Bubbles said:
what's so scary about bugs? :blink: or spiders for that matter... jumping spiders are cute :angelic: they're so widdle! :love:
I'm just not big on bugs. Depends what they are. The only thing that I'm insanely scared of is centipedes *shudders*. I don't want people to think I'm like some crazy mean bug killer. I can stand being a room with pretty much any bug just not centipedes! It's mainly the centipedes that gross me out :unsure:

~Andrea :angelic:


I don't mind bugs, mostly cause I catch the ones I don't like and feed them to my fish. but my one friend she can't stand spiders, so when she sees one in her house she puts a class on top of it and waits till someone comes to kill it. when you go to her house there are tonnes of glasses on the ground. it's actually quite amusing to see her. Tell her you see a spider, she'll go into hysterics (sp?).

centipedes are the worst, cause I can't ffeed them to my fish cause they have poison in them. I can't bring myself to killing them either cause I had a bad experience doing it. I got a napkin to kill one and instead of staying under the napkin it crawled ontop of it and bit me.
I so agree wityh all of u on how disgusting these "creatures" are. Keep up all the stories and expressing disgust (or if u want expressing love towards the things :unsure: ).

~Andrea :angelic:
OMFG! The other night, I was walking into my kitchen, and I saw this huge centipede that was bigger than my hand! I totally flipped out, and now I'm afraid to eat a sandwich (it jumped out of the bread basket)
Alias=Life said:
OMFG! The other night, I was walking into my kitchen, and I saw this huge centipede that was bigger than my hand! I totally flipped out, and now I'm afraid to eat a sandwich (it jumped out of the bread basket)

HAH, told ya there not only in ur basement. If I saw a centipede bigger than my hand I would probably.......I probably pass out or scream extrememyl loud, lol.

~Andrea :angelic:
i've realized there's something worse than wasps,bees and bulmblebees. ladies and gentlemen, the world of grossness has found it's almighty king: the moosefly. (though i'm not sure if it's called that in english)

they scare the felgercarb out of me and gross me out and when i see/feel one i get hysterical and they go into your hair and EEEEEW they're my nightmare. my worst nightmare.


I don't think they are called mouseflies, (googled it). not to sure about what bug your taking about.

I found a whole colony of centipedes under my microwave, and in my backyard in some moss. I killed the ones outside, but when I got some bug spray to spray the ones under the microwave they were gone.

also, I found one in my room, that one I killed with a pair of shorts and whipped it. weird I know, but it was the only thing I could have used.

oh and there are centipedes that are a lot bigger than you hand, they live in africa mainly but they are huge.
well it's not a moUsefly. it's moOse fly. try googling that and you'll find the grossest creature in the history of time! ;)
:blink: bi-bi-bigger than your hand?!?! omg. :eekhair: hope i never have to see one of those.


OMFG, my house is being taken over by mutant bugs. There was a huge spider in my apartment by the window, so now I'm afraid to go near it, my neighbor came over and killed it for me. It's body was a big as a quarter and the legs were at least another intch *shudder*

Then there are these HUGE crickets in the foyer. They're as big as my thumb. At first I thought it was a c***roach, then one jumped at me. OMG, I screamed like crazy. So then I go to the laundry room and one was infront of the dryer and I swear, it growled at me. Then it popped and started twitching. Needless to say, my clothes hung dry instead.
Hi, I'm anji and I'm scared to death of (in order): c***roachs (though if you've seen the Queensland bush c***roach, you'd understand. I live in their habitat); grasshoppers; crickets; praying mantis; millipedes; centipedes; christmas beetles (big shiny scarab's) and cicada's. I can't breath (let alone scream) near c***roachs but the other (cept grasshoppers) i can run away from. I literally get paralysed from fear around c***roachs, grasshoppers, crickets and praying mantis.

My scary story: I was on the toilet the other night sitting on the lid when I saw a movement out the cornor of my eye. When I saw it was a c***roach I must have jumped a inch in the air. I was so brave (it was near my room), I grabbed a tin bucket and stretched over to it (standing about a metre away so it couldn't get me) and tried to drop the tin on it. I spent maybe half an hour racing around the house trting to keep it out of my room. Then when it went into my sis's wardrobe, i sprayed half a can of spray in there until it came back into the hallway (aren't I a good sis?) then while it couldn't see (it was white from the spray) I covered it with the tin, left a note on top for mum, then went and curled into a shaking ball in my bed. But I didn't scream/run away freeze up. Now that's progress.

Mum gets annoyed that I use so much spray on a bug but hey when I killed a huntsman for her (10 cm (4 inches) from tip of leg to tip of leg) she had no problems with me covering it with a mound of foam. Hypocrite. lol