Can't find the book


I read a book about 25 years ago and now can not find it.

I thought the title was, "Time and Time Again" but I'm starting to think
I may have the wrong title.

I found a short story by the same title by Henry Beam Piper written in 1947
and the short story is along the same lines as the novel I read, very close.

The gist of the novel goes like this:
A man in his forties dies and wakes up in his teenage body back in his old house
as if he had dreamed his entire adult life. He has memories of his life that hold true.
He lives another life and dies at the exact same time as in his previous life and then
wakes up again a teenager, but a little bit older than the first time. Each time he
lives his life differently but always dies at the same moment and each time he goes
back, he is a little bit older. After numerous reincarnations he meets a woman that is
experiencing the same thing.

I don't remember how the story ends. I would really like the title and author if anyone
remembers the book.