-fi movie knowledge. Cory Doctorow’s » Podcast Ray Gun Radio SadCAST Escape Pod B5 Sounds and Images The Secret World Chronicle - a podcast series by Mercedes Lackey and Steve Libbey Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey and newcomer Steve Libbey have joined forces to create a superhero-themed braided novel podcast series called The Secret World Chronicle. Eight books are in the works, with contributions planned from established and up-and-coming writers. The series depicts an ensemble cast of metahuman characters coping with worldwide attacks by a mysterious, technologically advanced Nazi secret society, and the ensuing chaos. The Secret World is a meeting ground for pulpy adventure and thoughtful science fiction speculation, where ordinary people are elevated above their fellow humans and must grapple with the consequences of their newfound abilities. Mercedes and Steve chose to present the stories in podcast form to take advantage of the flourishing interest in the medium, and to tie the stories back into the old adventure serials of the early twentieth century. The stories are read by professional actors and recorded with modern fidelity for a comfortable listening experience. Listen to scifi radio

SciFi Stories

Analog Science Fiction & Fact Analog Science Fiction and Fact is the longest-running (almost)-continuously published science fiction magazine in the world Locus Online: Science Fiction News, Reviews, Resources, Perspectives The online version of the leading news and review magazine of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing fields. Dark Planet: Fiction Archives Starcraft Stories Fiction Samples - The Manifold Category:Short Stories - SCIFIPEDIA Science Fiction Index The Classics of Science Fiction: Short Stories Sci Fi and Fantasy - Short Stories Sci Fi and Fantasy at shortstories : ASP: Science Fiction Stories with Good Astronomy & Physics The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is an international nonprofit scientific and educational organization founded in 1889 that works to increase understanding and appreciation of astronomy. Electric Dragon Cafe - Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction Short Stories Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine featuring funny stories and humorous essays with just a hint of soul crushing truth. Here are my science fiction, silly-fi and weird short stories and novellas Download and read my sci-fi, SF, silly-fi and fiction short stories and novellas for free Google Directory - Arts > Online Writing > Fiction > Genres > Science Fiction > Short Stories Free Sci-Fi Classics FREE illustrated classic Sci-Fi short stories by Mark Twain, Jack London, Voltaire, H.G. Wells, Murray Leinster and others. Science Fiction Short Stories Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories published by Michael J. Shuler Sr. TheScian Science Fiction Short Story Contest Science at The Scientific Indian. Science news and technology news, science in India, science newsletters, science books, science book review, collaboration wiki for science articles and content short stories Large online library of short stories with monthly features and additions. Classics and new writing - includes summaries, biographies and analysis. User-friendly layout, fully searchable. SF stories SF stories "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut Jules Verne Jules Verne SciFan: Writing Science Fiction Tachyon Publications: Home The Past Through Tomorrow - Future History Stories - Robert A. Heinlein Online Libraries A links page to online libraries. Science Fiction, Fantasy, the Macabre -- ElectricSpec eZine -- it's shockingly good! Electric Spec, an exciting e-zine featuring the best science fiction, fantasy, and the macabre. Pat Murphy: Short Stories Pat Murphy's official home page, in association with The Brazen Hussies: Pat Murphy, Lisa Goldstein, and Michaela Roessner, three novelists who have banded together to promote their own work. Heliopolis: SG-1 Fan Fiction Archive Abbyland - [Home] Writing and Art by Abigail Goldsmith

SciFi Mags

science fiction magazine - science fiction magazine offers interviews, reviews, and articles covering movies, television, books, comic books and more! Sci Fi Factor - Science Fiction Sub Genres Science Fiction can be classified into many sub genres. This article looks at some sci-fi sub-genres Orson Scott Card's - Intergalactic Medicine Show Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show - Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine Dark Planet: Staff and Contributors SF Reviews Welcome Welcome to SF Reviews - biased and superficial Science Fiction reviews WHITE NOISE @ - A Universe of Science Fiction MICHAEL KEATON plays a successful architect Jonathan Rivers, whose peaceful existence is shattered by the unexplained disappearance and death of his wife, Anna (CHANDRA WEST). _Project SF 2006_ The official site of Project SF. So Fresh... world wide 2006. StarBLaSt.Org JOE'S LINKS Sci-Fi Confederation Universe Nebari.Net 2.0 Kelly McCullough The Thunder Child Science Fiction and Fantasy Web Magazine and Sourcebooks The Thunder Child is a monthly science fiction web magazine, as well as a collection of sourcebooks for every science fiction and fantasy topic under the sun, from books to movies to games to theater to radio SciFi Updates - Home SciFi Updates - The latest SciFi, Fantasy, Supernatural News on Movies and TV Series plus Sections, Profiles, Wallpapers, Images and more., TV and Movie News that deal with Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural, Horror and Comics. SF-FANDOM | Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom | speculative fiction fantasy SF-FANDOM provides moderated discussion forums for science fiction and fantasy television shows, SciFi movies, SF books, history, mythology, and more... BBT Magazine Science Fictionado - Top Books to Hook Friends on Science Fiction Science Fictionado - a site for science fiction fans of all kinds. Sci-Fi Online: Free Science Fiction Magazine Analog Science Fiction & Fact Analog Science Fiction and Fact is the longest-running (almost)-continuously published science fiction magazine in the world Science Fiction Crowsnest - SciFi Magazine Science fiction reviews and articles. SF Signal - A Science Fiction Blog Slice of Scifi - Science Fiction TV & Movie News, Interviews & more Get ready for the new face of science fiction where you'll reimagine the classics, explore exciting new worlds and set your sight toward the future Welcome to Sci Fi X-ile Sci-Fi X-ile, a last refuge for a nerd who just can't shut up. The Website at the End of the Universe | A science fiction community and weblog SFScope Galactic Interactions : Newton's Laws in Science Fiction TV and Movies Doomsday: The Future

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Babylon 5: I’ve Found Her — Space Dream Factory Latest news on freeware Space Dream Factory game project - Babylon 5: I've Found Her

Scifi Movies

Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time Massive dehumanization, totalitarian government, rampant disease, post-apocalyptic terrains, cyber-genetic technologies ... THE WIZARD OF SPEED AND TIME! Star Trek - Dinosaur Planet - Peter Pan Read Along Record Spider-Man and the Invasion of the Dragon Men - Power Records - Peter Pan Records Galactic Basic, a Star Wars fan community Star Trek: Intrepid, About MORAV MORAV - TBA 2008 Movie Release Dates Movie Release Dates & the Latest Entertainment News Scifimovies.Com - Scifimovies Link Directory The World of Star Wars The World of Star Wars is your ultimate guide to the Star Wars universe. Find pictures, character details, item information, toys, collectibles, related videos, the latest games and much more!

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TV ACRES: Time Machines (Time Travel & Parallel Universes) TV Acres: The Web's Ultimate Subject Guide to TV Program Facts and Trivia Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps: Main Menu The largest and most popular Klingon cultural resource in the world, with over 225 pages on the KIDC, Klingon society, traditions and rituals. GEOS - Star Trek: Enterprise Episode Guide Land of the Giants Gallery Visit the Land of the Giants - Web Site containing sites for the cast, clubs, conventions, episode guides, interviews, news, links, behind the scenes information Code 7R - The Secret Realm of the Ranger The web site for Code 7R The Secret Realm of the Ranger, a site for fans of Babylon 5. ffcast The Red Dwarf Entertainment Site Star Trek Page WhoLINK @ Who's Doctor Who? - Multimedia WhoLINK @ Who's Doctor Who? - Multimedia includes links to computer media, such as sounds, images, and desktop themes. J. Michael Straczynski - B5:TLT Pre-Production - Lost in Space Australia Fan Club Lost in Space Australia Fan Club promotes Lost in Space. We have Cast Correspondence, Interviews, Loads of Pictures, LIS News and Fan Fiction. Arduinna's Stargate Handbook TrekCore : Star Trek Multimedia and Information The Web's largest and most frequently updated Star Trek multimedia resource. Over 300,000 high resolution DVD Screencaps - in-depth episode databases including scripts, behind the scenes, trivia, trailers and much more! - huge gaming section with screencaps, reviews, downloads, cheats and more! SPACE ABOVE AND BEYOND the Bitter End A collection of Space: Above and Beyond information and multimedia Star Trek: Excalibur This is the web site for the non-profit internet show Masters of Science Fiction - Home Masters of Science Fiction - ABC�s MASTERS OF SCIENCE FICTION brings to the screen for the first time, celebrated short stories from the world�s most highly regarded science fiction writers, dealing with many of the most entertaining, powerful and relevant ideas and issues facing us all. Host Professor Stephen Hawking will introduce the 1-hour films adapted from the works of Harlan Ellison, Howard Fast, Robert Heinlein, John Kessel, Walter Mosley and Robert Sheckley amongst other luminaries in the genre. A preeminent roster of writers and directors will offer their interpretations of these legendary authors� bold and compelling stories. Participating directors include Harold Becker, Darnell Martin, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Petroni, Mark Rydell and Michael Tolkin. Petroni and Tolkin will direct from their own scripts�Ellison and Mosley will adapt their own short stories. Other screenwriters will include Sam Egan, Josh Olson and Joe Michael Straczynski. A talented and diverse group of actors will star including Judy Davis, Sam Waterston, Anne Heche, Terry O�Quinn, Clifton Collins, Jr., Kimberly Elise, James Cromwell, Sean Astin, Brian Dennehy, James Denton and John Hurt. - Home Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system Doctor Who Online - Features - Time Tales - The Maddening - Episode 1 Doctor Who Online - Features - Time Tales - The Maddening - Episode 1 100 or more things I learnt from Doctor Who Science Fiction On Television | Science Fiction Buzz Live! Science fiction as a genre has been with us for a long time now – it has even been argued that Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ should be thought of in this way. However, it is considered to have really started to develop with the advent of authors such as Mary Shelley, HG Wells, Jules Verne and Edgar Allan Poe – people whose works are still being given modern movie and television treatments. BSGPropaganda BBC - Torchwood - The Official Site homepage Torchwood will follow the adventures of a team of investigators as they use alien technology to solve crime; both alien and human. This new British sci-fi crime thriller, from Russell T Davies and set in Cardiff, will see them delve into the unknown. The first episode is shown on BBC Three, 22 October 2006 at 2100hrs Torchwood - The Torchwood Institute System Interface Torchwood - Log into the Torchwood Institute computers Cult | Primeval - ITV Drama Primeval Sci-Fi Overdrive! America's Premier Sci-Fi Talk Show! Future File: Discovery Channel Access the Future File to connect with the latest on cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs that are bringing the future ever closer to reality. From genetic engineering and nanotechnology to advances in clean energy and space travel, get a glimpse at emerging technologies that will change life as we know it. Tigerclaw's Sci-Fi Pages TVSciFi - Home TVSciFi- Where Television and Science Fiction crash, The inside scoop on upcoming episodes of your favorite science fiction and fantasy shows from Rex Suspense B5TECH.COM - The Babylon 5 Tech-Manual. The Babylon 5 Tech-Manual - the oldest and most detailed site concerning the technology, ships and weapons of Babylon 5. ENTER! Doctor Who Chronology: Table of Contents LocateTV presents - The world beyond LocateTV presents The world beyond. Ever gazed up at the stars and wondered what happens beyond our tiny planet? LocateTV would like to help feed your imagination with a wealth of dramas based in a world unknown! LocateTV uses confoundingly futuristic technology to find when these shows are viewable specifically to you! Star Trek (Reborn) A reboot/re-imagining of the original Star Trek presented as a "virtual internet series". Familiar figures, themes and situations from the original Star Trek are re-envisioned in a more character-driven and edgier fashion than that of previous Trek incarnations. The otherwise text-based material is framed by various multimedia like Gabriel Koerner's reimagined NCC-1701, as well as other conceptual artwork, virtual actors, essays and an especially active discussion forum. Each season will consist of 13 episodes, with a script for the viewer to download. .: PRIMEVAL - OFFICIAL SITE :. The official Primeval 2 site with news, videos, games and exclusive behind the scenes footage. Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

SciFi Shopping/Collecting

The Star Destroyer Project Information and pictures about scratchbuilding a Star Wars Star Destroyer. Picture gallery of other modeling projects including the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing. Store - Roddenberry Productions Welcome to CultTVman's Hobbyshop eMasks Halloween Masks and Halloween Costumes! Starfleet Models, Star Trek Models, Battlestar Galactica Models star trek, star trek models, star trek resin models, star trek decals, constitution class, excelsior class, nova class, prometheus class, akira class, miranda class, battlestar galactica, galaxy quest - All Australian Star Wars News is dedicated to providing All Australian Star Wars News. Action Figures, Collectables, Books, Comics, Cards...we cover it all. Star Wars products from Hasbro Australia, Lego Australia, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse, Random House and more. White Wizard Toys White Wizard Toys provides the exclusive sci-fi, horror, and fantasy collectibles, toys, and prop replicas from movies, television, anime, comics, and more. We have a retail location in Schaumburg, IL. Subjects include Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Anime; companies such as McFarlane, Sideshow, Master Replicas, and more! Sci-Fi Models Sci-Fi Models How -to Guides Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles serenity 24th Century Design Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage, Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits Future Horizons, antigravity, Hoverboard, free-energy, psionics, space-age-weapons, alternative energy, lightsaber, electronics hobbiest equipment, science projects, laser, lasers, masers, tesla, tesla coils, high voltage engineering, anti gravity, acoustics, ultrasonics, hypnotism, mind control, electronic kits, plans, books, pyrotechnics, self defense, tactical electronics, electronic weapons SPAWN.COM >> TOYS >> HORROR >> MCFARLANE’S DRAGONS: QUEST FOR THE LOST KING The official digital home of McFarlane Toys. See all the latest Spawn, film and sports action figures plus archives of our previous toys. Atomic Rocket: Space Suits Links: Wormholes to Useful Sites

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Futurismic - near-future science fiction and fact since 2001 Futurismic is a webzine that publishes original science fiction short stories as well as essays and blog posts on non-fiction topics. Hydrogen Super Highway Highspeed maglev magnetic levitation semi public transit system * Interview with an Extraterrestrial A very hypothetical conversation with a visitor from afar. Dusk Before the Dawn » Science Fiction and Fantasy Main Page - SCIFIPEDIA

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History of the Whoniverse A history of the universe according to the TV program Doctor Who and its spinoffs The Lone Gunmen Timeline Orion's Arm Thousands of years in the future, humanity has branched into a myriad directions, godlike ascended intelligences rule interstellar empires and adventure awaits those willing to risk all to venture beyond the safety of the angelnetted nanotopias Science Fiction History The STAR TREK Annotated Timeline - A Chronology of the Episodes, Films, Novels, Audio Novels,Short Stories, and Comic Books The Star Wars Expanded Universe Timeline Star Walking Inc. SF & F Research Database When the Stars Are Right... The Worlds of David Darling Astrobiology, astronomy and spaceflight news, encyclopedia, and links. Maintained by science writer David Darling, Ph.D. Strange Horizons Articles: Megastructures, by Paul Lucas The Wold Newton Universe - Site Map


Monster Mags Coming Soon! Kolchak, the Night Stalker timeline Lovecraftian Timeline THE OFFICIAL CTHULHU MYTHOS FAQ - Timeline - Horror movies, scary films, news & forums since 1994. Horror movies reviews, daily horror news, interviews, reviews, forums and more. Creatures Horror Movie A Day Your Number 1 Source For Horror Movies - BLOODY-DISGUSTING.COM One of the best sources on the internet for the latest horror movie news, reviews, inteviews, and more. Including a hugely popular message board and online community. Best Horror Films No Summary The Top 100 Horror Movies List – Updated for 2007 presents the Top 100 Horror Movies List for 2007. Every must-see horror movie is present and accounted for, including classics and new releases through 2006. Rue Morgue THE ASTOUNDING B MONSTER The World's Coolest Cult-Movie Chronicle! Scary Movies - Everything Scary Scary movies and horror movies database Horror Readers Robot Rod Serling Museum Museum dedicated to the life and work of Rod Serling. Located in the heart of Binghamton. Rod Serling's Night Gallery Rod Serling's follow-up to The Twilight Zone, unveiling disturbing portraiture weekly as preface to an anthology of fantasy, horror, and sci-fi Nightmare Factory Costumes & Prop Shop Halloween costumes, props, masks, movie collectibles and more! Lovecraft Bestiary The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Homepage


fantasyREADERS » fantasy and science fiction stories FREE FREE fantasy and science fiction stories and interactive books with free previews. Fantasy Magazine » From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan, The Executioner Series Don Pendleton's Executioner Series of action adventure novels featuring Mack Bolan. Galadriel Jessica Stover Dot Com David Weber Homepage Project Lycan N3F - The National Fantasy Fan Federation National Fantasy Fan Federation. The Philippine Order of Narnians :: The Official Web Site The Philippine Order of Narnians Official Site The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The James Bond Chronology and Genealogy Raiders of the Lost Timeline Highlander: The Connor MacLeod Homepage Timeline of Conan' Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series Timeline A timeline of event portrayed in the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' television series. What sort of timeline do we have for the events that occurred in the film and book? The Royal Timeline of Oz Tarzan Alive A guide to Philip José Farmer's Tarzan Alive THERIANTHROPOLOGY 101 Fantasy Readers Robot Shur'tugal Eragon Encyclopedia The largest Inheritance Trilogy (Eragon, Eldest, Book III - Books, Movies, and Games) fan site with news, pictures, videos, information, and many more things you will enjoy. Encyclopedia Mythica: mythology, folklore, and religion. The premier encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and religion. Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature. Edited by John O'Neill YouTube -Godzilla Movies
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Fantastic fantasy artwork Welcome to Malathar's Dragons Michael Komarck Illustration Michael Komarck Fantasy and Science Fiction Illustration Galleries DragonWizards Voyages Gallery Terri Smith Gallery John Kaufmann Graphics Gallery Fine Art Dragons- Dragon gallery
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we are university students researching on the patterns in sci fi fans

You are at the right place.
Look at the polls, links and gallery here for a nice broad view.

Don't be afraid to post specific questions to us.

Go ahead and create some polls

We have a calendar of scifi events too
1) Do you find that sci fi films have any relevance to your life experiences ,if so how? i am a scifi fan from literal birth. i grew up in it, dream it and write about it in short stories, poems and a full length novel i am writing. yes, i can say, for me, it is about my life. i weave tales that involve some sort of my daily existence. i cannot find myself bound by the fiction nor the science.

2) What is it about sci fi that you find more compelling than other genres? the ability to contrive more than one reference to what our imaginations can achieve. the possibilities are endless to what we can think up and put on paper. what is not known can open the door to what can be.

3) Are you an active fan? -Do you buy DVD/Soundtracks
-Dress up
-Made a fan film
-Rituals when watched a film i do not dress up. i do purchase dvd's and soundtracks. i am working on a idea for a animated fan film. the rituals i have when watching a film is that everyone else be quiet so i can hear it. (yes, i have kids, lol)

4) How often do you go in forums? the question is...."when do i NOT go in forums"
1) Do you find that sci fi films have any relevance to your life experiences ,if so how?

After watching the 1930's "Things to Come" I always visualized being that lone airman who would come out of the sky in a complex flying machine to a world waiting for hope. Never became that airman but I do write and illustrate science fiction/fantasy and surreal stories. And the "Cosmic Infundibulism" is a component part of my mind. I live it.

2) What is it about sci fi that you find more compelling than other genres?
I think it has to do with the limitless possibilities of existence. Reading Astounding Science Fiction and Galaxy as a kid took me out of the mundane world of public schooling. Before that it was Captain Marvel and other superheroes and Classics Illustrated.

3) Are you an active fan? -Do you buy DVD/Soundtracks. I'm an active fan and I buy soundtracks when they're good.

-Dress up
Not since age 12, except, of course for Halloween, when anything goes.

-Made a fan film
Yeah, in my time I've made some short sf and fantasy movies.

-Rituals when watched a film
No, I don't think I've ever done any rituals while watching a movie but . . . who knows!!!