If you like your sci-fi and fantasy blended together into a perverse and ultraviolent smoothie, you may enjoy my new novella, Carnageland:

“Alien invaders. They want your planet, they want your money, and they won't stop until they have it all. Invader 898 is about to embark on his first assignment, but when he is sent to a backwoods planet on the far side of the universe, he's stranded with millions of fairy tale whores, pornographic fables, and magical hermaphrodites. Armed only with his Doomshooter and the strange singing trumpet betwixt his legs, 898 must complete his mission while resisting the temptations of the fantasy creatures. For an invader, victory means promotion and failure means the pink slip of death. Carnageland is a perverted odyssey of sci-fi and fantasy, shaken and stirred so that only one may emerge alive.”

“Like a Mars Attacks sequel written by a mental patient. And I mean that in a good way.” --Jordan Krall, author of Squid Pulp Blues and Fistful of Feet

“Imagine Fractured Fairy Tales twisted by Todd McFarlane.” --Eric Mays, author of Naked Metamorphosis

“I think Mr. Barbee touches on (and destroys) every beloved fairy tale creature, D&D meme, and 80s action cartoon there ever was. This is good, vibrant writing.” --Kevin Shamel, author of Rotten Little Animals

Carnageland is available on Carnageland: Barbee, David W.: 9781933929958: Books