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Do You Like Christmas Horror Movies?

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An Old Friend
I've noticed I have collected a lot of Christmas movies based on horror.
Most are pretty bad but there are some good ones.

Now, I know most people like to watch feelgood movies during the Christmas holidays but for me, that gets pretty old pretty quick. Yes, I do have a large collection of feelgood Christmas films in my collection and I do include them in my playlists but I like the horror ones at night.

There are Christmas based horror movies, horror movies around Christmastime, Christmas legend horror movies, Christmas alternative horror movies and a wide range of other one-up Christmas movies with horror elements.

Here's your chance to list your favorite Christmas horror movie. Take a moment and tell us why you like it and the best parts (Spoiler limit 5 years - 2015 and after). I figure if a Christmas movie is over 5 years old and you haven't seen it yet, it didn't appeal to you in the first place. Anything in the last 5 years please use the spoiler box.

Oh, I did post a poll too.