Challenge: Minor/Unusual Parings


Jan 6, 2003
This is ScarletCrystal's idea, but since she's on vacation, I shall be in charge (at least until she gets back :LOL: )

. . . length one-shot, 7,000 words
. . . # of entries/person 2 (may be connected)
. . . end of challenge September 10th, 2007
. . . guidelines see below

This challenge is just a little something to keep you writers busy at the end of summer! It's simple. Choose a minor or unusal pairing (Alias, or otherwise--there is always the option of 'Other') and write a romantic one-shot about it. It may be serious, comic, dramatic, horrific... Anything goes here, but I want an interesting story crammed into those 7,000 words! A soliloquy of how they got together is not going to do it for the judges. I would prefer an interesting plot or characterization by far.

To clarify, Sarkney is considered a minor pairing! No offense to all you shippers, but a good general guideline is if it doesn't really follow canon (the writers' intentions), it's unusal, and of course, minor would be something such as Marshall/Carrie, which recieves little attention in the series. Further questions are welcome!

Here are some MAJOR/NORMAL--and therefore off-limits--pairings:
... Sydney/Vaughn
... Nadia/Weiss (this one may be flexible)
... Jack/Irina

There will be prizes, as usual. Judges are SkyGirl5, Alias=Life, and Tiiulicious (the last two of which were the only participants in the Color Challenge).

May your minds be flowing with plot bunnies,
the Judges
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