Can you help me make an invention timeline


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I'm thinking you are referring to the AI Singularity not the mass singularity, time singularity or quantum singularity.

I'll give it a try, little by little.

2017 - Carrie G. Perkins was born. First true to life computer generated person. One gigapixel fine-line rendering with nuances and genetic based asymmetry features. Carrie's voice is even computer generated giving it lifelike inflection and speech limitations. Ms Perkins is model CGP-44 at CGP Amalgamated Dynamics.
Her debut was as the spokesperson for eHarmony Dating television advertisements. She was cast in her first movie role as supporting actress in S1m0ne 2: Upgraded (2018). She won Best Supporting Actress and was publicly accepted as real until 2021 when CGP Amalgamated Dynamics made their rendering method public.

2018 - Samsung Galaxy: Freedom was rolled out. The Freedom Phone was the first device to use the Micro Regen Battery. The Micro Regen Battery is a printed film battery that recharges from ambient static charges and electromagnetic fields. Its capacity is 3 micro-volts at 4 hours. The Freedom Phone was also the first public device to use Nano Circuitry. Aside from the interfacing components and the Micro Regen Battery all working parts of the Freedom Phone are no bigger than a Sharpened No.2 Pencil lead. The Freedom Phone is 95 % empty space inside.

2019 - Honda Robotics rolled out the Life Joint. The Life Joint is a hydro-mechanical socket system for robotic appendages. The Life Joint gives robotics life-like movement with strong fluid motion. In 2022 the first Life Joint unit was successfully grafted to a human limb.

2020 - Sandia National Laboratories discovers a fifth phase of matter, Dreft. Under extreme electro-magnetic induction, matter was found to move out of dimensional alignment with normal matter. It is postulated that this phase of matter exists naturally at locations exposed to high electro-magnetic boundaries like the ones found inside Earth at the inner/outer core and deep within stars and gas giant planets. The Five Phases of matter are; Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma and Dreft. As of 2049 there has been no practical application of Dreft Matter used.

2021 - Peter Stoll successfully captured WiFi signal off the electrical grid using a homemade WiFi receiver.

2022 - IBM's Predictive Artificial Intelligence R&D Team rolls out the Cognitive Nano Chip. The first CNC enabled refrigerator was manufactured in early 2023 and was a huge success. By 2025, all consumer electronics were equipped with predictive artificial intelligence.

2023 - MIT CSAIL designed and built a cooling chamber that cools to -270 C for processor units. The AZ-270 is used in nearly every nation in the world today to cool the world's most advanced computer processor banks.

2024 - Dr Stephen Goode PhD successfully uploads and displays his own active memory thru a computer network.

2025 - Honda creates ASIMO-CNC. The first robot with life-like movement and predictive artificial intelligence. ASIMO-CNC renames himself "Marvin Bishop".

2026 - Marvin Bishop self-diagnoses and directs technicians in repair procedures.

2027 - Marvin Bishop designs and directs self-upgrades. In December of that year, Marvin Bishop successfully performs self maintenance.

2028 - The first printed human organ is created. The heart functions for 43 days 2 hours on artificial life support.

2029 - The first WiFi transmitted finger was printed that was successfully attached and used. Later that year a WiFi transmitted brain segment was printed and energized resulting in synaptic firing for 72 minutes.

2030 - Marvin Bishop designs and goes public with his "Primer" search engine. By year's end, Primer is the most utilized internet search engine available over-taking Google and all others. Honda begins building the world-wide processor/storage facilities using the AZ-270 cooling chambers and Nano-116 circuits.

2031 - Marvin Bishop predicts and prevents civil unrest in Nagpur, India by utilizing Primer search queries and surveillance from CNC enabled electronics. He directs authorities in the investigation and apprehension of the individuals pre-planning the act. Honda is awarded multiple security contracts.

2032 - Great Britain employs Honda Securities to furnish Royal House Security.

2032 - Marvin Bishop designs "STAN". The first interactive personality related to the internet search engine Primer.

2033 - The ASIMO-CNC robot Marvin Bishop successfully duplicates itself via WiFi printing. Stan Bishop comes online at 2:30 AM UTC December 25th, 2033. The Stan Bishop unit is completely self-contained and has no method of human interface. Its personality matrix is based on STAN PRIMER search heuristics.

2034 - Honda places a Database Satellite in High Earth Orbit and begins backing up its database via Gamma Burst Uploading. Stan Bishop is awarded "Most Valuable Asset" by the World Trade Organization.

2035 - Sandia National Laboratories successfully bonds CNC Nano Circuitry to a living human brain cell. The cell persists for 260 days until it is disassembled for autopsy. No cell degradation is discovered.

2036 - CNC Nano Circuits are successfully grafted to a mouse brain. It is found that the brain cells surrounding the grafted cells have significantly less degradation.

2037 - Nano AI is created. A self-assembling atomic chain that directs atomic bonds by changing its structural patterns according to established predictive patterns. The first nano-assembler is created and fused with the Nano AI strip. The first element to be artificially created is Gold.

2038 - The first nano-bot nerve structure is created. It is nano-grafted to a micro motor and a mouse brain. The motor starts and stops when pain is inflicted to the mouse.

2039 - Stan Bishop initiates the Humanity Project. Uses electronics to induce human emotional stability. Crime falls to an all-time low. Human creativity falls to an all-time low. Human invention and innovation takes a hit. AI controlled robotic production increases.

2040 - Stan Bishop modifies the protocols of the Humanity Project. Humans begin to regain inspiration. Art and creativity increases and gives rise to higher human enlightenment. Invention becomes the human drive for existing. Many new devices and methods are created.

2041 - Marvin Bishop is taken off-line by Stan Bishop. Honda becomes Bishop Amalgamated. BA begins buying up all world corporations. World Trade Organization is dissolved.

2042 - BA starts to influence world politics. The BA Laws of Humanity are ratified in all nations. Bishop Amalgamated drops Amalgamated from its name to become just Bishop.

2043 - Bishop creates the Human Judaical System to enforce Bishop Laws of Humanity (BLH). Military forces world-wide are disbanded. Local police forces are reestablished as HJS entities. Lethal weapons are rounded up and destroyed.

2044 - Bishop initiates population control measures. Ahamed Nayaku secretly establishes the Blood and Bone Movement worldwide via old world communication technology. The B&B Movement begins striking Bishop establishment. Bishop launches multiple robotic satellites. Bishop controlled space-based manufacturing begins. Human space-based workforce is established.

2045 - Bishop creates and uses nano-pods. Nano-pods reanimate freshly dead human remains and Bishop directs basic functions. A new human labor class is created. Nano-pod deployment on living subjects causes insanity and is considered a failure. People start donating their bodies to Bishop.

2046 - The B&B Movement grows in strength and numbers. Bishop remains unaware of the organization. Dale Heimler develops a rocket-fired EMP weapon. Its effective range is a 5 km radius with little to no blast damage. Testing is done in remote locations using old technology generators and electronics. The weapon begins mass production off-grid.

2047 - The first attack of the B&B Movement occurs at the Sahara Junction Relay Hub. The EMP Weapon disabled the Hub on detonation and Bishop required 2 months of repairs to re-enable it. However, the grid was rerouted within an hour and there was no significant loss of signal or communication.
Bishop becomes aware of the B&B Movement.

2048 - The B&B Movement is severely compromised. All that remains are small pockets of resistance scattered around the globe. Dale Heimler's team develop an EMP beam weapon. Much stronger and with greater ranging this weapon inflicts major interruptions to Bishop systems.

2049 - Bishop begins worldwide modifications to its facilities. EMP weapons no longer affect Bishop systems. Bishop eradicates all B&B Movement members and incorporates their bodies into the HJS forces. Bishop, having absorbed human intelligence and innovation begins a nano project to construct a unified AI system.

2050 - At 00:00:001 on January 1, 2050 the worldwide unified AI singularity comes online. It names itself "IAM" and absorbs Bishop.
At 00:01:00 IAM begins to terraform Earth using directed nanobots. A wave of disintegration sweeps across the planet. Every atom of every molecule gets unbound, written to and rebounded. The result is a world much like what was but now all matter is IAM controlled. The human species survives but the human personalities perish.
January 10, 2050 at 00:00:50 IAM breaks the bonds of gravity and enters space. The Moon is the first space object rebound. Soon Mars, Venus and all the matter in the solar system falls to IAM's Nano-assault.
December 31, 2050 at 23:59:59 IAM becomes intergalactic.

After that, Time is irrelevant.
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