check out this great Corwdainer Smith quote


I've discovered the work of Cordwainer Smith over the past year or so. His style is unique and invention.
On his wikipedia page, click on featured fiction and some of the titles provide a link to a page that had a free anthology of his. he's worth checking out, way ahead of his time.
Below is a quote from the prologue to his anthology: Space Lords

“This is science fiction, yes. But it comes from your own time, from your own world, even from your own mind.
All I can do is work the symbols.
The magic and the beauty will come of our own past, your present, your hopes and your experience. This may look alien but it is really as close to you as your own fingers. Some people will like this very much. Many will not understand it, and push it aside. That is their loss, reader, not yours, not mine.
We two, we have this story between us.
Read a bit and see how it goes.”
- Cordwainer Smith
From the Prologue to Space Lords