My friend's mom has cancer right now..

Lung cancer, had a brain tumor but just had surgery and radiation, and now they found some cancerous lymph nodes.


On top of that, my friend is pregnant.


My thoughts and 'good vibes' (and prayers) go out to them. I've had all my guts taken aside, and the lymph nodes in the back of my abdomen removed... and I have had lymph nodes near my windpipe poked at (but not touched thankfully). I have had to deal with some of the more potent chemo drugs (BEP), and I have much respect for people that fight bigger battles than I had to.

The thing to keep in the forefront of ones mind is, in this day and age, many many cancers are curable. It is a hard mental and physical battle. Sometimes, more mental than physical, and for everyone, it is different.

My heart goes out to anyone dealing with cancer.

~ Jaraeth


Scout saved my life. the gulf war biotech cancers brought back by the gulf war veterans are also highlighted in the movie SPARTAN with val kilmer.