Check if your Nokia Mobile Phone is original

Anurag M

Oct 8, 2010
Nokia is the No.1 mobile manufacturer in the world. Highest no of Nokia mobile phones are being used today. And this popularity is making those ill minded people to make duplicate Nokia handsets. I know, you will say that you got your mobile phone from a reputed vendor or from their authorized dealer, but still I will ask this question, Is your Nokia mobile phone original?

Citizens of a country are identified from their voter cards. Likewise mobile phone’s originality can be identified from it’s IMEI no. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. There are no two phones in this world who bears the same IMEI no. It’s unique and different in each and every handset. Now if we want to check the originality of a Nokia handset, then we have to observe the IMEI no, which is a 15 digit code, very carefully. You can check your mobile handset’s IMEI no by pressing
*#06# on your handset. After getting your IMEI no, note down that no very carefully and lets start observing things.

Here what matters is the 7th and 8th digit in your IMEI no.

Your IMEI NO : X X X X X X ? ? X X X X X X X

Now if the 7th & 8th no are 02 or 20, this indicates that the phone was assembled in UAE which is very bad quality.
Now if the 7th & 8th no are 08 or 80, this indicates that the phone was assembled in Germany which is Fair quality.
Now if the 7th & 8th no are 01 or 10, this indicates that the phone was assembled in Finland which is quality wise very good.
If the 7th and 8th digits are 00, this means the phone was assembled in the original Nokia manufacturing factory and it’s having the best quality.
Now if your seventh and eighth digit are 13, then it shows that the phone was made in Azerbaijan, and it’s having the worst quality as well as can be a threat to your health.

If you get some bad results using the above trick, do not loose your heart. Just make it sure that you are going to check the IMEI no applying the above technique whenever you will buy Nokia mobile phones.
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