Can't remember title of story


Hi all,

I read a short story many years ago in which all advertising has been honed to precision.

I the story, they can calculate with statistics the exact day of death for individuals. One man is receiving all these letters encouraging him to buy a funeral from them as he is going to die on x date.

He is furious and determined not to be a stat and the whole story is the build up to his death day as he competes with the faceless funeral advertisers.

He survives! - and the following day an ad drops through his door saying that people who outlive their death day are prone to senile dementia - "Can we interest you in our care home?"

That's the rough gist anyway. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I can't work out how to google for it as it's too vague.

Thanks in advance with crossed fingers

Not that one.

I remember a short about a guy who designs a system where he can read a human beings lifeforce and tell them the exact date/time he will die. He gives the report on paper to those asking for it. He refuses to look at his own results though I think. Or he did and he knew it was coming and prepared for it with letters left to people (a news reporter?). No one in this story I read managed to avoid their death though.
Rose for Kevin

Dear Friends,

I have one for you, and I'm hoping you can help. Please don't just say "I don't know"...please....:cry: I'm desperate.

Years ago, I had a sci/fi romance fantasy book that was about two warring Zodiac signs. basically water signs kingdom jeopardized by fire signs world.

Chapter One: The Pisceans were trying to prepare for war, because the evil fire-mage in his mountain wanted to destroy them. The cover art of this book was fabulous. Pastel water colors. I think there was some kind of embossing on the front because it glistened in the sunlight. There may have been two merfolk (quite small) swimming in this soft sea-foam jade sea. Inside Chapter One: we have our merfolk lovers (male and female) preparing for war along with all the other Pisceans. They fear they will be separated.

Chapter Two: War. The fire signs attack the water signs with all the fury they are capable of. The lovers are parted.

Chapter Three: The denounement of the battle and aftermath. The lovers are reunited, but the Pisceans took heavy casualties, and it will take a long time to rebuild their world.

The chapters may have been named. The book was mass market and quite thick.

I really loved this book, but somehow it got lost. Can anyone help?

Laura T.
Something nteresting...Probably wrong

:smiley: Dear Friends,

I have been looking (I have no life of course) for my book...the romance/sci/fi fantasy merfolk book.

I have been perusing the Locus Database. The database I've been recently looking at covers 1984-1998. Everything is broken down by title, author, date published, ISBN No., etc. , even cover artist. Louis Barrow, an English author, published a book in 1991. Three stories are printed in one book.

Supernatural Romance of Suzanne; Conquest of Demon Cabeto; Alien Mountain Giants.

Now, I remember thinking when I bought the book that the title was so inane that it couldn't possibly fit anything...and ever after when I'd look at the book, I would say "This really is a stupid title."

I've gone to Alibris to see if there is a synopsis and a picture of the cover. None. I cannot get any access to a cover.

There are two ISBN Nos.

UK: 0951824007
US: 9780951824009

I don't know if this is it.

Any suggestions? I can buy the book from Alibris..sight unseen for $16.95 (fine condition), or excellent condition ($20.00):rain:

Thanks so much.

Laura T.