Can't find the movie title, help! :)


Aight, back with a new movie I can't seem to figure out the name of.

This be what I know:

Movie around 1970-1980
(And I also think Steve Martin was in it, not sure though)

A group of space travellers stop by a planet which if I can remember correctly is mars. They find nothing until they get back and discovers that a little red soft particle have jumped on, and is sticking to one of the guys suits.

Anyway they keep the little red flesh blob around and it keeps on growing till it stars eating up all the crew on board the space ship. It becomes a really classic big funny looking red monster.

They also translated the monster at some point and when they do the translation is a funny bit of a song text about how he eagerly wants to eat the other tasty humans. He also dances around during this translation of his grunts.

Also when he finally stops singing and dancing one of the personally clearly tells the rest that this big red thing is not a threat, and walks in there in the room where the monster is and gets his armed ripped of.

Also in the end of the movie the monster is hanging in a line or rope that is stuck to the space ship back. The rest of the people on board think they have succeeded in blasting or removing him from the ship. He simple is floating/cruising on a rope that is attached to the space ship which is now also in the end scene heading to earth.

And this movie is an old funny comedy about a big red monster that likes to eat humans, he dances and sings some.

I have no idea what the movie title is, but ya guys helped me the last time figuring out the movie title of Screamers so I hope yall can help me out this time too.

Thanks for any help!
I know what it is and I like it too

Hello Uggla, the original title was The CREATURE WASN'T NICE, then it was changed and released as SPACESHIP, and now currently you will find it under the title NAKED SPACE. It spoofs the film ALIEN. Bruce Kimmel, wrote, directed and plays one of the crew members in this 1983 flim.
Hawt damn Starbeast from Planet X m8!!!

I can't stress how happy I am for you to have helped me on this one m8!

Taught I was never gona see this one movie again!

If you where living in Sweden I would have bought ya a beer by now m8!

Thanks you very much m8, do to the fact that this a very old movie and kinda unheard of I wouldn't think anyone would have known what I was referring too.

Again thank you m8!