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Im here again! i agree! i was thinking about restarting this thread but since i didnt start it before i opted not too!glad you did!
i thought it was amazing how many of us there were before the random thread closed down!
Thank-you so much S+V!!!! I wasn't sure if there was one already, so I didn't, but I'm excited to start talking about the wonders of Christ again!
I'm Mormon...Mormon's are christians...What's up guys! :smiley:...I've had doubts lately though so I don't know if I'll be in this thread very much :smiley:

This reminds me...I should restart the mormon thread...lol...thanx for the brain jolt
glad to have you here sark's girl!! its always nice to have a place to talk about your faith whenever! and to know there are ppl to talk to!
Howdy howdy howdy everyone!! Ooo... 2 more miracles that I have to share. Sunday night service was incredible. First, a man was healed- he couldn't lift his arm up very far, and while the pastor was praying over him, his arm went all the way up above his head! Then, 2 people came to Christ! Praise the Lord!! :D

Oh- and a prayer request. Tonight is the youth group meeting, and my friend is speaking. He's really nervous, so please pray that God will help him and give my friend words that will touch everyone there... Thanks!
I'm sure he will do wonderful, but I'll definitely pray for him.

And S+V.....you must have a wonderful church. So many miracles, God is definitely with you!
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