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Charmed Interactive

Discussion in 'Television & Streaming' started by the_alliance, May 11, 2003.

  1. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States

    i wanted to start this thread where ppl can make up a storyline for Charmed. in essence, it's kinda like the Alias Interactive, but it doesn't start over after each new epiosde; it just keeps going, regardless what the episode was on Sunday or whatever. if u got any questions, just post em. how about we start it after where the season finale leaves off (just to give us a head start).
  2. kylo4

    kylo4 Rocket Ranger

    Mar 12, 2003
    I've never watched Charmed. When is that show on?
  3. musically83

    musically83 Rocket Ranger

    Jan 27, 2003
    season finale tonight@8/7central on the WB...reruns on tnt every mon-fri 9am and 6pm
  4. :blink: i'm still like that. that was a really wierd ending... just like alias... arghh... gonna go to bed like :blink: now...
    --Mandy :angelic:
  5. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    people's! is it just me, or do u guys hate it when ppl post stuff inthe wrong forum or are off topic? maybe i'm just a bit anal about that but, please, in the future, post things in the correct place.

    I'll start the Charmed Interactive then......

    [Halliwell Manor]

    (Chris walks in and finds the Charmed Ones in the dining room with Darryl and his wife)

    Darryl: I don't think we've met. My name is Darryl. I'm a friend of theirs. And you are...?

    Chris: I'm Chris, can I speak with you girls in private?

    Phoebe: They know about our little secret, so you can say whatever you want.

    Chris: Ok...then in that case, I just wanted to let you know that as a reward for helping you guys, the Elders have made me your White Lighter.
  6. sorry, i was a little shocked last night... any ways

    Pheobe: What?

    Paige: What?

    Darryl: What?

    Darryl's wife: huh? what's going on here?

    Pheobe: They're making you out WHITELIGHTER?!

    Chris: Yes. and i suggest that you get use to it.

    Paige: Wait, so you came all the way from the future so you can be rewarded with being the Charmed One's Whitelighter?!

    Chris: Why are you guys turning on me? I saved you! All of you, including Leo and the baby!

    Paige: Ya... but we have a whitelighter, and his name is Leo.

    Chris: Look I know that you might not like this, but Leo is an Elder now, and you need a new whitelighter.

    Pheobe: No we don't need a new whitelighter, we had Leo since the time that Piper and I became witches. And now that the Source is gone. The Titans are gone, I think we can live this life out in peace!

    *Piper comes back downstairs*

    Piper: What's going on here?

    Pheobe: Cocky boy here got assigned as our new whitelighter.

    Piper: What?

    Paige: Ya, excatly what we said.

    Piper: That's great! Congradulations!

    Pheobe, Paige, Darryl and his wife: What?!

    hehe sorry if it messed up anything any one have planned.
    --Mandy :angelic:
  7. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    Piper: I think that's great. We need a White Lighter now that Leo is an Elder.

    Chris: At least someone is appreciative around here.

    Paige: Piper, can I just say that-- (doorbell rings)

    Piper: I'll get it! (Piper walks to the door and opens it. There is a guy standing outside.)

    Guy: (light British accent) Are you Piper, Phoebe, or Paige?

    Piper: Why?

    Guy: Are you interested in subscribing to---

    Piper: Look, we're not really the type of people to buy from solicitors. Can't you see the sign? (begins to close door)

    Guy: Ok, then how about----

    Piper: Maybe you didn't get the message, but no. (closes door)

    Guy: (yells) I know about the Charmed Ones!

    Piper: (opens door) Alright, I'm listening.

    (play Theme Song: I am the Sun, I am the air. I am human and I need to be loved; just like everybody else. You see I've already waited too long, and all my hope is gone)

    [Halliwell Manor: Living Room]

    Phoebe: So let's begin with how you know about the Charmed Ones.

    Guy: It's a long story.

    Paige: How about your name? (smiles)

    Phoebe: Paige! (to Guy) We've got time.

    Guy: (smiles back) My name is Danny, and let's just say I'm from not around here. I'm what you would call an alien.

    Darryl: Alien as in from outer space?

    Danny: Yeah.

    Chris: What brings you to San Francisco in search for the Charmed Ones?

    Danny: Excuse me but who are you?

    Chris: I'm their White Lighter.

    Danny: No, Leo is their White Lighter.

    Chris: Well, he...wait, how do you know about Leo?

    Danny: Ok, it's obvious that this is going nowhere, so here's my story. I came to Earth about 5 years ago. I enrolled at the medical school down in UCLA. My planet was under attack and my advisors advised me to leave immediately and jump into the future. So I did and once I got here, I knew I had to take revenge on whoever caused the massacre and chaso back home. It took me a couple years to find out that it was the Source. There was only one way that I could destroy the Source, and that would be to find the Charmed Ones.

    Phoebe: Sorry to break it to you, but we vanquished the Source a while back.

    Danny: I know, just let me finish. So then I came up here a couple years back, because I felt this...pull, I guess. I left med school down in UCLA and enrolled in the Stanford Medical School down in the South Bay, where I am currently attending school. Anyways, it turns out that when Prue died, and I am sorry about that by the way, I went to her funeral and something told me that you three might have been the Charmed Ones. Then I watched you three for a couple of years and finally, I decided that you were without a doubt the Charmed Ones.

    Chris: So with the Source gone, what do you want to do with the Charmed Ones?

    Danny: I want to help you vanquish demons. I've already been vanquishing lower level demons since I came up here and would like to learn a more "tricks of the trade" if you will.

    Piper: What makes you "qualified" to vanquish demons?

    Danny: Well, I can dodge fast moving objects that travel the speed of lasers and I can actually catch slower moving objects like arrows and bullets. Plus I can lift really heavy things that weigh up to 250,000 tons. And I've got diamond-hard skin. I also have a fortitude that cannot be altered even by the blackest life experiences and can withstand the mystical assault of an experienced sorceror.

    Chris: Ok...how would those help?

    Danny: I'm just saying, I've been doing it for a while, and I've been pretty good at vanquishing them. I'm even being talked about among demons in the underworld. Face it, you know I would make a good addition.

    Paige: Yeah, you sure would.

    Phoebe: Paige. (Paige give her a "what?" look) We'll think about it.
  8. Sunfire_77

    Sunfire_77 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 29, 2002
    Right where I am sitten
    Ok. I hope I dont ruin the story line. You are doin great Alliance. I got so caught up in it I thought It was an episode. heeh I will give it a shot.

    [Paige looks at Phoebe innocentily]

    Paige: What. I'm just saying. We need all the help we can get what with Leo not being here.

    [Paige looks at Chris]

    Paige: No offence

    Chris: None taken.

    [Piper breaks in]

    Piper: You sound great. We could use all the extra demon ass kicking help.

    [Piper gets a cheesy grin on her face. Paige and Phoebe look at eachother.]

    Phoebe: Ok. Thats it sister.

    [Pheobe grabs Pipers arm and drags her into other room. Paige follows with curiousity. Darrel, his wife, Chris, and danny all stand in confusion]

    Piper: Whaaaat. [Piper raises her hands showing her happiness]

    Phoebe: Spill it sister.

    Paige: Whats the matter Piper. Your making Martha Stewart look bad. Whats with all the happiness.

    Piper: What. I am happy! Isn't that good.

    Phoebe: Well usually when a womens husband in tooken from her she usually isn't in the perkiest mood.

    Piper: I am happy for him. Now if you dont mind we have to get back to the guest.
    [Piper walks away. Leaving Phoebe and Paige standing silentily]

    Phoebe: Lets keep an eye on her.

    [Paige nods]

    [They leave room.]

    [Scene cuts to mirrow in the hall. A shadowy figure lingers on the other side of the mirror Becoming more clearer. Until it shows Leo's figure in spirit form.]

    [Commercial cuts]

    Ok I hope I did ok. :unsure:
  9. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    Paige: I thought I heard you mention something about "advisors" warning you to leave your planet...?

    Danny: Yeah, did I mention I'm kinda like royalty back home?

    Paige: Really? And where exactly is "home"?

    Danny: You can see it most nights when it's not cloudy. It's the brightest thing in the sky.

    Paige: The Moon? But...how? Why didn't we find any life there then we went there?

    Danny: Because they're all gone now. Most of them were probably killed and the few survivors probably flew to another galaxy. Plus it's been like 300 something years since this happened. All traces of an advanced civilization would be wiped out by now.

    Paige: So is this really how you look or is it some disguise you have to blend in?

    Danny: No, this is really how I look. We're basically humans.

    Paige: Sorry if I'm asking too many questions. I've just never met an alien before. In this line of work, it's good to know more than not enough.

    Danny: Yeah I understand.

    Chris: I'm going to go check with the Elders to see if they've heard of aliens.

    (Chris orbs out, but what Paige and Danny don't know is that he didn't visit the Elders)
  10. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    (Piper and Phoebe walk in with Wyatt)
    Piper: Where's Chris?

    Danny: Oh, he went to check with the Elders to make sure I was legit.

    Paige: Did you now that Danny used to live on the Moon?

    Phoebe: Interesting...

    Danny: I understand if you're not exactly comfortable with some stranger here, so I better go.

    Paige: Wait! Uh...why don't you stay for a while. Maybe you can convince Phoebe that you're on our side?

    Danny: Well, with Chris becoming your new White Lighter and Leo an Elder, you guys might need some time to become...acclaimated to your new situation. If you need my help, call me. (pulls out a piece of paper and pen, writes something and hands it to Paige) See you later then. (heads out the door)
  11. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    Paige: (looks at Phoebe) Why don't you trust him? He seems like a nice guy.

    Phoebe: That's what you said about Micah, who turned out to be some super powerful demon. And that's what you also said about Kevin, who turned out to be some psycho Celtic warlock with a vengance. How do you know that Danny won't be the same?

    Paige: Well...I don't know. Maybe we can make him take that Truth Potion to see if he really is on our side.

    Phoebe: Don't you remember what happened the last time you used that? (Piper walks in)

    Piper: Used what?

    Phoebe: The Truth Potion on Danny.

    Paige: Phoebe doesn't trust that Danny is on our side and that he might be some demon.

    Phoebe: I'm just saying that we have to be as careful as possible. With Chris, who I still think is a bit shady, as our Whitelighter, and Wyatt still young, we need to sharpen our senses. That's all I'm saying.

    Piper: Paige, you do remember what happened the last time you used tat potion right?

    Phoebe: That's what I said.

    Piper: Right.

    Paige: Yeah, but what have we got to lose on this one?

    Phoebe: Good point.

    (Chris orbs in)

    Piper: Where'd you go?

    Chris: To check with the Elders about Danny.

    Paige: And?
  12. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    Chris: The Elders said that they've heard of aliens, but didn't say any more than that.

    Phoebe: Really?

    Chris: Yeah

    Paige: Then what do we do now?

    Piper: Let's go to his place and look around to see if we can find anything.

    Paige: That's illegal.

    Phoebe: When has that ever stopped us on our demonic missions?

    Paige: Good point, but just for the record, if we get caught, it wasn't my idea.

    Piper: So where does he live?

    Paige: I think he wrote it down with his phone number. (reaches in pocket and pulls out a piece of paper) Yup, 750 Vineyard Road.

    Piper: So if we orb there now, we'll still have about 40 minutes before he gets home.

    Phoebe: Sounds good to me. (Paige grabs both Phoebe and Piper and orbs to Danny's place)

    [Danny's Place]

    (Piper, Phoebe, and Paige orb in)

    Piper: Typical guys place. Haven't they ever heard of cleaning up?

    Paige: Well, it's not like they were expecting guests. (throws a look at Piper and Phoebe)

    Piper: I'll get the living room, Phoebe, you get his room, and Paige, you get the bathroom.

    Paige: The bathroom? That's nasty.

    Phoebe: Which makes it perfect for hiding stuff, cuz no one will go in there. (Piper flips through stuff and Phoebe and Paige go to their respective areas. time passes and Phoebe and Paige come back) Nothing. You guys?

    Paige: Nothing.

    Piper: Nada.

    Phoebe: I guess he's clean. But did you know that he has a roommate?

    Piper: No. Why does that matter?

    Paige: Yeah, do you think he's demonic? (sarcastically) I was just kidding.

    Phoebe: Well, then why didn't he tell us he had a roommate.

    Paige: It's just a minor detail guys. I wouldn't tell guys that I live with my sisters the first time I meet a guy.

    Piper: Really? Why is that?

    Paige: No, it's not like that. My point is, we just met him, he was busy trying to tell us that he's on our side. Details like he has a roommate isn't a major detail.

    Phoebe: Ok, whatever. (suddenly, a demon pops into the room)

    Piper, Phoebe, and Paige: AH! (Piper waves her hands and the demon blows up)

    Piper: Ok, that was freaky.

    Paige: What did that mean?

    Phoebe: Well, either he was telling the truth about being good, or that was another one of his buddies.

    Paige: Maybe we should check the Book of Shadows. (orbs out with Piper and Phoebe)

    [Halliwell Manor]
    (orbs in to find Danny sitting on the couch across from Chris)
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    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    As i registered this in the Non-Alias Fan Fics, I noticed that this needed to be rated. I rated this as PG "PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED. THE FAN FIC MAY CONTAIN INFREQUENT COARSE LANGUAGE, LIMITED VIOLENCE, SOME SUGGESTIVE SEXUAL DIALOGUE AND SITUATIONS." Some parents may think this is okay, whilst others think it should be rated PG-13 or R. The most important thing about this rating is that we (the writers) meant for the parents to choose what their children should read, and they're the true judges, because everyone's standards are different. This fan fic was not meant for a kid to read by him/herself (although they probably will). or PG-13 "PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED. THIS FAN FIC MAY CONTAIN SOPHISTICATED THEMES, SEXUAL CONTENT, STRONG LANGUAGE AND MORE INTENSE VIOLENCE." This is a level below R. However, as with "PG," standards are different amongst different people. As for letting a 13 or 14-year-old read the fan fic, it depends on the maturity level of the person. Little kids under 7 should not read this stuff. 8-14 year-olds should read it with their parents (although it again will probably not happen, and many that age don't like to go online with their parents anyway). if this sounds weird, it's because i got this from the explanations of the ratings PG and PG-13. basically, what i'm trying to say is that when you post additions to the Charmed Interactive, please follow these guidlines. NOTE: NOTHING R-RATED SHOULD BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD!
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    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    Piper: Danny, what are you doing here?

    Danny: I came back because I forgot to ask for a small favor.

    Paige: What?

    Danny: There's been this demon that's after me and he's getting closer. So I was wondering if I can use the Book of Shadows to find a vanquishing potion.

    Phoebe: I thought you said you're experienced in this field of vanquishing demons.

    Danny:--lower level demons. This one seems to be a little bit trickier and I think that he's working for somebody.

    Phoebe: Really?

    Danny: Yeah, so can I use the Book? (Paige looks at her sister with a look that tells them to let Danny use the Book)

    Piper: On one condition, you don't touch it, just look.

    Danny: Alright. (The Charmed Ones, Chris, and Danny walk up to the attic. Piper turns the podium that holds the Book towards Danny and flips through the pages. She turns to a page with the demon that her sisters and she encountered at Danny's place. Suddenly, Piper looks up to meet the stunned gazes of Phoebe and Paige.) STOP! That's him!

    Paige: Are you sure?

    Danny: Of course I'm sure, you can't forget something that looks like that!

    Phoebe: Can we (pointing to Paige, Piper, and herself) have a private meeting? (Danny and Chris leave the room)

    Piper: That's the demon we vanquished at his place!

    Paige: Now do you believe that he's not evil?

    Phoebe: Ok, maybe I was a bit too precautious, but now what do we do?

    Piper: Well, we can't exaclty say that we went over to his place and snooped around and then vanquished this demon that popped out of nowhere.

    Paige: Then how are we gonna explain it when this demon never shows up to kill him?!

    Phoebe: Let's just wait it out and see what happens, cuz he said that he thinks this demon might be working for someone, so if he's right, there'll be other demons coming after him.

    Piper: Yeah, but why would demons be coming after him?

    Paige: The same reason why they come after us, we all kill demons!

    [The Living Room]

    (Piper, Phoebe, and Paige come in)
    Phoebe: Alright, i admit, I misjudged you; you are good after all.

    Danny: How'd you figure that out? (sarcastically)

    Piper: Let's just say that we just know.

    Danny: Ok...so is there a vanquishing potion?

    Paige: Luckily, there is, since it is a lower level demon, and it's easy to make. I can get it ready in about 5 minutes.

    Danny: That'd be great! Thanks. (Paige leaves the room. As soon as she does, a demon pops in.)

    Phoebe: Whoa!

    Demon: Charmed Ones?! (vanishes at the same time Piper waves her hands to blow it up. She misses and let's him get away)

    Piper: Ok, that was weird.

    Danny: Sorry about that. He was after me, not you guys.

    Chris: That'd explain why he was surprised to see Piper and Phoebe there. (Danny's cell phone beeps. He pulls it out to see who it is)

    Danny: Uh oh. Bad news, there's another demon on it's way. This ones not a lower level demon.

    Chris: How do you know?

    Danny: I've tweeked my cell to beep if there's a demon that's not a lower level demon approached. It can detect it from miles away. (surely enough, a demon pops out of thin air, this time a female, and grabs Phoebe)

    Phoebe: Piper!

    Demon: I don't think so Charmed One. You blow me up, and you can also say goodbye to your sister. Plus, it's not you I want, it's your friend here (pointing at Danny). If you want her returned safely, then come and get her. You have 48 hours to do so, or else I'm going to have a fun time sucking her powers and killing her. (demon disappears with Phoebe. Paige runs in.)

    Paige: (panicing)What happened? Where's Phoebe?

    Chris: This demon took her and said that if we wanted her back, Danny has to turn himself in within the next 48 hours or else she's gonna kill Phoebe.

    Danny: I feel so bad. This would've never happened if I never came.

    Piper: Yeah!

    Paige: Piper...ok, don't panic. I'll go to the Book, Chris, check with the Elders, Piper, you and Danny come up with some plan on how we're gonna get Phoebe back.

    Chris: Check with the Elders?!

    Piper: Hey! Leo never gave us lip about checking with the Elders, so go! (Chris orbs out and Paige goes up to the attic)
  15. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    Danny: I'm gonna go to my place, grab some stuff, and then come back.

    Piper: We can't wait that long.

    Danny: Oh, I'm not driving--

    Piper: What, you fly?

    Danny: Yeah, why not? Be back in a few.

    (Danny heads out before piper can say anything)

    Paige: Piper, I found the demon. She's definitely not a low-level demon. She is in fact, not so easy to vanquish, but luckily, we are the Charmed Ones and she can be vanquished with a Power of Three spell.

    Piper: Geez, you scared me for a second.

    Paige: Where's Danny?

    Piper: We flew back to his place to grab a few demon-vanquishing accessories, I suppose.

    Paige: You would think that he'd have a bit more confidence in us. Did you come up with a plan?

    Piper: Yeah. We go, we see, we vanquish!

    Paige: Sounds good to me. (Danny returns with nothing he didn't have before he left) I thought you went to go get somethings.

    Danny: I did. (opens jacket) My blaster... (unbuttons shirt) and my suit.

    Piper: You're kidding right? I thought we already did the whole superhero thing.

    Danny: You might think it's funny, but I don't have magic powers like you guys do.

    Paige: Seriously?

    Danny: Yes, in a way, I'm kinda...allergic to magic and witchcraft.

    Paige: Then how have you been vanquishing demons for so long?

    Danny: Again, (opens jacket) my blaster... (unbuttons shirt) and my suit. So we've got a plan or what?

    Piper: Yeah, we make up a Power of Three spell, and then poof! She's gone, it's like magic.

    Danny: Ok, then, what are we waiting for?

    Paige: Well, someone has to write the spell...guess that'd be me.
  16. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    (Paige and Danny leave room)

    Danny: Do you need help?

    Paige: (smiles) I think I can manage.

    Danny: Well, can I watch, cuz I think Piper's a bit mad at me.

    Paige: I don't think Piper's mad, I think she's just frustrated.

    Danny: Call it whatever you want, but with that hand of hers, I wouldn't want her to accidently blow me up. (Paige and Danny sit at the kitchen table. Paige grabs a pad of paper and a pen)

    Paige: Ok, let's see. (writes something down quickly, then scribbles something out, looks up at Danny) What, is there something in my hair?

    Danny: Oh, no. You're hair's fine.

    Paige: (playfully) Then stop staring.

    Danny: Sorry. (Piper walks in)

    Piper: How 'bout we change the plan. I will go in first to scope out the situation. When you're ready, you and Danny can meet me there.

    Paige: Shouldn't we wait for Chris to come back?

    Piper: That'd take forever! We don't have that much time.

    Danny: (playfully)I'll go with you, Paige doesn't need me to help her with the spell anyway.

    Paige: Yeah, go with Piper, I'll catch up with you guys later.

    Piper: But, wait, how are you supposed to get down there without Paige orbing us.

    Danny: I'll do it.

    Paige: Orb?

    Danny: No.

    Piper: Well, you can't fly down there.

    Danny: (a bit offended) I know that. But (pulls out a small device), this little thing will in essence orb us down there. That's how I've been getting down there all these years.

    Paige: Impressive.

    Danny: Ready? (grabs Piper's hand, with a push of a button, Piper and Danny disappeared in a glow of light)
  17. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States

    (Danny and Piper orb in)

    Danny: Ok, so I'll check this way and you go the other way.

    Piper: Are you sure we should split up?

    Danny: Yeah, that way we can find her faster.

    Piper: Ok, but if you find her first, don't try taking on the demon by youself, got it?

    Danny: I'll try not to.

    (as Danny walks down in his direction, he can hear faint voices from a little further ahead of him)

    Voice 1: This is never going to work, my sisters will come and save me, and they'll probably tell Danny to stay at the manor.

    (Danny recognizes that voice as Phoebe's)

    Voice 2: (which Danny assumes to be the demon) I don't think so, because Danny will feel guilty that you were kidnapped because of him, so he'll insist on coming down here.

    Phoebe: Why is it that you're after him anyways?

    Demon: That's between him and me. It's none of your concern. You're just the bait.

    (Danny comes to this cave and looks inside to find Phoebe with her hands and legs tied behind her in this cage while the demon leaves the scene. Danny takes this opportunity to rescue Phoebe)

    Phoebe: Danny! What are you doing here?

    Danny: Isn't it obvious? I'm here to rescue you.

    Phoebe: Where are Piper and Paige?

    Danny: Piper is here too and Paige is back at the manor writing a vanquishing spell.

    Phoebe: Then who's watching Wyatt?

    Danny: Um...

    Phoebe: Nobody's watching Wyatt?!

    Danny: He'll be fine. He can protect himself, right?

    Phoebe: How did Piper forget that nobody would be watching Wyatt while they came down here?

    Danny: Hey, you can sound a little happier since I'm bustin you outta here.

    Phoebe: Well--behind you!

    (an energy ball hit Danny in the back just as he untied Phoebe)

    Demon: So good of you to have dropped by Danny.

    Danny: Malae, we meet again. Haven't you learned by now that energy balls can't hurt me?

    Malae: Yes, that was just to get your attention. I've got something else in store for you.

    Danny: Phoebe, get out while you can, this might get ugly.

    Phoebe: No way, she wants to bring me down here, I'm not leaving without a fight.

    Malae: Good, in addition to killing you, Danny, I also get the chance to take out a Charmed One.

    Phoebe: You wouldn't want to do that.

    Malae: You're nothing without your sisters. It takes the Power of Three to vanquish me.

    Danny: Alright, have it your way, but I warned you.

    Malae: What makes you think that you can vanquish me?

    Danny: I've got a secret weapon.

    Malae: I sure hope it's not the Charmed Ones, because I've already sent a demon up to the manor to get Paige and Piper is already down here, which made capturing her much easier. (demon comes in holding Paige while another one is holding Piper)

    Phoebe: Let them go.

    Malae: Not a chance. (throws something at Danny and it lodges onto his leg) That is something that packs quite a punch. When it explodes, which it will do in 60 seconds time, it has enough firepower to flatten this cave and everything in it. So you see, I win. (Danny quickly reaches for his blaster and fires it at the demon holding Piper, then fires it at the demon holding Paige, barely missing Paige herself) Impressive. (seals off entrance/exit to the cave) But now you still can't get out. Too bad it had to end this way. (laughs and then shimmers out)

    Paige: (tugs at the thing stuck on Danny's leg) I can't get this thing off.

    Danny: Don't try to, if you do manage to get it off, you'll take my leg with it. I recognize this thing and what it does. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Orb your sisters and yourself out of here and I'll meet you back at the manor.

    Piper: What? Are you insane? She said it has enough umph in it to flatten this cave. That's like a lot of demolition bombs going off at once.

    Danny: I know, it's fine.

    Paige: But...

    Danny: Trust me. I'll be fine, go.

    Phoebe: You heard him, let's go.

    (Paige grabs Piper's and Phoebe's hand and orbs out, seconds later, the thing explodes and the cave comes crashing down)

    what do you guys think so far?
  18. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    [Halliwell Manor]

    (charmed ones orb in)

    Paige: Now do you believe that he's on our side?

    Phoebe: Yeah, I guess so. No demon or warlock would tell us to go and get himself blown up.

    Paige: Don't remind me.

    Piper: You ok?

    Paige: I just thought that maybe we could've at least went out just once or something.

    Phoebe: There are plenty of other people out there for you, and besides, you just met him.

    (Chris orbs in)

    Paige: Chris--- (pauses) Danny?

    Danny: Yeah, why do you look so surprised?

    Paige: But the thing...it blew up...didn't it?

    Danny: Yeah, of course. But it'd take more than that to kill me.

    Phoebe: Seriously? You survived that thing?

    Danny: Yeah, but I must say, Malae is getting better firepower.

    Piper: What happened to the clothes you were wearing on the outside of that suit?

    Danny: Oh, you didn't expect normal clothes to withstand all that explosive did you?

    Piper: Of course not. (feeling a bit stupid)

    Danny: If everything is fine here, I'll be going now.

    (heads to the door, accompanied by Paige)

    Paige: Thanks for your help.

    Danny: Well, it was kind of my fault, but no problem.

    Paige: Ok, then...

    Danny: Wait. I was wondering. If you're not doing anything tomorrow night, maybe we might be able to have dinner?

    Paige: Umm, ok.

    Danny: Ok, how about around 7?

    Paige: Ok.

    Danny: See you then.

    Paige: Ok. (Danny leaves and Paige closes the door with an ear-to-ear grin)
  19. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    (Phoebe enters)

    Phoebe: (smiles) Why are you so happy?

    Paige: Danny just asked me out.

    Phoebe: When?

    Paige: Tomorrow night.

    Phoebe: That's great.

    (Chris orbs in)

    Chris: The Elders say that the demon's name---

    Phoebe: Is Malae, yeah, we know. We've payed her a visit already, but she got away.

    Chris: Ok...

    (Piper enters and heads for the stairs)

    Piper: I'm gonna go to bed.

    Paige: But it's only 8.

    Piper: Well, the more sleep I get, the better.

    Phoebe: Ok, good night.

    Paige: Good night.

    Piper: Good night.

    Phoebe: Ok, now that everything's a bit calmer, we have to find out what's wrong with Piper.

    Paige: Not this again, she said that she's fine with Leo being an Elder.

    Phoebe: I've known her longer than you have, and she wouldn't be just "fine" with something like this. (Paige looks a bit offended) Oh, sweetie, I didn't mean it like that. I meant to say that Piper's just not that type of person.

    Chris: I think she's fine. Don't worry about it too much.

    Phoebe: Ok, were you not here when I just said that Piper isn't that type of person?

    Paige: Maybe Leo did some Whitelighter-comforting-speech to Piper and now she's better. You know as well as I do that he's reall good at those.

    Phoebe: Yeah, I guess you're right.

    Paige: And while we're on the subject of feeling bad, don't you also feel bad that you were kinda mean to Danny at first, then he saved you, but you didn't apologize or thank him?

    Phoebe: I didn't? Oh...then I'll tell him the next time I see him.

    Paige: Well, Piper had a good point, the more the sleep the better, so I'm gonna hit the sack too.

    Phoebe: Alright, I still have some work to do, so, see you in the morning.

    (Paige exits)

  20. the_alliance

    the_alliance Rocket Ranger

    Dec 2, 2002
    California, United States
    [Land of Elders aka "Up There"]

    (Chris orbs in to find the usual. Whitelighters and Elders walking around among the mist. He sneaks off to a side and enters a room that is deserted. In the room, he finds an enormous box that has engravings on it in a foreign language. He approaches the box)

    Chris: (starts up a light wind and voice echoes)kai adousin wdhn kainhn legonteV axioV ei labein to biblion kai anoixai taV sfragidaV autou oti esfajhV kai hgorasaV tw qew hmas en tw aimati sou ek pashV fulhV kai glwsshV kai laou kai eqnouV kai epoihsaV autous tw qew hmwn basileis kai iereiV kai basileusousin epi thV ghV legonteV fwnh megalh axion esti to arnion to esfajmenon labein thn dunamin kai plouton kai sofian kai iscun kai timhn kai doxan kai eulogian kai pan ktisma o estin en tw ouranw kai epi ths ghs kai upokatw thV ghV kai epi thV qalasshV esti kai ta en autoiV pantas hkousa legontaV tw kaqhmenw epi tou qronou kai tw arniw h eulogia kai h timh kai h doxa kai to kratoV eiV touV aiwnaV twn aiwnwn amhn

    (Suddenly, the ground or whatever he's standing on begins to shake violently and the box opened to reveal a scroll of something that looked thousands or millions of years old. Chris took it orbed out just as a Whitelighter entered)

    [Halliwell Manor]

    (doorbell rings)

    Paige: I got it.

    (opens door)

    Paige: Hi.

    Danny: Hi.

    Paige: You're on time, really on time.

    Danny: Yup. Shall we?

    Paige: We shall.

    (Piper enters)

    Piper: Have fun, and don't stay out too late.

    Paige: We won't. (Says as she closes door)

    (Chris orbs in)

    Chris: Piper, where's Phoebe and Paige?

    Piper: Well, Paige jsut left for her date with Danny and Phoebe is working late. She should be home within the hour though, why?

    Chris: The Elders want all Whitelighters to be on the lookout for a dangerous demon who stole something of theirs earlier today.

    Piper: A demon? How did it get up there?

    Chris: They don't know and that's part of the reason why the Elders think he's very dangerous.

    Piper: Ok, I'll call Phoebe to let her know.

    Chris: Should I get Paige.

    Piper: No, just let her have some fun tonight. We can tell her tomorrow morning.

    Chris: But---

    Piper: It's fine. The demon's not gonna go after...well, it's not going to try and...whatever, but just give her a while, she just left and I'd hate to have her come back for a witch thing.

    Chris: Fine, but I'm giving her 4 hours and that's it. If she's not home by then, then I'm going to her.

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