Can you guess title of this movie? PLEAAASE?

Hi there. New on this sci forum. And I'm in need of some great help!!! :smiley:

If you could please help me find the name of a sci fi horror/outer-world movie made certainly in the 2000s. It is about a team of astronauts who travel to another planet to check on one of their old stations and they found themselves attacked by vicious killer machines.

These machines have been able to take over their human counter-parts on that planet and they even create fake human prototype to infiltrate and trick the humans and kill them. The team of astronauts find refuge with other humans hidden in a cave from the machines, but it seems that the leader of the hidden people is himself a machine created to infiltrate the humans and travel back to earth.

After all the members of the team die, of course, that human-like machine manages to get the female astronaut pregnant and he is back with her on the return vessel to earth (to destroy earth). That's all I can remember of the movie, could you please help me find its title? Thanks.

P.S. If this can help, at the very beginning of the movie, we can see some humans/scientists on the foreign planet, they land on a desert mountainous land and are attacked by sort of round-shaped machines with sharp metals cutting their throats or blowing their heads. Sorry for being too graphic but I really need some help. Thanks much!

I was thinking maybe one of the Screamers movies but the wikepedia article for Moontrap does sound closer to what the OP is describing.
Hello Starbeast & Kevin!!!

Thank you so much for your replies: the movie is indeed Screamers (2) as suggested by Kevin. But after watching the trailer of Moontrap, I know I want to watch it, too. (y)

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It sounds like Screamers: The Hunted (2009), the second of the Screamers films.

However the part about the pregnant female astronaut puts some doubt about it being a Screamers movie.