Can you name this obscure sci fi movie?


This movie is not "Hardware" - I don't think. I only have one or two scenes to recall; the memory tracks back to the mid 90's – it's a long shot so I'll try to be as descriptive as I can. Name this movie. Here goes...

The scenes paints a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk future, located in an arid & dusty, very smoggy desert region - there's possibly a dust storm brewing. The light was very monochromatic, & dimly lit like that of a foggy morning (certainly not as red as Hardware). I also recall some ghostly cliff face somewhere in the background.

TO SET THE SCENE: A group of two or three people have encountered each other outside a rundown house, possibly a gas station, but definitely along side an open road. There was at least one young man who possibly inhabited the dwelling, and an older man who perhaps arrived on motorbike and needed fuel. At some point the old man talks the young man into leaving – or, perhaps the young man was running out of food and water etc. and had to leave anyway.

IMPORTANTLY: In any case, they're stuck together in the desert and figuring out a mode of transport was their main issue.

The road is a very important feature in the scene at this point. The roads are dominated by massive unmanned transit vehicles. Built like armored trains on asphalt; they're an automated freight service that travel "from A to Z without stopping" – that aspect I remember clearly.
The young man had it in his head that they could stowaway on board one of these beasts... but, making such a vehicle stop posed yet another problem. The ol'man seemed in doubt, but the young man became increasingly eager and developed a crazy idea:
The trucks are obviously built to plow through obstacles, but will they plow through a pedestrian? This was the million dollar question. Put to the old man; apparently no one has ever tried to step out in front of the vehicles, or at least no one has ever lived to write about it. Certainly it's not advisable to play chicken with a scheduled GPS unit.

defiantly, In a suicidal attempt to test the theory, the young man shoves the ol'man out of the way as he runs straight out onto the road, and into the path of an oncoming monolith; arms out to embrace his fate.

Fortunately, the truck slows to halt. Just.

They all clamber aboard. In a cavernous (possibly a personnel carrying) section of the vehicle they hunker down and converse in very dusty, windy conditions. I recall the ol'man wearing a slatted, industrial pair of goggles to combat the dusty conditions and brightness of the sun blaring through slats on the cavern walls or windows.

That's all I can muster. It should be noted that while it's set in the future, this movie may not be a post-apocalyptic film. I only saw that section, which may not reflect on the rest of the film. Should this movie not exist – please, someone invent it for my sanity's sake.