Can't find the movie title, help! :)


Aight saw this movie once which i would like to see again but can't find the title to it.

Any help would be great!

Here is what I remember:

Late 80's and anywhere in the 90...
Horror sci fi Movie

A group of people on mars (think it was mars, not sure though, I remember a "red" look/feel to it with sand covering the place) I think, not sure what they where doing maybe colonizing the planet. ether way they had a big building complex which they mostly where in and worked. And suddenly something goes wrong people starts dying and they later find out that the killing is done by robots/androids that look like perfect humans until ya shoot em open which revels complicated mechanics.

The two role characters are two people a male and a female.
There is also a short romantic seen with them kissing or something...

Further more there where always some frightening children whom romed around and they always looked alike. And when ya approched them they would scream at you and attack you, they often wore worn clothes. Ya see like 3-5 of them at most in the movie.

And also the thing that really points out to a mayor tip is that there where also later on, small robots in the sand that were covered in blades that would kill people if they went out. Like "sawing" them to death.

Also in the end of the movie the two hero's are going to use a rocket/space vessel which they where looking fore but apparently only has one seat, they argue a little about whom should be the lucky one to get out and get the hell out of there but then a exact copy of the other female shows up and the male one realizes that she also is a mechanize bing, which leads to that he kicks her of and takes the little ship for himself. end of movie.

Also remember now a late scene where the two main characters have taken one of the deadly robot children with them (not realizing that its an dangerous robot) and suddenly some other people/survivors starts shooting at them mostly at the child, and then when the kid gets hit the two main characters see that the kid is a robot/android thingy.

A simple movie but it was cool, any help on this matter would be appreciated! thnx ppl!