Chuck - Season One

Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 101 - "Chuck Versus the Intersect"

"Chuck Versus the Intersect" is the pilot episode of the television series Chuck. It originally aired on September 24, 2007. The series follows the adventures of Chuck Bartowski, a computer geek, and member of a Geek Squad-type (Nerd Herd) retail computer tech, who has downloaded a top-secret government database into his brain.

The episode begins in semi-darkness and appears to have two characters carrying out a covert operation. When there is a knock on the door Morgan exclaims "We've been compromised, I'm a ghost" leaving Chuck to plead "No Morgan, don't do this, you can't leave me like this." When the lights turn on it is revealed that the apparent mission was escaping from Chuck's own birthday party, as he feels that he does not fit in, granted that Ellie invited all her friends, who are doctors. Ellie explains that she invited "real live women for (Chuck)" and makes him go down to his birthday party, telling Morgan to stay in Chuck's room.

Downstairs at the birthday, Devon points Chuck towards some "likely candidates and they are awesome". Through the idle-conversation Chuck explains that he works for the Nerd Herd of a Buy More, has no idea what he wants to do ("Working on a five-year plan just need to choose a font") and that he hasn't had a girlfriend (Jill) since he was kicked out of Stanford.

The girl asks about a "great guy" she knew at Stanford who was a gymnast and ran track, Chuck states that it was Bryce Larkin who was his roommate at Standford and that he thinks he is now an accountant.

The scene changes and a person falls from the ceiling of a room, a caption explains that this is "Bryce Larkin" and clarifies with the text "(not an accountant)". Bryce proceeds to move towards a computer in the room and connects it to his handheld computer, the screen prompt explains that this is the "Intersect Computer". As soon as Bryce begins the data transfer the alarms are triggered and people outside the room yell at Larkin to open the door. When the transfer is completed he affixes an explosive to the Intersect and begins running towards the door, the blast that destroys the Intersect propels Larkin through the door knocking down those on the other side. Bryce proceeds to fight his way out of the building, pausing momentarily to open the email feature on his handheld computer. He eventually makes it to the roof and climbs down to the ground, he's looking at his handheld moving away from the building when he is shot in the chest by John Casey. Bryce tells Casey that it is too late and the screen of his handheld shows that he has emailed "Chuck".

Back at the party Chuck is droning on about the past and the girl he was talking to leaves without him realizing. After the party is over Ellie explains that no woman wants to hear about an old girlfriend and that "Stanford was five years ago, you need to move on," to which Chuck replies "Fine, I'll get over Jill tomorrow."

Chuck goes back to his room and him and Morgan are playing Gears of War when Morgan notices Chuck had received an email from Bryce. When opened it repeats a line from the first encounter of Zork, Chuck explains to Morgan that him and Bryce Larkin programmed their own version of Zork back at Stanford, Morgan exclaims "Wow, you guys were really cool," and Chuck tells him to go home. After he is gone Chuck instructs his character to "attack troll with nasty knife." When he presses enter a series of images begin displaying. This continues all night until Chuck's alarm goes off the next morning at which point he collapses, having apparently watching it all. He wakes up to Morgan looking over him and ghost-images of what he had seen on the computer flashing in front of him. He asks Morgan what happened and accuses him of spiking the punch, which Morgan admits to doing.

Chuck is listening to the radio when the radio announcer says something, Chuck sees images flash in front of him. As he and Morgan are walking towards the Nerd Herder he asks Morgan to drive and tells him to "Do me a favour and stay off the 5 as the police are in a phased ... deployment" (not really realizing what he's saying).

At the Buy More Chuck explains to the Nerd Herd that there is a new computer virus in the wild, the Irene Demova Virus, named after a porn star, and that "Lonely guy call volume will be high." Morgan turns on the TV display wall and there is a news report of General Stanfield landing in LA. Chuck flashes on the General and learns that this was a lie, the General had been in LA since the night before, he says out loud "He's already here, he landed last night," when Anna asks him "Who's here, Chuckles?" Chuck responds "I ... don't know ..."

The scene changes to Graham, a woman implied to be Beckman (the actress changes in the second episode of the series), and Casey standing in the remains of the old Intersect room. Beckman explains to Casey that the computer "did everything." After 9/11 the NSA and the CIA were told to play nice, share their information and the Intersect was how they did it. Graham goes on to clarify that "every scrap of information" they had went into the computer. Beckman tells Graham that Casey is leading the investigation about the incident and Casey explains that he got Larkin's handheld and although the hard drive was damaged beyond repair they were able to trace the email to Los Angeles ("Which is perfect, I'm feeling a little pasty.")

Back at the Buy More, Chuck is on the phone when Sarah walks in, when he sees Sarah he drops the phone. She hands him her cellphone telling him that its broken, and Chuck explains that the model of phone has a screw that pops loose and promptly fixes it. Before Sarah and Chuck can begin talking a man comes in with his daughter, a ballerina. He explains that he videoed the whole dance recital but it won't play back. To his dismay Chuck explains to him that he didn't have any tape in the camera. Chuck then connects the TV display wall to a video camera and has the girl perform the dance, thus showing Sarah what a nice guy he is.

While walking back towards the counter where Sarah is Harry Tang blocks the way (and obscures the vision of Sarah) and explains to Chuck that there is an open assistant-manager position. When Harry goes away Sarah is gone, but left a card with her number on it.

Chuck and Morgan are walking towards Chuck's house and Morgan asks "Why would you not call this girl?!" Chuck responds "Did you see her?" To which Morgan replies "Yes, which begs the question; WHY would you not call this girl?" Chuck then asks Morgan why he is following him home and Morgan explains that his computer got the Irene Demova virus. They open Chuck's door to find a ninja stealing Chuck's computer. A fight scene ensues in which Morgan and Chuck are thrown against the wall, however the shelf the ninja set the computer on breaks and the computer smashes. The ninja runs out to a car and while driving away pulls off a mask which reveals that it was Sarah.

Chuck goes to Large Mart (Buy More's competitor) to buy new locks. While looking for a person to show him where the locks are he flashes on a man in the store, the flash shows bombs and buildings exploding, identifying him as a Serbian demolitions expert. Chuck promptly freaks out and tries to escape what he believes to be imminent death at recognizing the man.

Sarah tells Graham that the computer was destroyed, to which Graham tells her that is over and the NSA is stepping in. Sarah asks for more time to see if Chuck had an external drive.

She returns to the Buy More, where Chuck is muttering to himself at the Nerd Herd desk that he's losing his mind, and tells Chuck that she thinks her phone is still broken as she never received a call from him. She tells him she just moved into the area and wants someone to show her around, Morgan tells her the Chuck's schedule is wide open and they arrange to meet. As Sarah walks out of the Buy More, Casey, sitting in a SUV, spots her.

Chuck and Morgan return home to tell Ellie the good news. The latter is very excited that Chuck has a date and gets him prepared. Meanwhile, in Sarah's apartment, she straps on knives and a kevlar vest. As she is on the phone with Graham, explaining her belief that Chuck is a good guy. Graham shoots back that "good guys" don't carry government secrets. As Chuck knocks on the door, Sarah is instructed to kill him if he attempts to run.

Chuck and Sarah go to a Mexican restaurant. Sarah tells him she moved from Washington after coming out of a long relationship with a guy named Bruce ("You give me felgercarb about being a Chuck and you dated a Bruce?") and Chuck tells her that he had a girlfriend in Standford but that's all over now and her restraining orders are very specific. They then go to a club to see the band Foreign Born play.

Outside Casey and his men pull up. Sarah sees them as they enter the club and she gets Chuck to dance as a distraction. While dancing she attacks the approaching NSA agents with knives hidden around her ankles and the chopsticks she used in her hair. When she sees Casey she drags Chuck out of the building and breaks into the Herder. Sarah reverses blind and tells Chuck to tell her when to turn. He says "Left in five seconds," which leaves Sarah to ask "My left or your left?" Chuck had no idea how to answer as they were both the same (Chuck was sitting the same way as Sarah but Sarah probably meant which left based on that he had to turn around to look). She guesses and turns down a set of steps, prompting a group of stoned teenagers to say "Woh computer emergence" . Chuck asks her what's going on and she explains that they're from the NSA and they're after him, which leaves Chuck even more confused. Casey crashes into the side of the Herder, but while he's backing up Sarah and Chuck make a run for it, only Chuck trips over a part of the door that fell off the Herder. Casey drives straight towards Sarah who throws a knife at a switch to put a set of barriers up. Kneeling to protect herself, Casey's SUV crashes into the barrier and Sarah and Chuck run onto the roof of a building.

On the roof Sarah explains to Chuck that Bryce was a spy and wants to know if he had contacted Chuck. Chuck tells her about the email. Sarah then quickly asks if he backed it up on an external drive. Chuck answers that it crashed a week ago and asks if he wasn't suppose to look at those pictures. She then tells him that she may need to point her gun at him ("I may have to aim my gun at you so just... don't freak out.") At this point Casey walks onto the roof and tells Sarah that Chuck belongs to the NSA. Sarah points her gun at Chuck and tells Casey the CIA gets him first and that if Casey goes any closer she will shoot Chuck. Casey points his gun at Sarah and tells her that if she shoots Chuck he will shoot her, leave both their bodies there and go and get a late night snack ("I'm thinking maybe pancakes.") Chuck runs towards the end of the roof and when he sees the hotel that General Stanfield is giving his speech in, he flashes. Turning around he tells Casey and Sarah that "Something is wrong with me, okay? I don't know what it is but something is very, very wrong with me, and I'm remembering things I shouldn't know." Sarah tells asks him for details, he explains that there was a Serbian demolitions expert at the Large Mart, that the NSA intercepted blueprints of a hotel (the hotel he was looking at) and that the CIA intercepted schematics for a bomb in Prague and that the bomb is in the hotel. Casey points his gun at Chuck convinced that since he knows this he was working with Bryce. Sarah explains that he opened Bryce's email and therefore Chuck is now the Intersect ("Chuck, the pictures that you saw were encoded with secrets, government secrets. If you saw them, then you know them." "...There were thousands of them." "Wait a minute, you're telling me all of our secrets are in his head?" "Chuck is the computer.")

The three of them run into the hotel to find the bomb. They find it but with only thirty seconds to defuse it and no time to evacuate. The bomb is wired with traps to explode if the wires are cut. At this point Chuck's phone goes off and Morgan asks him what's going on (Morgan thinks Chuck is on a date with Sarah), Chuck tells him that he's busy and asks why he's calling him, Morgan explains that he's got nothing to do as his computer has a case of the Demovas. An idea dawns on Chuck and he tells Casey and Sarah that he may be able to stop the bomb. Casey tells him "that's not an X-Box and you're not an X-Man." Chuck tells Casey he knows this but they sell the model of laptop at the Buy More and he can override it. Sarah tells Casey that Chuck is their best shot. Chuck overrides the computer to access the internet and searches for "IRENE DEMOVA", at which point Casey exclaims "He's searching for porn." Chuck tells him to be quiet and opens Demova's website, the virus infects the computer and stops the bomb.

After this event Sarah and Casey are arguing over what's going to happen to Chuck. Casey wants him to come to Washington, Sarah is convinced he could be of use to them in the field. Chuck tells him that they need him and that he's going home. The next morning Chuck is sitting on the beach and Sarah walks down, revealing that he had been there all night and she had been watching him. She tells him there's no where he can run and that he shouldn't tell his family or friends anything, to keep them safe but that he will be working for the CIA and NSA. She also tells him to trust her.

The next day at the Buy More Big Mike tells Chuck to train the new guy, the new guy turns out to be Casey and Sarah comes in posing as a customer. Chuck looks at a ring she's wearing and flashes on it. It reveals a video of her fighting a group of people off single-handedly before shooting out the video camera. The episode ends with the static from the disabled video camera and Chuck whispering "Don't freak out."
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 102 - "Chuck Versus the Helicopter"
"Chuck Versus the Helicopter" was the second episode of the TV series Chuck. It aired on October 1, 2007. Chuck is meeting with a government specialist connected with developing the Intersect to determine if the secrets can be removed from Chuck's head, but suddenly finds himself unsure which of his handlers to trust.

The episode begins with a voiceover from Chuck, recapping on what happened in "Chuck vs the Intersect'". He explains that he works at Buy More, had an entire database of Government secrets downloaded into his brain and that Casey and Sarah are working undercover to protect him. After the voiceover Chuck enters the Wienerlicious where Sarah is working and asks her if there is a plan, she tells him there is and asks him if he wants to go on another date to discuss it. He agrees and leaves. Sarah then contacts someone on her cellphone and tells them "Chuck is in, send the doctor."

In the next scene Chuck is at home and asks Ellie what shirt he should wear. Ellie is excited that Chuck is going another date however Chuck asserts that it is not such a big deal, Morgan refutes this claiming that Sarah is hot. Ellie is then upset that Morgan has met Sarah and she hasn't and tells Chuck to invite her round for dinner.

The scene changes to inside the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI) building where Beckman solemnly declares that their most valuable secrets have been sent to an idiot (while watching a tape of Chuck waving a red blanket while Morgan charges at it like a bull), Graham rebuts this happy they weren't sent to Morgan but still expresses cynicism about Operation Chuck. Graham and Beckman then discuss the plan, with Beckman claiming that Dr. Jonah Zarnow is the NSAs best scientist and is on his way to LA.

Sarah picks up Chuck and takes him to Buy More, where he is taken to the home theatre room and told that a series of pictures will be displayed on the screen and he has to say what they are. At first they are normal images however when an encoded image is displayed Chuck recites secrets from the Intersect database. Zarnow tells Sarah and Casey that he can extract the secrets.

While Zarnow is driving his car away from the Buy More a cellphone in the backseat goes off and the car subsequently explodes.

The next day Ellie shows Chuck a newspaper with a story in it that "bank executive" Bryce Larkin had been in killed in a bank robbery (a cover for how he was really killed).

The scene then changes the site of Zarnow's car wreckage with Sarah and Casey investigating the scene. Sarah finds the remains of the cellphone and pockets it, telling Casey that there is nothing there. Once Sarah leaves Casey phones Beckman and tells her that it looks like a CIA job to him and Beckman tells Casey to keep an eye on Sarah.

Back at the Buy More Casey tells Chuck that he can't trust Sarah and not to have any private meetings with her. Chuck then receives an email from Sarah wanting to see him, while Casey is distracted Chuck sneaks across to the Wienerlicious and Sarah tells him not to have any private meetings with Casey and also tells him that Zarnow was killed. She shows him the remains of the phone and Chuck flashes, revealing it to be an NSA Incinerator (designed to eliminate all biological traces). Sarah convinces Chuck it was Casey who killed the doctor because he works for the NSA. When Chuck returns to the Buy More Casey asks him what Sarah told him (explaining that he knows they talked as its what he does for a living), when Chuck stays silent Casey goes and confronts Sarah, his logic is that the only two people who knew the doctor was coming where right there and since he didn't kill him he tries to arrest Sarah. A fight ensues resulting in Casey fleeing when a group of teenagers enter the store.

Back at Buy More Chuck gets an off site callout to fix a computer, he then finds the callout was made by Casey and that Casey is trying to kill him. A car chase follows which ends when Casey slams the Herder. When they both get out of their vehicles Chuck sees Casey's wounds that were inflicted by Sarah, Casey claims she tried to kill him however Chuck doesn't believe him as the bomb was an NSA incinerator, Casey then explains that they are easily purchased on the black market and convinces Chuck that Sarah is rogue by telling him that she worked Bryce who was rogue. Chuck and Casey get into Casey's vehicle when a cellphone (which is an NSA incinerator) goes off in the backseat, they run away and the car explodes which further convinces Chuck that Sarah is rogue. Chuck becomes worried because Sarah was having dinner with them however Casey decided to send Chuck to Washington, while Casey is calling in the decision Chuck escapes in the Herder (leaving Casey stranded).

Chuck arrives home and they begin dinner when Casey arrives and joins them. Chuck goes to get a chair for Casey who follows him and tells him that the NSA ran a check on Sarah, they found that she had posed as a French diplomat, infiltrated the inner circle of a golden arms deal and killed the entire circle. When Casey says her codename, Elana Truffaut, Chuck flashes and sees that she killed them with poison - which was a problem as Sarah had made the dessert.

Chuck stops everyone from eating the dessert by saying a toast, however when that only delays it he offers to perform a magic trick; ie. pulling the tablecloth off the table. To his dismay the trick works and the dessert isn't pulled off the table, however a candle is rocking slightly. Casey knocks the candle over by bumping the table with his knee and the candle sets the dessert on fire. Chuck then puts the dessert in the bath and puts it out by running water over it. Sarah asks to speak to Chuck alone and asks him what Casey and told him. Chuck tells her that Casey told him she killed Zarnow and murdered French diplomats. Sarah explains they were French assassins and then tells Chuck "I never asked you to believe me, I asked you to trust me". Sarah then comes to a realisation that if Casey didn't kill Zarnow then ... she runs off and leaves. Chuck and Casey follow. Sarah screams for help and they run out the gate to see Zarnow putting Sarah in a car. Zarnow shoots Casey with a tranquilliser and gets away in his car.

Casey has Chuck pull out the dart and then they begin to follow the signal put out by microbots that Casey put in his quiches. They follow the signal to Buy More only to discover the Morgan ate the quiches. They eventually deduct that Zarnow would take Sarah to an airfield near the water and set out towards the Port of Los Angeles.

They arrive and Casey tells Chuck to stay in the car. When Chuck sees Zarnow leave a building, Chuck gets out of the car and goes in the door Zarnow came out of, he finds Sarah chained up and gagged. he gives her something to pick the lock on the chains but is discovered by Zarnow and inadvertently reveals that he is the Intersect by stating that Zarnow had been feeding American science to North Korea for years. Zarnow then reveals his intention to sell the "human intersect" to an overseas Government and shoots Chuck with a tranq. Zarnow puts Chuck into a helicopter and takes off while Sarah manages pick the lock open. Sarah and Casey meet on the dock and Sarah tells Casey they have Chuck.

In the helicopter it is revealed that Chuck was bluffing, the tranq had hit his Buy More pen-protector. Chuck picks up the tranq gun and accidentally shoots the pilot, Zarnow and Chuck fight and Zarnow is knocked unconscious, leaving Chuck to fly the helicopter. Casey and Sarah manage to talk him through landing it and are incredibly angry that he put himself in danger.

In the next scene Chuck is preparing to go to Bryce's funeral. At the funeral he sees Sarah who ignores him. Casey is hiding behind a tree and talking to Beckman who is very angry that Chuck flew a helicopter. She also tells him that the new intersect will be functional in six months and then Casey is to do "what he does best".

In the final scene Chuck apologises to Sarah and she forgives him. The episode ends with Morgan, Devon and Ellie entering the Wienerlicious to "give the dinner another shot."
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 103 - "Chuck Versus the Tango"
"Chuck Versus the Tango" is the third episode of the TV series Chuck, airing on October 8, 2007. Chuck faces the prospect of his first mission, while Morgan motivates the Nerd Herd to help him out against Harry Tang.

At the beginning of this episode arms dealers are shipping a painting described as piece of felgercarb to Los Angeles and are killed in the process by an unidentified agent. Sarah and Casey are then briefed on the most dangerous arms dealer in the world; La Ciudad and how they are supposed to find out what he's doing in Los Angeles namely an art convention. Later Casey informs Chuck of his first mission and says he needs to learn how to Tango. At the art convention Chuck sends Sarah and Casey to intercept what Chuck thinks is La Ciudad but is really M16. Chuck then accidentally Tangos with La Ciudad and starts a firefight. La Ciudad escapes and pursues Chuck to the Buy More and is defeated by Sarah at the Wienerlicious.

The episode opens in Tehran, Iran; where a man is selling another man a painting. The buyer pulls out a pistol, shoots the seller and walks off with the painting.
Two weeks later, in Barajas Airport, Madrid, the killer from the last scene is showing the same painting to another man; who shoots him and drives off with the painting.

At the Miller Art Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, the painting is unveiled. The buyer presents the seller with a briefcase full of money, but shoots him also.

One month later in Northeast Los Angeles, Chuck, at the Buy More, fixes a handgun-shaped game controller for a kid testing a game in the store. He is approached by Harry Tang who tells him that Big Mike wants to see him in his office. Chuck apologizes to the child; but Big Mike approaches and surprises him. Before leaving, he asks the kid to pause the game while he is gone.

Walking in to Big Mike's office, he is asked what his career objectives are. Big Mike reveals that there is an opening for assistant manager at the Buy More, and the two remaining candidates are Chuck and Tang. Big Mike tells him that if he wants the job, he has to prove himself.

Walking into the backroom, Chuck tells his team that they have to fix all the junk in the storage cage within two days, or Tang will get the position of Assistant Manager.

As they discuss the situation, Morgan enters. He tells the Nerd Herders that he wishes that he could help, but he lacks the skills and reveals that "old computers give [him] the willies". He also brings news: Sarah is looking for him in the front.

Sarah asks Chuck for a kiss, but he seems nervous, so she offers to take him someplace more private. As they enter the Home Theater Room, Casey follows; prompting Morgan to intervene. However, Casey grabs him by the face and throws him out of the way.

In the Home Theater Room, Sarah begins a briefing by putting some pictures of the dead con-men from the beginning of the episode on the table. Chuck believes that they are sleeping until told otherwise, which he finds rather creepy and doesn't flash on any of them. Suddenly, the door opens. Jeff, surprised to see everyone, decides to come back for his nap; but Chuck notices a newspaper under his arm, and flashes on the painting and the headline "Art Auction". The intersect shows him the painting, some weapons, an art auction the following night, and the name La Ciudad (who will be at the art auction).

Later, at the Bartowski residence, Ellie congratulates Chuck for being selected as a candidate for the assistant manager's position. Chuck brushes it off, saying that he will only get $2/hour more than he makes now; and he hasn't got the job yet. Ellie asks him if his lack of interest means that he is thinking of getting a "real profession" (to which Morgan takes great offence). Chuck does not get a chance to respond, as Morgan and Ellie begin to argue.

Meanwhile, at Agent Casey's house, Sarah and Casey are being briefed by General Beckman and Director Graham. They are briefed that La Ciudad is one of the most dangerous and elusive arms dealers in the world, and nobody has ever seen him or has lived to tell the tale. Casey suggests to take him down at the auction by bringing the Intersect (Chuck). Sarah does not believe this to be wise, as he has not had any training or experience in the field.

Morgan and Ellie are still arguing about Chuck's future; but Chuck has stopped listening. Morgan believes that Chuck is a "fragile gelding" and that the real world will crush him. Ellie thinks that Chuck has had many years to "find himself" and have proven that his future isn't at the Buy More; Chuck ignores them entirely, eating cupcakes and reading PC Gamer.

Sarah and Casey argue over the dangers of bringing Chuck out into the field, until General Beckman orders them to bring him, as she wants to see what he is capable of.

At the Bartowski house, Captain Awesome believes that he needs a test; suggesting that "class 5 white-water rapids" will give him a brush with his own mortality and the near-death experience will challenge him. Chuck, suddenly realizing what's going on, decides to leave, citing that his wet-suit is still at the dry-cleaners. When asked his opinion, Chuck says that he will instead hit the sack; but thanks Team Bartowski for their concern.

As Chuck turns on the light in his room, he jumps when he notices Casey at the window. Casey congratulates Chuck because he's going to go on his first mission.

Next morning, Chuck tries talking with Casey about his requirement for the mission. Casey assures him that everything will be fine, assuming that he knows how to tango. Morgan then approaches Chuck, informing him that Sarah is in the store. However, Chuck is concerned with the hard drives he has to fix though the other Nerd Herders assure him that they're nearly done. Satisfied, the two friends then walk towards Sarah, while Chuck explains to Morgan that he's going to the art auction.

At the Wienerlicious, Sarah tells Chuck that he needs a cover that's simple and doesn't give out personal info. Chuck chooses Charles Carmichael, a "millionaire semiretired software magnate" he envisioned himself become after Stanford, had not Bryce Larkin claimed that he stole test answers. He also remarks Bryce sent him a database full of government secrets that keep him in "a state of fear, danger and anxiety."

When Chuck returns home, he asks Ellie is she knows how to tango. Though she doesn't know, Devon does. During the resulting montage where Chuck learns the tango and getting dressed, Sarah and Casey are in the meantime, arming up.

Back at the Buy More, Tang rolls up several more hard drives for the Nerd Herd to fix. When the absence of Chuck is noticed, Tang sarcastically comments that he's some leader.

The team arrives at the art auction which is being hold at The Wiltshire Strand hotel. Sarah gives Chuck a watch containing a GPS system so that he can't get lost. Casey, acting as the driver, informs Chuck about the fact that La Ciudad has never let anyone live to see him, making him panic. Casey gave him the same reassurance from earlier, as which Chuck replies that he knows how to tango. But it turns out, Casey was just being sarcastic about being able to tango.

The Nerd Herders attempt to leave, having their own business too do. Morgan attempts to convince them to return to work but they don't listen. However, reminding that Tang may get the assistant manager's job compels them to return to their task.

Back at the Wiltshire Strand, five seconds in, Chuck gets soy sauce spilled on his shirt. As Chuck tries cleaning it off in the restroom, identifies an attendee of the auction as La Ciudad. Sarah has Chuck remain at the bar, where Casey is a bartender, while she socializes with La Ciudad. Coincidentally, one of Chuck's old college buddies, Allan Watterman is at the auction, who recognizes him. They socialize a bit in which Chuck becomes sketchy on the details of his life. Allan offers to help him get a better job, presenting his card. Chuck then flashes on the card, learning about Allan's involvement with several illegal activities, and to mutters them outloud. Allan presumes that he's with the SEC and withdraws himself.

Meanwhile, Morgan tries motivating the Nerd Herders into working faster, only to lock himself inside the storage cage. Because the lock is broken and that Chuck and Tang have the only keys, the Nerd Herders abandon him to goof off before leaving.

Back at the auction, Sarah is led away at gunpoint by La Ciudad. Casey follows, ordering Chuck to stay where he is. He confronts her captors on the roof, where they reveal they are actually MI6. They intercepted the painting and discovered that it contained plutonium. Rather than publicly announce it, they instead removed the frame, and used to painting in an attempt to flush out La Ciudad.

Meanwhile, Chuck encounters a woman named [[Malena Bernal| (Lorena Bernal) by the painting, which Chuck notices has been re framed. They dance the tango, but Chuck only knows the women's part. Chuck sees a scar on her neck, and he realizes that Marlena is La Ciudad. At the same time, Morgan calls the hotel, having an attendant trying to locate Chuck. He recognizes Chuck, calling him by his full name. Chuck, who was trying to press into Marlena's line of work, denies it and tries walking away but runs into one of Marlena's henchman and taken prisoner. In La Ciudad's room, she tries interrogating him, in which he tries insisting on his Carmichael identity, only to blurt out his real name when a knife is thrown close to his groin. Ciudad then tries prodding Chuck into telling her whom he works for. When he denies, her henchmen pick up the chair he strapped to, threatening to throw him off the balcony. He then confesses about the painting being a fake. He also manages to convince her he's just a computer repairman, but she still resolves to kill him since he can identify her. Casey and Sarah, who have managed to locate Chuck, intervene, and force her to flee. She and her henchman rappel a floor down, where Allan is calling his company to explain his fear about the SCC's findings. Marlena's henchman tells her that they have to get her out of the country. However, La Ciudad says that they must first take out Chuck, having snatched his Buy More card.

Chuck returns home to find Ellie sleeping on the couch. She wakes up, trying to prod him about questions about his date. Chuck can only say that he thinks that Sarah is too exhausting for him. Depressed that Chuck wouldn't open up to him, she informs him that Morgan has called 75 times. Chuck rushes to the Buy More, where he frees Morgan, before finishing with the hard drives, which took until next morning. Big Mike is impressed and coaches Chuck on the points of being assistant manager.

As Morgan tells him coworkers about his "near-death experience", Casey approaches Chuck to congratulate him for last night. Now, the world know who La Ciudad is and they have friends waiting for her in Central America. Chuck later spots La Ciudad's henchmen entering the store, looking for him. He hides behind a counter, at which Tang finds him, belittling him and boasting that he will be assistant manager. The henchman then approaches Tang, asking for Chuck, as which Tang looks behind the counter, only to find Chuck gone.

Outside, Sarah passes by La Ciudad, disguised as a delivery girl, and notices her scar. Hiding behind a van, she contacts Casey, informing him of La Ciudad's presence, before following her and defeating her before she could get into sniper position atop the Weirnerlicious to assassinate Chuck if he walks out of the Buy More.

Back inside the Buy More, Chuck uses the store intercom to direct the henchmen to the storage cage. Casey attempts to mislead one of them, before combating an knocking him out in home appliances. Chuck attempts to trap the other goon inside the storage cage, thinking that the lock is still broken, only to find out that it has been fixed. Luckily, Casey chucks a microwave at the bad guy, knocking him out before he could shoot Chuck. Chuck then goes out to take the intercom microphone away from Morgan, who informs him about the lock being fixed.

Later that night, Chuck returns him to apologize to Ellie and tells her that he doesn't feel that Sarah is in to him. However, Ellie concurs, having seen the way Sarah looks at him. She gets Chuck to confess that he is interested in Sarah, before assuring him that she won't press him into all the details of his relationship. Chuck then opens the door to find Morgan and Sarah, whom he invites in. Cutting to them walking out the door, Sarah complements Chuck on the success of his first mission. Chuck, however, doesn't think of him as much of a spy. She reminds him that he did survive under threat of death by torture and apprehended the most illusive arms dealers in the world. Chuck states that though he may be a hero today, he'll be a nobody tomorrow, with no one knowing about his success. Sarah says that both of them knowing is good enough, before walking off. Morgan walks up to Chuck, warning him how creepy it is how Casey is staring at them from his house.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 104 - "Chuck Versus the Wookiee"

"Chuck Versus the Wookiee" is the fourth episode of the television series Chuck. It originally aired on October 15, 2007. Chuck and the team are ordered by Graham and Beckman to recover a stolen diamond to assist Sarah's old DEA friend, whose tendencies towards improvisiation tend to get her and those she works with into trouble.

After a gathering with Chuck, his family and Morgan, for pizza Sarah returns to her apartment where she is assaulted by a masked intruder. Following a short and inconclusive fight, her opponent unmasks herself to reveal it is her old friend with the DEA, who is there under the code-name "Carina" (played by Mini Anden) and has come to request Sarah's help in recovering a stolen diamond for the DEA.

The following morning Chuck sees and flashes on Carina on his way out of his apartment while she's loitering outside by the fountain. He joins Casey and Sarah in a briefing with their superiors, and they are ordered to assist Carina with the recovery of the diamond from Peyman Alahi, who they believe intends to use it to finance drug smuggling operations. Sarah introduces Carina to her "team," though Casey and Carina are already acquainted. Carina is immediately curious about Chuck but Sarah deflects her interest. Before they can leave Morgan sees and is smitten by Carina.

Later, Carina approaches Chuck at the Buy More to question him further, but he evades her when Sarah arrives. Sarah confronts Carina, and while Chuck watches with Jeff and Lester, Morgan pesters Chuck to be fixed up. Chuck relents and asks Sarah to fix Morgan up while prompting her to refuse, but Sarah agrees anyway. The four spend the evening at Chuck's house, where Chuck lets slip that he knows about Carina's past missions. He receives a late-night support request while working on-call for the Nerd Herd and arrives at the location to discover that Carina faked the call to get him away from Sarah. She reveals that only someone with very high security clearance could have seen her file, and when Chuck attempts to deflect her questioning Carina attempts to seduce him. She also reveals that Sarah and Bryce were together before he went Rogue. Chuck Wookie 2.jpg

The next day Chuck, Sarah and Carina infiltrate Alahi's compound for reconnaissance, using Chuck's flashes to map out his security systems which includes SVB-54 Security Cameras. They sneak into the vault where the diamond is kept, where Alahi confronts them. Sarah and Carina take advantage of his infatuation to learn about the security around the diamond. While Sarah distracts him Carina and Chuck take a closer look, and Chuck flashes on a high-voltage security system. Carina improvises and uses a fire extinguisher to safely remove the diamond, and escapes to the beach. Carina plays on Chuck's trusting nature to make off with the diamond and leave them on the beach, though Chuck and Sarah are rescued by Casey.

Casey is sent to recover the diamond from Carina, but she plants it on Morgan, who came to her hotel to see her. She is cornered by Casey, but easily seduces him. Sarah arrives to find him in his underwear, handcuffed to the bed and gagged. While playing video games with Morgan, Chuck stumbles across the diamond when he goes to grab a game out of Morgan's backpack. He flashes on the gem and realizes it's not a drug diamond, but is being used to fund terrorists. He calls Sarah with the revelation, but she and Casey have been captured by Alahi, who demands its return. Carina breaks in and tries to steal it back, but Chuck plays on her conscience to help him rescue Sarah. Carina and Chuck confront Alahi to arrange the exchange in the lobby, while Casey escapes confinement upstairs. A fight breaks out, and while Sarah and Carina take on Alahi and his men Chuck flees with the diamond and locks himself in the mail room. He quickly addresses a package and, when one of Alahi's henchmen breaks in, threatens to drop it in the mail slot as he doesn't know where it will be going. Casey arrives and disables the goon, and Chuck accidentally drops the diamond.

Beckman and Graham congratulate Team Bartowski and Carina on stopping Alahi. As the briefing ends a package is delivered to Graham, containing the diamond. The team and Carina say their farewells, but not before Carina tries to come on to Chuck one last time. When he asks her why, she leaves him saying that she always goes after what Sarah wants. Chuck tries to deflect the comment but Carina tells him not even Sarah knows it yet. Chuck later brings pizza to Sarah's apartment to discuss his trust issues with Carina. Sarah smiles to see Chuck noticed she doesn't like olives (she picked them off her pizza during the opening scene with Chuck's family, and the double-date with Morgan and Carina). Chuck says that the fact she doesn't like olives is the only thing he knows about her that is real. He asks her if she can at least tell him something real about herself. such as her real name or where she grew up at, or even her middle name. With each one Chuck asks of her, Sarah remains silent. Giving up, Chuck says he's going to get napkins. As he walks away, Sarah whispers "It's Lisa. My middle name is Lisa."
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 105 - "Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp"

"Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp" is the fifth episode of the first season of Chuck, airing on October 22, 2007. Chuck must help a rogue Chinese agent rescue her brother from elements of the Chinese Triad, while Morgan faces a sales competition at the Buy More.

The episode begins with Morgan looking through a Chinese restaurant, called Bamboo Dragon, menu and asking Chuck if he told Sarah, who is entering the Buy More, about an "evening with Morgan." Chuck reassures him he did and Morgan leaves. However, as soon as Sarah asks, Chuck explains that he has not seen Ellie or Morgan much at all and wanted to have a dinner with the family and Sarah.

Meanwhile, in Chinatown at a Chinese Consulate, a diplomat by the name of Lee Cho answers his phone and tells his older sister that he is fine. However, as he signals his driver to open his door, a Bamboo Dragon truck driven by local Triads shoot his driver and kidnap Lee as his sister is yelling on the phone, asking if he is okay.

That night, Chuck, Sarah, and Morgan go to the Bamboo Dragon to pick up dinner through the backdoor. While in the kitchen, Chuck flashes on the tattoo of a waitress and identifies her as Mei-Ling Cho, a top Chinese spy. He tells Sarah and Casey back at home and is forced to spend the entire night trying to flash on documents given to him by Casey to figure out what Mei-Ling is doing in the United States.

The next morning, Chuck is confronted by Ellie about standing her and Morgan up last night. Chuck excuses himself by saying Sarah had a spastic colon and he had to take her home. Ellie reminds him that their version of Mother's Day is tomorrow and Chuck promises he won't forget. At the Buy More, Chuck informs Casey that he didn't flash on the documents Casey gave him and Casey informs him they will be going on a stake-out that night. Big Mike interrupts them and tells Casey all the green shirts to report to his office. Big Mike informs all the green shirts that sales are down and he is having a sales competition with an iPhone as 1st prize, a large pizza as a 2nd prize, and the loser of the competition is fired. Thus, Morgan tries to actually sell with abysmal results. He asks Chuck for help and Chuck promises to see him tonight.

Later that night, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey tail Mei-Ling, who is tailing Ben Lo Pan, a local business owner who supposedly owns half of Chinatown. They follow them to the Bamboo Dragon and Chuck flashes on Mei-Ling's pistols and assumes she is there to kill Ben Lo Pan. Sarah and Casey go in to catch her while Chuck stays in the car.

Meanwhile, Morgan goes to Chuck's house and sits down despite Ellie saying Chuck isn't home (apparently a common occurrence). He informs an uncaring Ellie about his dilemma and leaves.

Back at the stakeout, Chuck fools around in the car while Sarah and Casey engage in a fire fight with Ben Lo Pan's men and Mei-Ling. Ben Lo Pan escapes the restaurant and Chuck comes out of the car to help him in his limo and escape the firefight. However, he is shocked to see Ben Lo Pan order his thugs to put a tied up Lee in the trunk. Mei-Ling fires at the limo but they escape. Mei-Ling angrily confronts Chuck and tells him Ben Lo Pan is a Triad leader and he is holding her brother, Lee, hostage. She wasn't trying to kill Lo Pan like Chuck insisted but rather stage a rescue. She flees as Sarah and Casey approach and Chuck explains the situation.

The next day, Casey and Sarah inform Chuck that Lee is a low level bureaucrat from Beijing and was kidnapped by Lo Pan's men to force the release of a Triad captain through a ransom. The Chinese government refused so Mei-Ling staged an unauthorized rescue operation. They also inform him that they must stay out of it despite his objections to avoid an international incident. Chuck claims responsibility for it but Sarah says that they can't save everyone.

Morgan is dead last in the sale and tries to employ the help of Jeff and Lester, who leave him. Chuck is contacted through the phone at work by Mei-Ling who tells him the Triads put a clock on Lee's life and demands for Chuck's assistance in helping her. Chuck takes Casey to the Wienerlicious, where he asks Sarah and Casey if they can convince Mei-Ling to defect. Casey states that if Chuck gets her to defect, he'll rescue her brother personally. Sarah gets suspicious and asks why Chuck is asking all these questions. Chuck informs them she contacted him and the two handlers search the Buymore but to no avail. Chuck tries to finally help Morgan but he brushes him off. He then goes to the storage cage to sign for an apparent early delivery. However, it is a setup by Mei-Ling and she holds him hostage. Chuck brokers a deal that if Mei-Ling defects, Sarah and Casey will help rescue her brother. With her government refusing to help, she has no other options.

The spies plan out a rescue in Ben Lo Pan's mansion while Chuck starts to get ready for Mother's Day with Ellie. However, the spies need Chuck's help and he excuses himself to Casey's. He is forced to help with the rescue since he is the only one familiar with the cameras. Mei-Ling,Sarah, and Casey infiltrate the mansion with Chuck navigating inside the truck.

Meanwhile at the Buy More, Morgan becomes so desperate for the sales competition that he goes to Lester and Jeff for help. He genuinely helps a customer by telling her Large Mart has a cheaper sale of a product than the one at Buy More. Moved by his kindness, she starts to give him her number but Lester and Jeff's interference ruin it and she takes it back.

The spies finally confront Ben Lo Pan but are dismayed to find out that the whole rescue operation is a setup. Ben Lo Pan is just refused on his last offer to the Chinese government on Lee's life but thinks he might have a shot with two American assets. Casey tries to warn Chuck to leave and go home but Chuck instead trails them back to the Bamboo Dragon. After seeing where the spies and Lee are being held, Chuck sets off a distraction by setting off fireworks in the van. As the guards go to the commotion, Chuck releases everyone and hides with Lee while the spies deal with the Triads. As Ben Lo Pan tries to escape once again, Chuck stops him this time.

Meanwhile, Ellie and Morgan bond over a moment at the apartment missing Chuck. Ellie says that while she is happy Chuck is with Sarah, she is disappointed that she never gets to see him. Morgan reminds her that Chuck went through some rough times getting kicked out of Stanford and getting dumped by Jill. The two finally start to come to an understanding. When Chuck gets home, he convinces Ellie to change Mother's Day to the next day.

The next day, Morgan is about give in his letter of resignation when he is surprised to see Ellie buying a huge load of merchandise, giving him the credit and getting him in 2nd place. However, he is shocked to find out that Big Mike never intended for anyone to get fired and it was just a plot for the green shirts to work harder. There was no iPhone and the pizza was for him.

At the airport, Mei-Ling and Lee say goodbye and she thanks Chuck.

Later that night, Chuck is surprised to find Morgan and Sarah at his house for Mother's Day, who Ellie invited. Chuck explains to Sarah that they celebrate Mother's Day in October because it's the anniversary of the day their mother left them and since their father never was really there, it was the day they learned to take care of themselves.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 106 - "Chuck Versus the Sandworm"
"Chuck Versus the Sandworm" aired on October 29, 2007, and is the sixth episode of Chuck's first season. Chuck Bartowski meets a kindred spirit in Laszlo Mahnovski, a genius who designs technology for the government, but finds himself questioning how much he trusts his handlers. Meanwhile, Morgan is challenged to grow up.

As the episode begins, a secret bunker out in the desert explodes and a dishevelled young man fights his way past an armed agent to escape. In Burbank Chuck is approached by Big Mike regarding the pending interviews for the store's Assistant Manager position, and warns him Morgan is a liability to him. Morgan is supposed to be working a double-shift, so Chuck is asked to track him down. He finds him playing video games out at an Playland Arcade amusement park, where he flashes on Morgan's opponent: the young man from the opening, who Chuck identifies as Laszlo Mahnovski. Chuck tries warning Morgan that his opponent is dangerous but his friend doesn't take him seriously. Laszlo recognizes Chuck's watch and discontinues playing. He confronts Chuck, demanding to know if there are other agents waiting for him and revealed that it was he who designed that watch. Lazlo then runs away as Morgan attempts to hassle him for a bet he made with him.

Chuck checks in with Sarah, and she confirms they're looking into the situation and gives him a picture of them cosplaying as Han Solo and Princess Leia at Comic Con, which Chuck laments makes them almost look like a real couple. The next morning Casey angrily confronts Chuck about not being contacted. During a briefing Beckman confirms that Laszlo is a government technology wizard who recently killed and escaped from the team handling him, and is believed to be highly dangerous. Laszlo tracks Chuck to the Buy More and claims he was framed. Laszlo's situation mirrors Chuck's own, so he begins to trust the rogue asset and takes him to get something to eat. Laszlo reveals he was recruited at the pier where Chuck first identified him, and that he was responsible for any technology the government needed, including Chuck's watch. Laszlo is so sheltered he doesn't even understand the reference Chuck makes to him being like Q. Laszlo then warns him he shouldn't even trust his own handlers.

Chuck returns home to find that, as Laszlo predicted his home has been bugged, even the picture Sarah gave him. Chuck angrily confronts Casey, who acknowledges the bugs are there for Chuck's protection; also, he shows Chuck the recording he made of how he and Morgan were chatting for four hours on what sandwich they would eat if stranded on a desert island. When Casey asks how he knew, Chuck admits to having spoken with Laszlo. Chuck returns home again to find Laszlo in his room, and despite Chuck's continued protests that his handlers can help, the rogue doesn't believe him. He states that if the government had gone as far as framing him for murder. He asks for a place to hide for just one night. Chuck agrees to hide Laszlo at the Buy More, where they watch A View to a Kill, as Laszlo has never seen a Bond movie; also, Laszlo smashes Chuck's watch and instructs him to turn off his phone so that his handler can't track him. At the end of the movie, Laszlo interprets Max Zorin as the real hero, as he relates to his being the subject of government experimentation. He then reveals that he designed the Home Theater room and that it's capable of tapping into military computers. Laszlo upgrades a nuclear-armed B-2 bomber to active status and sends it to bomb San Francisco, but relents when Chuck suggests he might enjoy Goldfinger.

Meanwhile, Sarah is contacted by Agent Ben Katz, Laszlo's chief handler, who warns her that Laszlo is psychotically dangerous and may be building a bomb. She leaves Chuck a voicemail warning him to get to his car and stay there. Chuck complies after checking his mail, mostly composed of threatening messages from Casey, when Laszlo's instability was revealed and he ran to get a copy of Goldfinger to distract him, but Laszlo is already there and takes control of the Herder. After a short chase with Casey he ejects Chuck from the vehicle. At home, Chuck apologizes to Sarah for not trusting them. She sees he threw away the fake picture of them together.

The Herder's tracking device reactivates, but when Sarah and Casey track it down they discover that Laszlo had removed it and thrown in onto another vehicle. Chuck flashes on a drawing Laszlo gave him and realizes that he intends to blow up the pier. Chuck arrives in time for Laszlo to activate the Herder's amplified self-destruct device and begins to taunt Chuck on which wire to cut. When Laszlo makes a reference to Goldfinger--a film Laszlo claims to have never seen--Chuck realizes the asset had been lying to him all along, so ignores Laszlo's suggestion to cut the red wire, and does the green instead. The bomb is disarmed, and Laszlo is taken into custody.

Buy More and Family
Morgan's behavior at the Buy More is becoming a serious problem. His antics include a game called the "Mystery Crisper," an employee game where someone eats spoiled leftovers from the break room fridge's vegetable crisper while the rest of the team bets on if the challenger will eat it, which Morgan universally wins. When Morgan risks a sexual harassment suit by showing two teenagers a girl's "whale tail" using a camcorder hooked to the video wall, Chuck angrily warns him he needs to grow up.

A dejected Morgan talks with Awesome, who discusses the finer points of "being a man," including getting Morgan to tuck in his shirt and neaten up his hair. However when Morgan goes to work the next day in a pressed shirt, tie and sweater-vest with slicked hair, it is Halloween and everyone assumes he is in a costume. Morgan rebuffs Chuck when he tries to apologize for chewing him out the day before. Chuck leaves the store when he flashes on Laszlo's plans, even though he is scheduled to be interviewing for the assistant manager's position that day. Morgan decides to intervene on Chuck's behalf and interview with the HR manager for him, although the job is given to Harry Tang. That night at their Halloween party Chuck returns home from the mission and he apologizes again, and insists Morgan take the "head" of their popular Sandworm costume.

At the party, Sarah arrives dressed in a Princess Leia slave bikini costume to talk with Chuck. She wants Chuck to have something of them that's real, so she takes a picture of them both together.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 107 - "Chuck Versus the Alma Mater"
Chuck Versus the Alma Mater is the seventh episode of the first season of Chuck. It aired on November 5, 2007, and finds Chuck returning to Stanford to track down a data disk, and answer questions about his past. Meanwhile, Morgan must lead a revolt against the tyrannical Harry Tang.

The episode begins with a recap of key events in past episodes: Bryce Larkin sends his old Stanford roommate, Chuck Bartowski, an e-mail containing the intersect--a CIA/NSA computer containing all the United States government secrets in encrypted images; the latter unwittingly absorbs these secrets into his brain. During their college days, Bryce had supposedly stolen Chuck's gilfriend, Jill Roberts, and framed him of cheating, which resulted in his expulsion from Stanford.

When the main story begins, Professor Flemming, the professor who originally kicked Chuck out of college, is seen giving a lecture on the subconscious and subliminal imagery (the concept behind the Intersect). He cuts the class short when he sees a suspicious looking man standing at his lecture room entrance. Flemming believes the man is looking for some unexplained data he'd previously loaded onto disc, and he makes a hasty call before escaping though a secret passage in his office closet.

Meanwhile, at the Buy More, Morgan Grimes pleads for Chuck's help regarding the new assistant manager, Harry Tang, and his strict new break room rules. Harry soon after appears and shoos Morgan back to his work. Chuck takes notice that Harry is wearing an assistant manager polo shirt with his name monogrammed onto it and agrees with his friend that something must be done, but a subtle gesture from John Casey pulls him away from this dilemma.

Casey takes Chuck to the home theater system, where a video meeting has already been set up with General Beckman and Director Graham. When they explains that they have lost contact with a CIA asset, George Flemming, Chuck immediately recognizes him. While their superiors admits they don't know what data Flemming referred to in his phone call, they warns them that anything he has information on regarding the CIA could prove devastating in the wrong hands and asks Chuck to provide any personal experiences with Flemming and Stanford to the mission. However, still stung from his past expulsion, Chuck refuses to take part in the mission.

Chuck eventually returns home, where Captain Awesome and his fraternity brothers from the UCLA give him tickets to a homecoming football game happening at Stanford University; Chuck turns the offer down, still wanting to steer clear of Stanford. Still brooding, Chuck returns to his room where he locates a box of old college memorabilia. Pulling out a picture of himself and his college friends, he flashes back to the day in 2003 when he left his dorm for the last time. Although his other college friends were sad to see him go, Bryce insists that Chuck had brought this upon himself.

Eventually, Chuck decides to throw out his old college things. But when he picks up his school ID, which had fallen out of the box when he was tossing it into the trash bin, he has a flash of himself during his college years. When confronted with this, neither Casey nor Sarah know why there's information on Chuck in the intersect, as he's supposedly never been of government interest until he became the intersect. While it's agreed that Flemming could provide an answer, he is currently being hunted by Magnus Einerson, an Icelandic spy who sells government secrets and uses a crossbow as his primary weapon.

Back at Buy More, Chuck discovers from Morgan and Anna that Harry has posted a strict lunch schedule that doesn't allow the Buy More employees to eat together, and Anna subtly suggests having Harry rubbed out (an idea that horrifies Chuck, despite his shared disagreements with Harry's policies). While Morgan refuses to give into Harry's rule, Harry himself arrives and threatens to be the one to break him, calling Morgan, "soft, like pudding."

Soon later, Casey approaches Chuck at his desk with the news that they have located Flemming; he wants to use Chuck as a friendly face. Chuck, however, doesn't see this as a good idea, recalling the day Flemming had accused Chuck of breaking into his office, stealing the midterm answer sheet, and selling copies to other students. Chuck remembers being horrified to learn that the tip came from his roommate, Bryce. Despite his attempts to back off, Casey doesn't take no for an answer.

Whilst this is occurring, the other Buy More employees take part in a game called "Fingers of Fury," a channel surfing contest in which two employees see how many shows they can identify on the flat screen displays in a minute. Morgan is challenged by Lester, but their game is interrupted by Harry, who has a master remote to all the televisions. He chastises the employees for their slacking, despite the fact that there are no customers there to serve.

When Team Bartowski arrive at the house Flemming is staying at, Casey and Sarah tell Chuck to wait in the car while they go to retrieve him. However, Chuck spots Flemming first, startling him. Flemming, upon figuring out that Chuck works for the CIA, is surprised Chuck doesn't know any code phrases and teaches him one for dangerous situations: "are you coming to the toga party?" Chuck then tells his old college professor that Casey and Sarah will be bringing him in and asks about the CIA file on him. Flemming apologizes, but before he can explain why, he is shot in the back by Magnus's crossbow. When Flemming tries to get Chuck to deliver a paper with a code on it to Bryce, Magnus shoots the sheet out of Chuck's hands and takes it.

After Casey and Sarah find the fallen CIA scientist, Flemming is taken to a hospital, and the two question Chuck on the code he tried delivering to Bryce. They believe Bryce may have been a contact of Flemmings, and that the latter has never been informed of the former's death. Back at home, Ellie renews Chuck's invitation to the homecoming game at his alma mater, but Chuck still declines despite his sister's insistence that going back to Stanford will help him get over his painful history there. She also points out that she found a Stanford library book Chuck had checked out (The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire), and Chuck doesn't seem too concerned with returning it despite it being four years overdue. ("What are they going to do? Expel me?")

It's not until Chuck reads the spine of the book that he realizes that the code Flemming gave him was a library book code. Flashing back to a shooting game of Gotcha! he and Bryce had in the library, Chuck remembers that Bryce had a hiding place there that he must've told Flemming about. He believes Flemming has hidden the CIA intel there for Bryce. The team need to get to the hiding place before Magnus does, but Chuck can't quite remember from the top of his head where the hiding space was. He has no choice but to go back to Stanford and find the hiding spot in person.

The trio go to Stanford on the guise of accepting Ellie and Devon's invitation to the game, and Chuck takes Sarah on the "Chuck Bartowski Memorial Tour." Chuck is having a hard time taking in the school he had such a good time in but had the worst day of his life at when he was kicked out. When Sarah asks him why Bryce might have betrayed him, Chuck brushes it off and says Bryce has betrayed a lot of people (which Casey agrees to). When the enter the library, Casey reveals he reactivated Chuck's ID (making a quip about failing to wipe off the stupid grin in Photoshop) and counterfeited two for him and Sarah, allowing the three to enter. Unfortunately, as soon as one of the librarians registers Chuck's ID, his overdue fees come back to haunt him.

Back at Buy More, the staff--fed up with Harry's tyranny--plan a takeover in which they steal the master remote from his locker. Anna volunteers to seduce Harry while Lester clips the keys from his pants while he's distracted. However, when Morgan moves in to retrieve the remote, he discovers he's fallen into a trap set up by Lester, whom Harry had bribed. Since he was the leader of the failed coup, Harry sentenced Morgan to work at the "hole," a less-than sought after desk job handling customer service.

Back at Stanford library, Team Bartowski discovers the book gone, but Chuck realizes that the book was just a place holder and the hiding spot was really a hidden slot on the roof of the shelf; he finds the disc with the intel on it there. Before they can leave with the disc, however, Chuck is stopped by the librarian who registered his ID and held for his four-years culminate late fee of $294.68. Magnus is still there and recognizes his name, having read Chuck's Nerd Herd ID back when he shot Flemming, and Chuck is forced to run out the back to get away from him. They are eventually spotted by the Magnus's operatives, so they head into the science building to get away.

Once the trio finally get the chance to view the contents of the disc, they discover a list of CIA agents that Flemming had recruited over the past ten years. Chuck is surprised to not only find Bryce's name under 2002--their Junior year--but his own name under 2003, despite the fact that he's never signed up to join the CIA. Before anything else can be said, a few rogue spies break into the classroom and corner the three with a rain of gunfire. Sarah sends Chuck to keep the disc safe while she and Casey cover for him.

Coming up with an idea, Chuck finds an empty classroom, enters the disc into a computer to load the recruit list, and calls everyone in the list he knows are on campus at the time for backup; they know the call is legit thanks to the code phase, "Are you coming to the toga party?" Morgan, meanwhile, is stuck in the hole, dealing with a group of angry kids. He calls Chuck while he's in the middle of bringing in backup and insists on telling him the code to Harry's master remote. Chuck tells him the code and gets back to his spy work. The moment he removes the disc, Mangus arrives and nearly skewers him.

Casey and Sarah, meanwhile, are down to their last bullets, and the rogue spies they are fighting are gaining the upper hand. Fortunately, the CIA agents Chuck had called arrive at the nick of time; their reactions to each other suggest that, though they knew each other, they had no idea which of their classmates were fellow spies. One last backup arrives and rescues Chuck from the Icelandic spy; Chuck had apparently sent her a voice mail that she'd received just in time.

Back at Buy More, Morgan uses the code given to him by Chuck to commandeer Harry's remote. At first, Harry refuses to release Morgan from the hole in exchange for control of the remote again, but when Morgan threatens to change all the TVs to a channel he could get in big trouble with Big Mike over, it's enough to change Harry's expression to wide-eyed. With great difficulty, he hands his beloved but now useless master remote over to Morgan.

Returning from the homecoming game (which went rather badly, given the after-the-fact dialogue), Ellie asks her brother if going back to Stanford was as painful as he thought it would be. To express how painful, Chuck recalls a horrible karaoke performance by Morgan, but he admits that he was glad to get the visit over with and finally say goodbye. Ellie tells Chuck she's proud of him.

Chuck still has the disc on him, so he inserts it to look up what's under his own name. Having come to retrieve the disc from him, Sarah decided to allow Chuck to see what's there first. Chuck finds a video file of Flemming preparing to interview Chuck about a CIA military project called the "Omaha project." Instead of Chuck, Flemming got Bryce in his office, insisting that the project will destroy Chuck's innocence and that he refuses to let the CIA recruit him. When Flemming tells him there's no way to prevent his recruitment unless he's expelled from Stanford, Chuck realizes Bryce had framed him to protect him. He and Sarah then wonder if there was a good reason for Bryce breaking into the Intersect and sending it to Chuck as well.

After Sarah leaves with the disc, Chuck returns to the trash bin outside to retrieve the photo of him and his college friends from his discarded box of college things. He takes the time to remember his freshmen year when Chuck first met Bryce, discussed their common interest in the Infocom text-based game Zork and his plans to create his own version, and Bryce offers to introduce Chuck to a girl named Jill who likes playing Everquest. This was the start of Chuck Bartowski and Bryce Larkin's friendship.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 108 - "Chuck Versus the Truth"
"Chuck Versus the Truth" was the eighth episode of Season 1 of Chuck and aired on November 12, 2007. Chuck's real life and spy life intersect when his sister is poisoned by a mercenary tracking down nuclear secrets, and Morgan is given a secret mission by Big Mike.

A man is tied to a chair, being interrogated by another man. The interrogator asks if the man has "the codes". The man replies that he has; then looks confused and asks how he told the truth when he did not mean to. The interrogator tells the man he has been given a lethal form of truth serum, and has only three hours before he dies; and he should find the codes if he wants to live.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah are working out their alibi for last night. Suddenly, they hear a knock on the door. Sarah knocks Chuck to the floor and acts like she's kissing him as her co-worker at Wienerlicious enters the room. Later, the man who was being interrogated is shown stumbling around a restaurant patio in the dark, before finally finding a gold pendant under a table. Attached to the pendant is a flash card containing the sought-for access codes.

At the same time, on a double-date with Ellie and Captain Awesome, Chuck and Sarah ,at Kyoto Sushi, see the man collapse on the sidewalk in front of them. Ellie hands Chuck the man's wallet while she, being a doctor, attempts to save his life. Chuck says "That's my sister Ellie Bartowski saving that man's life". Chuck opens the man's wallet and flashes on the man's identification. Then Chuck says "That's my sister saving that bad man's life", which is heard by the poisoner. As the man is being loaded into an ambulance he slips the pendant into Ellie's sweater pocket. He later dies at the hospital.

General Beckman confirms that the man Chuck flashed on is Mason Whitney, who was in development of access codes to the States' arsenal of nuclear weapons. She orders the team to visit the local morgue to discover how Whitney, died. They determine that he was infected with a toxic derivative of Pentothal, a truth serum. It causes the victim to constantly tell the truth, until he/she falls unconscious and eventually dies.

At the Buy More, Morgan is assigned by Big Mike to help Harry Tang's wife pick out a birthday gift for him. Morgan meets her in secret by the Video Wall, where Poppy Tang explains she wants the biggest TV they have in stock. Morgan goes to draw up the paperwork, when Poppy gives him a big hug in gratitude for his assistance. Unknown to either, Jeff and Lester are making a recording of the event. The two later show the video to Harry, who thinks his wife is having an affair with Morgan.

Meanwhile, Ellie is interviewed by the poisoner, posing as a police officer, prodding her with questions about whether Whitney slipped anything on her person, to which she denies. Then, the poisoner, claiming that he wants a photo the records, at which he can place a tracking device on her ear and doses her with the truth serum emitted from his pen.

Later that night, Ellie begins to act strangely and starts blurting out the truth to everyone. Casey soon figures that something strange is going on when he receives interference on his bugs. He goes over to the Bartowskis, using a scanner disguised as a milk carton to find the bug interfering with his. The other bug is found on Ellie after collapses. Sarah and Casey deduce she has been poisoned with the same chemical that Whitney had been poisoned with.

In the hospital, Chuck confesses to the unconscious Ellie that he really wishes he could talk to her about his undercover experiences. As he finishes, Awesome walks in, hands Chuck Ellie's sweater, and leaves again. As Chuck is turning the sweater over in his hands, he discovers the pendant with the codes. Meanwhile, Sarah is posing as Ellie when a man walks in. After Sarah and Casey pull out their guns and confront him, he brags that he has a vial of both the truth serum and the antidote. The man tries to bargain with them for the antidote when Chuck bursts in, yelling that he has found the codes. In the ensuing confusion, the man drops the truth serum on the floor, breaking the vial and exposing everyone in the room.

In the confusion, the man runs away with the antidote. However, Casey throws a crutch at him, hitting him in the back of the head and knocking him to the ground. He drops an electronic tracking device and accidentally throws the antidote into the air, which Sarah catches. As she gets up, the man runs off.Casey orders Chuck to take the truth serum antidote, but Chuck gives it to Ellie instead.

As Ellie recovers, Chuck notices the electronic device that the man dropped lying on the floor. As he picks it up and turns it on he flashes on it, learning that the the man is Riordan Payne, an Olympic athlete turned dealer in military secrets. The device turns out to be a tracking device, showing Payne's location.

Chuck, Sarah and Casey follow Payne to his apartment, where they burst in and confront him. Payne offers to give them the antidote, but Chuck recalls that many comic book villains often poison their enemies like this, so he suggests that Payne drink the contents of the vial first. Instead, Payne tries to escape by backflipping across the room. But when he reaches the end, Sarah shoots him in the knee.

Tied to a chair and dosed with truth serum again, Payne confesses that the antidote is in the drawer and the codes are in his right shoe. Before Sarah takes the antidote, however, Chuck asks her if their relationship is truly going to go anywhere. Sarah says no. They all then take the antidote.

Later, at the Buy More, General Beckman is congratulating the team for securing the codes. Unfortunately, Harry bursts in, thinking that Morgan is meeting with his wife, only to discover the debriefing. Casey plays on Harry's ego by telling him they've been watching him for a while and intend to recruit him. They arrange for Harry to move to Hawaii. Later, when Morgan reports to Big Mike, he tells Morgan to change the shipping address and that Harry is gone. Big Mike also admits that while he couldn't stand Harry, he and Poppy were having an affair.

Chuck comes to Sarah's workplace to tell her that he is breaking up with her. Then he goes to see Lou, the sandwich girl from earlier in the episode. Sarah appears hurt and jealous at the end of the episode watching the two of them talking. We also discover that Sarah was "trained to withstand pentathol." Sarah implies she may have been hiding her true feelings when she admits to Casey that she might have compromised herself if she had not been trained to resist the truth serum.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 109 - "Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami"

"Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami" aired on November 19, 2007. It was episode nine of the first season of Chuck. Chuck is ordered by General Beckman to take advantage of his new girlfriend, Lou, to get close to her smuggler ex-boyfriend, while Morgan looks for a girlfriend of his own.

The episode opens in Helsinki, Finland, where two men are walking through a shipping yard late at night, carrying guns. They watch as a crane places a shipping crate marked with the Biohazard Sign on a ship. The camera moves into the crate and shows a red-LED timer counting down 72 hours. Meanwhile, at the Buy More, Morgan goes on break and asks Chuck if he would like to play video games after work. Chuck declines, saying that he will be busy that evening; and explains that he broke up with Sarah. Just then, Sarah walks into the store, and motions for Chuck's attention. Morgan suggests that he beg for her back.

Sarah tells Chuck that she believes that their breakup is a bad idea because it could blow their cover. Chuck is resolute about his decision, so Sarah tells him she might as well play the part, and walks off crying. Chuck then tells Morgan about Lou, who appears jealous that Chuck is now on his second girlfriend when he has none. Later that evening, Casey and Sarah talk with Beckman about Lou. Beckman states that she could be a big security risk and demands to know everything about Lou that Casey and Sarah can find out.

Meanwhile, Chuck and Lou are on a date. They make out in Chuck's Nerd Herder, then Lou asks him to come inside (the deli), where she makes him a sandwich. As Chuck is eating, he sees a poster for an event at Club Aries, and flashes on the host, Stavros Demetrios. Chuck asks Lou about Stavros, and she replies that he is her ex-boyfriend. She mentions that he is very jealous; one time he trashed a guy's car because he thought that he liked her.

Chuck tells Sarah, Casey, and Beckman about his flash on Stavros, a wealthy playboy who owns a nightclub called Club Aries. He is the son of Yari Demetrios, the wealthy owner of a shipping business who is suspected of being involved in smuggling. It is believed that they are smuggling a volatile, time-sensitive package, so Casey, Sarah and Chuck are ordered to find out what it is. Casey tells Chuck that he will have to go to Club Aries with Lou so they can find out about Stavros. At the Buy More Nerd Herd desk, Lester asks Jeff to check that his breath smells OK because he wants to ask Sarah out. Jeff comments that he likes Anna, who turns around from her computer and states that she finds Jeff creepy; she would prefer Morgan over Jeff anytime. Morgan overhears this, and looks surprised.

Lester walks over to the Wienerlicious to talk to Sarah, asking her if she would like to go on a date. Sarah responds so positively to Lester's advancements that he becomes quite nervous and runs out; just as Lou walks in. Lou talks briefly with Sarah about how nice Chuck is before leaving. It is apparent that Sarah and Lou act quite coldly toward each other. Lou then shows up at the Buy More to bring Chuck a sandwich that she made. Morgan tries to hit on Lou, as Chuck gets there. Lou tries to give Chuck his sandwich, but Morgan takes it instead. Chuck convinces Lou to go to Club Aries that evening with him, stating that he believes that Stavros will find out that he is dating her eventually so he might as well get it over with now.

Later, as Chuck is getting ready for his date with Lou, he tells Sarah and Casey that he feels uncomfortable lying to Lou on his second date, as Casey and Sarah give him a mini microphone disguised as a guitar-shaped tie-pin and a concealed earpiece. They also give him a red rose, which Casey claims is "to get him laid" after he asks if it another piece of spy equipment.

Inside the club, Chuck and Lou meet Stavros Demetrios, who, upon hearing that Chuck would rather have a drink than dance, takes them to the VIP room to have a drink with him. He gives Chuck a glass of some very strong liquor, which Chuck almost chokes on. Meanwhile, Anna and Morgan are playing Call of Duty (COD) at the Buy More. Anna tells Morgan that he is one of the best COD players she has ever seen. Morgan tries to put his arm around her and kiss her, but she deflects his advance. She tells him that she might have said that she would prefer him over Jeff, but that doesn't mean that she likes him.

At Club Aries, Stavros talks with Chuck (who he repeatedly calls "Jack") and Lou for a little while. He comments that "[Chuck] has a very small neck... like a chicken". Upon hearing this, Sarah starts to worry about Chuck. Casey suggests that perhaps Sarah has fallen for Chuck, which she denies. Despite Casey's claims that Chuck is doing fine, she goes into the club to ask Chuck if he is alright. Upon seeing her, Chuck tells Stavros and Lou that Sarah is having a hard time letting go of him; but goes to talk to her anyway. As she asks him if he is doing alright, Lou walks out on Chuck, claiming that he is spending her whole date hanging out with his ex or hers.

Just then, Yari Dimetrious walks in, and moves towards Stavros. Chuck flashes on him, recognizing him as a weapons smuggler. Sarah orders him to get the mike closer to Stavros and Yari Dimetrious, so he tosses it onto a serving tray which is being brought over to them. They overhear Yari Dimetrious tell Stavros that they are going to receive a very important time-sensitive package, because if they miss it, they will all be dead.

The next morning, Chuck Bartowski at the Buy More, hiding behind some shelves and talking to Lou on the phone, trying to apologize for their failed date last night. Casey walks up; and motions for his attention, forcing him to hurriedly end the conversation.Later that morning, Sarah walks into the Buy More, and finds Chuck leaving another voice-mail on Lou's answering machine. Sarah apologizes for ruining his date; and tells him that while she was investigating Lou, she found out that her favourite flower is - the Gerbera Daisy.

During lunch, Chuck, armed with a bouquet of Lou's favourite flower, goes to the deli, but Lou tells him to take a number. There are a lot of other customers in the shop with him, so he has to wait a long time. When his number is finally called, he is served by one of Lou's co-workers. He takes a number again. Meanwhile, Sarah, Casey (also on their lunch breaks) and a SWAT team move in on the shipping container they suspect is carrying the smuggled cargo. At the deli, Chuck's number is finally called. Lou claims to not have the time to talk to him, so he orders a cooked sandwich; giving him time to talk with her. He apologizes for the failed date the previous evening and gives her the flowers.

At the shipyards, the SWAT team finally opens the container, to find that it's only contents are a video camera on a tripod recording their every move. Casey knocks it over in disgust. Later, Yari Dimetrious and Stavros Demetrios are watching the video camera footage in dismay. When the tape ends, Yari Dimetrious produces the guitar pin worn by Chuck the previous evening, and orders Stavros to bring the owner of the pin to him. While Chuck is washing his face in the bathroom the next morning, Sarah and Casey come over. They explain that they raided the container that Yari Dimetrious and Stavros were talking about last night, and it was a set-up, probably by Lou. Chuck does not believe them until they produce pictures of Stavros and Lou] taken after Chuck had left Club Aries.

Back at the Buy More, Lester and Jeff are making fun of Morgan because he likes Anna. The camera focuses on Anna, who is listening in, and it is apparent that she is not very happy. Chuck, Sarah and Casey, meanwhile, have followed Lou to the shipyards. Chuck is given a bugged watch, and told to talk to Lou. Chuck confronts her after she takes a crate from Stavros and accuses her of smuggling, but when he breaks open the case, all that the crate contains is some imported Portugese Salami. Lou becomes angry because Chuck has been spying on her.

Worried that Lou is incriminating herself with talk of the smuggled salami, Chuck drops his bugged watch into a nearby glass of liquid.After being immersed in water, Chuck's watch starts to transmit static. Casey and Sarah, listening from the van, do not know what has happened, so Sarah decides to find out, despite Casey's advice that she shouldn't intervene "every time [Chuck] breaks a nail".

After Lou angrily drives off, Sarah arrives on scene. Just then, Stavros appears with a gun, and demands they surrender. Chuck and Sarah are tied up in the back of Stavros's car. Sarah tells Chuck not to worry because there was a GPS transmitter in his watch, and a SWAT team should rescue them. Much to Sarah's dismay, Chuck admits to discarding the watch.Casey, investigating the scene where Chuck and Sarah were abducted, finds Chuck's watch in the glass. At the Buy More, Morgan is watching a nature program about lone wolves in the TV room. Anna enters and sits down beside him. She comments on how lone wolves are lonely, then gives Morgan a kiss on the cheek.

Casey, pretending to be from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), enters the deli and confronts Lou. He tells her that he knows about Stavros' gun smuggling racket, and she could be prosecuted for aiding him; but he will forget about it if she will tell him where she receives Stavros' shipments. Lou complies. At the shipyard, Chuck and Sarah are being interrogated by Yari Dimetrious, who asks them what they know. Chuck confesses to knowing all about his salami smuggling ring and being "cool with it". Yari Dimetrious does not believe that is all they know, so he orders two thugs to torture Sarah. As they move towards her, Chuck flashes on them and recites some of the henchmen's histories, which leads to a disagreement and a standoff. One of them shoots the other dead. Yari Dimetrious moves to begin the torture himself.

Suddenly, a messenger walks in with a package receipt, which Chuck flashes on. He believes it to be a chemical bomb. Upon hearing this, Yari Dimetrious decides to kill them, but before he can, Sarah escapes her restraints, pushes Chuck out of harm's way, and a gunfight ensues as Casey arrives on the scene. Sarah emerges victorious, and unties Chuck. Sarah suggests that Chuck stays behind, but he thinks that he may flash on how to defuse the bomb, so they both run to the place where the container is.

When they reach the container, they open it. With only seconds left on the timer, Chuck does not recognize the bomb or flash on how to defuse it. Although Sarah orders him to leave, he refuses. They argue for a few seconds, and then the timer starts to beep faster as it reaches 10 seconds. Realizing they probably won't disarm it in time, they say goodbye to each other. With only two seconds remaining, Sarah suddenly starts to kiss Chuck. The timer reaches zero, but the expected explosion does not occur. Sarah suddenly breaks off from kissing Chuck when she notices that they are still alive. She admits that she is now experiencing an "uncomfortable moment". Chuck notes that he's comfortable with it. The next day, at the deli, Chuck tells Lou that he's really sorry that he spied on her. Lou tells him that she understands because she knows that he works undercover for the Food and Drug Administration; explaining that Casey told her all about him. They decide that they cannot have a relationship due to his undercover work, but Chuck tells her that she is the type of person he is looking for.

Later, at the Buy More, Morgan tells Chuck that he has a girlfriend now - Anna. Chuck tells him that he and Lou broke up. Before Chuck can elaborate, Morgan uses the store PA to tell Anna that "it's over". Chuck then tells Morgan that he's back with Sarah again. Morgan, crestfallen, wonders aloud why Chuck didn't tell him that 10 seconds ago, then attempts to use the PA to apologize to Anna, but she has since disappeared. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah return to the place where the bomb is being disconnected; however, the technician tells them that it wasn't a timer at all - it was a measure of the amount of oxygen left in the container. The container not really being a bomb but instead a Human transport container. They open the container to reveal Bryce Larkin. As Casey wonders whether he had already killed this man, Bryce takes a breath.

Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 110 - "Chuck Versus the Nemesis"
"Chuck Versus the Nemesis" was the tenth episode of Chuck's first season. It aired on November 26, 2007. Chuck is forced to confront his former college roommate and the man who ruined his life when Bryce Larkin is discovered alive.

The episode opens to a heart monitor beeping. It is attached to Bryce Larkin, who is strapped to a hospital bed in an empty white room. As he wakes up, an orderly comes to tend to him. The camera moves back to show Sarah Walker and John Casey watching from an observation window. As Bryce drifts out of consciousness, he mumbles the word "Chuck".

At the Buy More, Morgan tells Chuck that he is crazy because he broke up with Sarah. Morgan senses that something is wrong, however, and asks Chuck about it. Chuck doesn't want to talk about it, so Morgan goes to see Anna.

Meanwhile, Chuck contemplates his breakup with Sarah; believing it to be a bad idea. He notices Anna and Morgan kissing, and mentions to Morgan that he finds that creepy (after Anna goes to help a customer). Morgan ignores this, and instead asks Chuck if Anna can come to his Thanksgiving dinner. Chuck tells him that is OK; but is confused when Morgan asks if Ellie Bartowski will be there. Morgan explains that Anna believes he has a crush on Ellie as well.

Big Mike reappears, and warns the staff about Black Friday - the biggest shopping day of the year; and much to the dismay of the staff, explains that they need to come in on Thanksgiving for training. As Big Mike finishes, Sarah enters, and reveals to Chuck that Bryce is alive. In the next scene, Chuck, John and Sarah are watching an orderly try to question Bryce from the observation room; however Bryce refuses to talk. Sarah and Casey believe that he might talk to Chuck, because he has been asking for him. As Chuck prepares to go in, Casey warns him to be careful, because Bryce is a rogue, trained assassin.

Chuck enters Bryce's room; but Bryce does not believe him to be the real Chuck Bartowski, and asks him to prove his identity. Chuck does so by speaking to him in Klingon. Upon hearing this, Bryce comments that his Klingon is rustly. Chuck tries inquiring why did he downloaded, destroy and sent the Intersect to him and how he is still alive. The for the latter, Bryce only cryptically says "they" did. He asks that Chuck lean in closer. But when he does, Bryce breaks out of his restraints, grabs Chuck, and holds a syringe to his neck. Sarah and Casey burst in, guns ready, but Bryce uses Chuck as a human shield, preventing them from firing. Though surprised that Sarah is here, Bryce asks Casey if he "cares to try again", but Chuck does not understand what he means. Bryce, still holding Chuck hostage, backs out of the room, down the hallway, and into an elevator. As the elevator is locked, he demands that Sarah tell him the access code or he'll kill Chuck. Reluctantly, Sarah complies. As soon as the doors close, he lets go of Chuck, dropping the serious face, thinking that Chuck knew he wasn't going to kill him. Frantically, Chuck demands to Bryce what is he trying to pull. Bryce ignores his question and asks back why Sarah is with him. Chuck quickly explains that she and Casey are protecting him.

Suddenly, the elevator slows down to a stop. Bryce again holds Chuck hostage as the doors open. On the other side, a man is standing. Chuck flashes on the man, who talks briefly to Bryce about something named 'Fulcrum'. When they are done, Bryce and Chuck return to the elevator. Chuck asks him about Fulcrum and the man they just met, but Bryce avoids his questions but is more amazed that the Intersect is in his head. Suddenly, Bryce presses the emergency stop button, injects Chuck with the syringe, asks that he pass on a message to Sarah (It's hard to say goodbye) and escapes through the elevator hatch as Chuck passes out. Chuck regains consciousness as Sarah and Casey open the elevator and find him on the floor.

The next day, at the Buy More, Morgan is shouting directions through a megaphone to the Buy More employees, training them for Black Friday. After teaching them how to do crowd control, he explains to them that they will use the word 'pineapple' to indicate a Very Bad Situation; such as an earthquake. Chuck gets a call from Ellie, asking him to leave so he can help with the groceries and Thanksgiving dinner. Much to Chuck's surprise, later that evening Casey appears at his house; explaining that Ellie invited him for dinner. When Ellie leaves the room, Chuck asks him if he really killed Bryce. Casey replies that he thought he did. Moments later, Chuck tells Ellie that Morgan is bringing someone to dinner (a real person, not imaginary). Ellie is surprised to hear this and quips that she is surprised that Morgan has a friend.

Just then, Morgan and Anna ring the doorbell. Ellie and Chuck answer it. Anna brings a casserole, but is very cold towards Ellie. As Ellie, Captain Awesome, Morgan, Anna, Casey, Sarah and Chuck are eating dinner, Morgan complains that there are no marshmallows on his sweet potatoes. Anna declares that dinner is ruined, looking pointedly at Ellie. Chuck tries to defuse the situation by apologizing and going to get the marshmallows from his car.

As Chuck goes to the car, he suddenly notices Bryce. Bryce apologizes for not being able to catch up with him the last time they met, and asks him what happened since then. Chuck reminds him that he was kicked out of Stanford because of Bryce. Bryce tells Chuck that he needs to talk to Sarah without Casey knowing; the man they met in the elevator works for an organization named Fulcrum that wants a copy of the intersect.

Chuck enters the house again, carrying a bag of marshmallows. As Chuck prepares the sweet potatoes, Morgan tries Anna's casserole. It's burnt and very crunchy, but he pretends to enjoy it. He offers it to everyone else at the table; but they all turn it down. Captain Awesome starts a conversation about white-water rafting with Casey. Chuck, seizing the opportunity, discreetly tells Sarah that Bryce wants to speak with her in Chuck's room. Sarah, surprised, excuses herself. Once in Chuck's room, Sarah and Bryce talk. The conversation soon drifts to their previous relationship, and they share a kiss. Much to his horror, Chuck (who happens to pass by the door) sees this.

Chuck, in shock, wanders back to the table. Awesome asks everyone to name something they are thankful for. When it is his turn, Chuck, who is still distracted by what he just saw going on his his room, states that he is thankful that Bryce is dead, and is not making out with Sarah in his room. Everyone, except Casey (who excuses himself to investigate), is shocked; and Morgan comments that Chuck's statement was very "dark". Casey enters Chuck's room, only to discover that Bryce is gone. Casey is annoyed, and chides Sarah. Meanwhile, Morgan moves on to the sweet potatoes. Anna becomes mad that Morgan enjoys Ellie's dish more than hers, and walks out; with a protestingMorgan following. Chuck also goes after them; leaving a bewildered Ellie and Captain Awesome.

Outside, Chuck is trying to catch up with Anna and Morgan when Sarah appears. Before she can respond to his questions about her actions; Sarah notices someone in Casey's apartment. They sneak in to discover Bryce. Chuck slightly panics, alerting Bryce, who turns around and brings up his gun. Sarah demands that he put the gun down. Bryce explains that he was recruited by Fulcrum, a splinter group inside the CIA, to steal the Intersect. Sarah naturally doesn't believe him, thinking that the CIA would've known. Bryce defends that Fulcrum knew who he was, his access codes and his record. When he realized that Fulcrum had sinister plans for the Intersect's data, he didn't know who to trust, the least of all Sarah. He needed a friend like Chuck who wasn't CIA, know anything about the Intersect, Fulcrum or Sandwall. Chuck flashes on the code-name of the Intersect, 'sand-wall'; and verifies that Bryce is telling the truth.

Just then, Casey walks in, gun drawn. Despite Chuck and Sarah's protests, he shoots Bryce, who falls to the floor. Chuck immediately faints. Sarah, concerned for him, attempts to check on him only to find that he's wearing a bulletproof vest. When everyone settles down, Bryce explains that he stole the Intersect secrets and sent them to Chuck, when he ran into Casey, who shot him. The next thing he knows, Fulcrum brought him to a European clinic to revive him to make him divulge where the Intersect is. When he told them that it was inside him, they were trying their best to keep him alive. He wants to turn himself into the CIA so he can work against Fulcrum, but he needs to be sure it's real CIA agents and not Fulcrum operatives. Chuck volunteers to help, knowing that if he flashes on the agents, he can confirm if they are Fulcrum, if not, then Bryce is free and clear. Casey adds that they need a public place where the transfer can take place, with lots of witnesses; Chuck knows just the one. .

Later, it is Black Friday at the Buy More and crowds are foaming at the mouth to get in the door. Big Mike says he's going into his office and doesn't want to be disturbed for any reason. The doors open and the Nerd Herd guides customers to the areas of the store they want to go, with Chuck and Anna doing a better job than Jeff and Lester who get so freaked out they hide under the counter.

The meeting almost goes awry when Morgan runs into Bryce, but believing Bryce to be dead, he just tells him he looks like Chuck's friend from college who wrecked his life. Later Bryce apologizes to Chuck for insulting him the night before. He admits that he has only one friend, while Chuck has a home and store full of them. When the agents come by, Chuck does not flash on them, and Sarah goes to take him in. In the car Sarah and Bryce are talking about their past when their car is side-swiped by a van driven by a Fulcrum team.

Back at the Buy More, Chuck is at the Nerd Herd desk when Tommy, the man who confronted Bryce on the elevator, comes up to Chuck and says he needs to get a very special computer called The Intersect, whom he deduced is actually Chuck. He remarks that if Chuck thinks that an entire crowd would protect him, that's where he is wrong. Already, his men have captured Sarah and Bryce, disarmed Casey, and that he's willing to kill everyone in the Buy More to carry out his mission. The Fulcrum team that captured Sarah and Bryce call in to say that they've captured them, only to have Sarah and Bryce get up and take them out. When Bryce doesn't see Tommy anywhere, he and Sarah both realize the Fulcrum is after Chuck. They take Fulcrum's van and speed back to the Buy More.

Tommy is walking Chuck toward the exit when a panicked Jeff comes running up to him saying the registers are down and he can't get them working. Tommy warns Chuck that if he says more than one word he'll kill Jeff where he stands. Chuck looks at him and says "pineapple", the phrase indicating a store wide emergency requiring evacuation. Jeff runs and tells Morgan "pineapple." Morgan thinks he's messing around, but when Jeff says he was told it by Chuck, Morgan grabs the bullhorn and announces that the store needs to be evacuated. The shoppers start a stampede for the door, in which Morgan carries out a trapped Anna; Big Mike hears this and attempts to stop the customers from leaving, only to be carried outside by the crowd. The confusion allows Casey and Chuck to escape their captors and take cover in the Home Theater Room, where Casey unveils the arsenal he keeps in there, calls for an NSA team to get over there, and starts a shootout with Fulcrum.

Sarah and Bryce arrive on the scene and begin taking Fulcrum agents out, Chuck is extremely impressed by how well they work together. However, when trying to get out of the Home Theater room, Chuck is taken hostage by Tommy who winds up in a standoff with Bryce and Sarah. Bryce asks Chuck a question in Klingon, when Chuck responds, Bryce tells him he's sorry and shoots Chuck in the chest. Casey then takes out Tommy as the NSA team begins to arrive. Sarah goes to check on Chuck, who apparently answered "Yes, I am wearing a vest." as he opens up his shirt to reveal the kevlar.

While Chuck comments on how it still hurts to get shot with a bulletproof vest, Morgan carries Anna to safety. Lester comments that this was rather goofy of Morgan but Anna tells him that he passed this test. But she has to scurry when an enraged Big Mike comes over to confront Morgan about evacuating the store on its biggest day. However Morgan is saved when a fireman/NSA agent tells Big Mike there was a gas leak and whoever evacuated the store may have saved a lot of lives. Big Mike walks off exasperation as Morgan basks in the glow of vindication. After giving his report to General Beckman, Bryce emerges from the Home Theater Room wearing a tuxedo. He tells Chuck that he is going deep undercover to stop Fulcrum and for all intent and purposes, he is to remain dead. When Chuck asks him where he's going, Bryce tells him that he can't tell him. He then turns to Sarah and says "we'll always have Omaha." Later that evening at Casa Bartowski, Chuck goes over to Casey's apartment and asks what was meant by that statement. Casey says it was probably a meeting point, and that if Sarah wants to go with Bryce she has to do so tonight. But not to worry, if Sarah leaves they'll get him a new girl.

Back at her hotel Sarah is looking very conflicted. Her room phone rings, and it is Bryce on the other end. She goes to pick it up when her iPhone starts ringing, and Chuck's picture and number appear on the screen. As two men who care about her wait, she's unable to decide which one to pick up.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 111 - "Chuck Versus the Crown Vic"

Chuck Versus the Crown Vic was the 11th episode of the first season of Chuck, airing on December 3, 2007. Chuck must deal with the aftermath of Bryce Larkin's departure as he goes undercover with Sarah to investigate a billionaire philanthropist. Meanwhile, Morgan meets Anna's parents.

At the Buy More, we see Lester and Jeff engaging in some sort of gambling game involving a dreydl. Lester, taking advantage that no one in the room knows anything about Jewish culture, pretends to win, to the dismay of everyone watching, as they all bet on Jeff to win.

Meanwhile, Chuck is checking the Wienerlicious to see for a sign of Sarah. Casey walks over to share some snide remarks. Chuck inquires to him as to where Sarah is. Casey tells him that Sarah and he do not talk off hours.

Next, Morgan walks over to tell him that he thinks that Anna is cheating on him. Morgan explains that he was hiding in the bushes and saw her get dropped off. Chuck claims that it is probably nothing.

Lester and Jeff inform Chuck of an installation job, and that he has to come, as Jeff cannot be trusted to be by himself during the holidays. Morgan asks if Chuck can stay, so he can have Chuck's moral support. Never the less, Chuck goes.

The scene shifts to Sarah, who is still in bed. It is obvious she has had a rather rough night. When her alarm clock goes off, she loses her temper and stabs it with a knife.

At the marina, all is going well with the installation job. However, Jeff impulsively goes to the lower level of the boat, to the protest of Lester, Chuck, and the security guards. They all see two men counting piles of money. The security guard explains that the money is from the boat's owner's recent AIDS fund raiser. While Jeff and Lester are distracted by two beautiful women who have just walked in, Chuck picks up one of the dollar bills being counted. Suddenly, he has a flash, and the dollar bill is revealed to be counterfeit.

Chuck and Casey inform General Beckman and CIA Director Graham of this immediately, with Sarah arriving late for the briefing. She reveals that Lon Kirk, the owner of the boat previously mentioned, devotes most of his time to charity work. However, they are suspicious, as he has had contact with Eastern criminals, and they have intel that a major counterfeiter is in the area. They tell Chuck, Casey, and Sarah to investigate a charity event that Kirk will be hosting, but tread cautiously.

After the briefing, Chuck runs up to Sarah and asks why she stayed. She replies that she has a job to do, and she is committed to it.

Back at the Buy More, "Big Mike" goes over the rules for the upcoming Holiday Party. He tells Jeff that he cannot spike the eggnog, or cop a feel on any of the female workers.

Anna goes looking for Morgan, and eventually finds him. Seeing that he is upset, she asks what is wrong. He tells her that he saw her getting dropped off. She explains that her parents are in town for a charity event being hosted. Morgan requests that he meet Anna's parents.

Morgan quickly realizes his mistake, and goes to Chuck for help. Chuck tells him to just be himself. Lester and Jeff disagree, and tell Morgan that he must be a completely different person in order to impress Anna's parents.

The scene shifts to Chuck standing outside Sarah's apartment, and then walking in. Sarah prompts him on the mission, and Chuck confirms the objectives. The two share a rather awkward conversation and then proceed to the gala.

As Chuck and Sarah enter the gala, Chuck asks Sarah how much money he has to gamble with. Sarah replies that he has "100". They then spot Kirk and walk over to the table at which he is playing. Chuck then finds that Casey is posing as the dealer. After Kirk introduces himself, and being rather flirtatious with Sarah, he puts a wager up. Unfortunately, Chuck bets all of his money on one chance. Casey asks him to reconsider, but Chuck refuses. However, Chuck quickly realizes that Sarah meant $100,000 instead of just $100. It too late though, and Chuck loses all of his money. Kirk then leaves the table, winking at Sarah, with Sarah winking back. Sarah and Casey chastise Chuck for making such a foolish decision, with Chuck criticizing Sarah for winking at Kirk.

Chuck quickly spots Kirk going over to talk to an unidentified Asian man. Suddenly, Chuck has a flash, and finds that the man is Rashan Chen, the Taiwanese attaché who is using the charity event to launder counterfeit money. Sarah strides over to Kirk to attempt to expel information from him. Chuck has a growing feel of unease with Sarah's flirting with Kirk.

As Sarah is about to drop Chuck off at his home, Chuck asks Sarah what Kirk told Sarah. She replies that Kirk invited her, and her only, to his yacht. Chuck says this is rather disrespectful to her boyfriend. Sarah interprets this to mean Bryce Larkin, responding that Bryce is not her boyfriend and even if he was he would understand. Chuck tells her that he actually mean Charles Carmichael (Chuck's cover/alias). Chuck gets out, and Sarah drives away.

Chuck walks out of his house to empty the trash, only to find Casey polishing his car. Chuck inquires as to why Casey is doing this. Casey replies that the Crown Victoria is his dream car, and he keeps it in spotless condition at all times. Moving on, Chuck asks Casey what exactly Sarah's mission is aboard Kirk's yacht. Casey vaguely answers that she is there to "gather information from Kirk, using whatever it takes." and then "I hear Agent Walker can be quite the giver." Chuck is shown to very nervous at this response.

The scene shifts to Morgan, who has just arrived at the restaurant where he is meeting Anna's parents. At first, he behaves like he always does. Then, realizing Anna's parents are apprehensive of him, he starts to pretend like he is an upper blueblood. Still, Anna's parents are not impressed. Suddenly, Morgan spots Kirk talking to Sarah on his boat. Immediately, he calls Chuck and expresses his concern that the blonde woman his looking at is Sarah. Although Chuck knows Sarah is there, he tells Morgan that he will look into it.

The scene switches to Casey, who is watching Sarah along with other agents. Hearing footsteps behind him, Casey springs around in attack mode. The person is Chuck, who has come to bring Casey lunch. However, Chuck soon unwittingly reveals why he is there, to spy on Sarah. In an instant, Chuck flashes on some crates being loaded onto Kirk's boat. He tells Casey that they are currency printing plates being disguised as AIDS medicines. Casey asks Chuck if he is sure what they are, and Chuck confirms it. Casey and the other agents raid the boat, and ask Kirk to open the crate. Outraged, Kirk never the less opens the crates. The contents are revealed to be indeed medicines for Taiwan. Kirk then asks for the names of Casey's superiors, so the proper people are held responsible.

Back at his house, Chuck hears the door bell ring. Sarah walks in, and lashes out at Chuck that he let his emotions interfere with work, and he faked the flash. Chuck expresses his disdain that Sarah has been so cold to him since Bryce came back. Sarah, furious, storms out of the house.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan has returned from his lunch with Anna's parents. Morgan promptly asks Chuck if the woman he saw was Sarah. Chuck lies and replies that it was not her. Morgan goes on to invite Chuck to a boat trip he will be attending with Anna and her parents. Chuck declines, as he has had a long day.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Casey are being chastised by Director Graham and General Beckman for being to rash in raiding Kirk's boat. Casey defends his actions, and says that the decision was based on the information he received from the Intersect (Chuck). Their superiors are still furious, and they are benched from the mission. Casey is quite angry with Sarah, and gives her one last chance to come clean and admit that she compromised herself "in the Intersect". Sarah starts to get emotional, and asks Casey if he has ever wanted a normal life and a family. Casey affirms that the decision they made to protect their country is always the right choice. Sarah realizes this, as says she will go to Chuck, and if she cannot fix it, she will ask for a reassignment.

Back at the Buy More, Chuck is thumbing through pictures of him and Sarah on his Phone (In a similar fashion to Sarah in the Pilot). He then receives a picture from Morgan, who is currently with Anna and her parents. Chuck suddenly spots Rashan and the crates he flashed on earlier in the background of the photo. Quickly, he blows up the photo and heads straight to Casey. Casey tells him that orders are orders, and they cannot resume the mission. Chuck proceeds to Sarah, and tries to convince her to come with him to save Morgan and Anna. Sarah immediately agrees, and they head down to the docks.

At the docks, Sarah and Chuck are rushing to the boat when they spot Casey. Casey tells them that he came to protect the Intersect, and he didn't want to miss any "gun play". The team spot Morgan, and they rush to the scene. Chuck flashes on a device attached to the boat, and it is revealed to be a missile GPS tracking device. Casey realizes that, now that Kirk has his money, he is going to bury the evidence of his crime. Casey says he will get the guards, while Sarah and Chuck will create a diversion.

Sarah runs up to Kirk, who is about to fire the rocket. She pretends that she desperately wants to talk to him. Chuck runs in, pretending to be an outraged boyfriend. As they are enacting this ploy, Casey barges in and starts the fight. The fight ends when Kirk fires the rocket launcher and escapes. Chuck grabs the GPS control and resets the software that directed the missile. Casey makes Chuck realize that reset means return to sender. In order to direct the missile somewhere else, Chuck needs another set of GPS coordinates. He realizes that Casey knows the GPS coordinates for the Crown Vic. Reluctantly, Casey gives him the coordinates, and the Crown Vic is destroyed. Casey is extremely dismayed.

The team heads back to the Buy More, where Chuck is standing alone, depressed. Sarah walks up to him, and tells him that she wants to be friends with him again. He agrees.

Casey receives a call from General Beckman, who informs him that Intersect 2.0 will be up and running soon. Beckman asks Casey if he has been compromised. Ominously, Casey confirms that he will carry out his orders.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 112 - "Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover"
"Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover" was aired on January 24, 2008. It is the 12th episode of the first season of Chuck, and aired alongside "Chuck Versus the Marlin" to close out the season.

The episode begins in 2004. John Casey is in Chechnya undercover as an energy consultant, staying with his AP photographer girlfriend, Ilsa (Ivana Milicevic). She goes out with her camera, leaving him to sleep in and enters a restaurant just as a bomb explodes. Casey is jarred from bed and runs out to find the plaza near the hotel in chaos. All that's left of Ilsa is the charred remains of her camera. Events shift to the present, where it is revealed a digital camera triggered Casey's memory. He is about to threaten an angry customer who is berating him for being absent-minded when Chuck intervenes. Chuck goes to the storage cage and kicks out Jeff, who is stealing celebrity hotel room phone numbers from the hotel's computer, which is in for repairs. Chuck flashes on one name in the register, and as more names trigger additional flashes he begins writing them down, except for one: Ilsa Trinchina, who has a connection with Casey. Chuck informs Casey of the flashes, and then teases him with the nickname "Sugar Bear," which he got from Ilsa's file. Casey nearly strangles him in a fit of rage before relenting after Chuck reminds him that he's choking the Intersect.

Chuck advises Sarah of the flashes, and what he saw about Casey. Sarah's own interest is piqued and she agrees to check into it. Team Bartowski is ordered by Beckman to head to the Grand Seville hotel to investigate. Chuck begins to tease Casey again about Ilsa, but he storms out angrily. Sarah tells Chuck that she discovered Ilsa was dead. They reach the hotel, where Chuck and Sarah use their cover as hotel staff to get close to a group of Russian mobsters gathered in town, on whom Chuck flashes. One of the mobsters mistakenly identifies Chuck as his nephew and pulls him into the celebration. While dancing with the Russians, Chuck sees Ilsa and tries to alert Sarah, but the mobster sees him and believes Chuck is trying to tell him he's interested in Sarah, so she is drawn into the dance as well. Chuck warns Sarah about Ilsa, and the two break away warning him they've been compromised. Before they can get out of sight Casey runs right into Ilsa, and tells her in disbelief he thought she was dead. Ilsa tells him when she woke up after the blast she had no memory of who she was, and could only recall his face. Meanwhile, Chuck flashes on the head of the mobsters, Victor Federov (Pavel Lychnikoff). He is in town to marry his fiance -- Ilsa.

Sarah is ordered to monitor Federov, while Chuck and Casey return to the Buy More. Chuck tries to get Casey to open up, but he initially rebuffs him. After some more pestering, Casey finally tells Chuck about how he and Ilsa met, surprising Chuck that Casey is capable of real emotion. He asks why Chuck is so interested, and Chuck admits that if even Casey can find love, maybe there's hope for him as well. Casey is prepared to give up: if Ilsa was the good woman he thought, she wouldn't be with Federov. Chuck then reminds him that she didn't know what Casey did when they were together, so maybe she doesn't know about Federov. The two head back to the hotel, and tell a suspicious Sarah they've come to help. She goes to plant a bug in Federov's room and asks the two of them to monitor the surveillance. Ilsa is alone in the bar, and Chuck convinces Casey to go see her. Meanwhile, Sarah runs into trouble with one of the mob enforcers who she previously assaulted when he attempted to molest her, and is forced to knock him out and hide him. Sarah calls Casey to plant the bug, but Chuck goes instead. He sneaks into Federov's room and, while planting the bug, sees Ilsa's briefcase. He opens a secret compartment and flashes. Ilsa is not who she says she is: She's French intelligence. Chuck Undercover 2.jpg

Ilsa returns to her room and Chuck is forced to hide under the bed. She's not alone, and brought Casey back to their room. The two are about to have sex when Chuck's phone rings and alerts Casey to his presence. Chuck warns him about his flash, but Ilsa already has a gun on him. Before any explanations can be made a very drunk Federov returns to have sex with Ilsa, but he passes out. Ilsa helps Chuck and Casey escape.

The next day at the Buy More, depressed Casey is lying in the Home Theater Room, while Casablanca is playing. Chuck tries checking up on him but Casey reminds him that whatever happened between him and Ilsa is dashed away. At the same time, Ilsa walked into room, having tracked down Casey from an item that Chuck dropped. She admits to him she was never caught in the bomb blast, and works for the French Secret Service assigned to bring down Federov. Casey retorts what's to stop him from having her, Federov and half the Grand Seville arrested. Ilsa says that he wouldn't do it because it would be unprofessional. She apologizes to Casey for her dishonesty, and returns the necklace he gave her in Chechnya.

Later, Chuck goes to Casey's apartment and finds him heavily drunk, listening to Neil Diamond, and enjoying a dinner of burnt Hot Pockets. Chuck tries to convince him to fight for Ilsa, but he's resigned to letting her go until they discover a bug in Ilsa's necklace: Federov had been spying on her, and knew from the start she was working for the French government. Casey immediately decides he has to save her, and drags Chuck with him.

They arrive at the hotel but are ambushed in Federov's room and tied back-to-back in chairs. Federov intends to marry and murder Ilsa, then fake his death by putting Casey, Ilsa and Chuck (as either the pilot or 'man' stewardess) on his private plane and letting it crash. After Federov leaves, Casey provokes the guards. Using Chuck to protect his back and as a weapon he takes on the henchmen, but they are eventually forced out a window and fall several stories into a pool below where the chairs break and they get free. Casey emerges from the pool and has guns drawn on him by several of Federov's men as he announces his objection to the wedding. Sarah backs him up, but recognizing she is outnumbered sets her gun down. Chuck voices his disbelief, causing the Russians to turn their guns and eyes towards him and Casey, giving Sarah the opening to kick her gun to Ilsa and grab another from a nearby Russian. Both girls hold a gun against Federov, ending the stalemate.

Casey and Ilsa share one night together and say goodbye outside Chuck's apartment the next morning (while he incompetently tries to spy on them). After she leaves, Casey tells Chuck that they'll likely never see each other again: It's a spy's life. Chuck tries to offer Casey consolation saying that at least they have their friendship, but Casey angrily shoves him away into the bushes and walks alone back into his apartment.

Buy More

Ellie and Awesome come into the Buy More. They're greeted by Jeff and Lester, but Morgan takes control to help them decide on a joint anniversary gift. Ellie is interested in a big-screen TV, but Awesome is eyeing a washer and dryer. Both insist their choice will give them more time together: Ellie because they can sit down and watch TV together, while Awesome argues they don't have to worry about laundromats and can stay in more. Ellie gets paged by the hospital and leaves the choice to Devon, who decides on the washer dryer. When she finds out he went with his own choice the two get into a fight.

Awesome spends the evening at the Buy More with Morgan, Jeff, Lester, and several other Nerd Herders and Green Shirts complaining about relationships over a game of poker, which Awesome wins. Unfortunately he didn't realize that the all-male group was playing strip poker, and hurriedly leaves when the others start undressing. Meanwhile, Sarah is looking for Chuck and arrives at his apartment, where she finds that Ellie is very drunk and upset about the fight. Sarah tries to get away at first but agrees to stay when Ellie begins to freak out about being left alone. Morgan shows up and Sarah uses him as an excuse to leave and find Chuck and Casey.

Morgan tries to help Ellie to bed, but she passes out drunk on the couch. Eventually he gets her to the bedroom where he stays at her insistence. When she wakes up the next morning she initially panics before realizing that nothing actually happened. She thanks Morgan for being there, and especially for not taking advantage of her. Awesome comes in and apologizes. Morgan flinches fearing he's about to be hit, but Awesome knows that it wasn't even possible Ellie would actually sleep with organ. Awesome shows Ellie that he got her the TV, and the two make up.
Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Episode 113 - "Chuck vs. the Marlin"
"Chuck vs. the Marlin"
was the 13th episode and season finale of the first season of Chuck. It aired in a special two-episode block on January 24, 2007 with "Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover."

The episode begins with Jeff and Lester reviewing footage they shot of women's cleavage with one of the store's demo cameras when Chuck arrives to remind them of Big Mike's policy about "Mammary Cam." The two Nerd Herders protest the accusation, while passing the offending video between each other but Chuck easily guesses their moves. Devon arrives to talk to Chuck about Ellie, but Chuck notices a bug hidden on one of the Nerd Herd boat's displays and flashes. He dodges Devon for a moment to confront Casey, who he believes had placed the bug. Casey denies it and leaves. Chuck then returns to where Awesome is waiting at the Video Wall. Devon has come to ask Chuck for permission to marry Ellie, as he considers him the man of the family. Chuck gives his blessing and Devon asks Chuck to hide his great-grandmother's ring so Ellie can't find it.

Meanwhile, Casey alerts Sarah about the bug, and she acknowledges they have a problem. Contacting General Beckman and Director Graham through the hidden Wienerlicious computers, they learn that the device is a Fulcrum bug. There is a probability that Fulcrum may know that Chuck is the Intersect. They are ordered to find the receiver for the bug within 48 hours or Chuck will be relocated.

The next morning, Big Mike arrives at the store and is oblivious to the place having been completely cleaned out until he reaches his office and discovers his prized Marlin is missing. The rest of the employees soon arrive. Lester is particularly panicked, but Jeff tells him to keep his mouth shut. When Chuck arrives he rushes to his locker, where he hid Awesome's ring and discovers it missing. While Big Mike grills the rest of the employees with Detective Conway (Mark Derwin) he demands to know where Casey is and sends Chuck to find him. Casey demands Chuck join him at a warehouse, where Chuck discovers the CIA and NSA have completely cleaned out the Buy More to check for more bugs, a short-range GLG-20. They found a total of 29 including the one Chuck discovered, but there's no sign of its receiver. Chuck praises their thoroughness and says that he must return to the Buy More and come up with an alibi. Sarah stops him, while reminds Chuck to asks for Awesome's ring back. Casey tries inciting what is the worst-case scenario if they don't find the receiver but Sarah pulls him aside to advice him to be gentle. One agent then pulls them aside to show that the store's security system was mistakenly turned back ON by a drunken Jeff and Lester the night before, and caught the Fulcrum agent who planted the bugs on tape. They cannot identify the agent, but the security tapes shows the receiver being placed inside Big Mike's Marlin. Jeff and Lester then make off with the fish after the Fulcrum agent leaves. Chuck then suggests that that Sarah and Casey find out where those two drunken pinheads stowed the marlin while he sticks around to search for the ring. Unfortunately, Sarah tells him there was no ring in the inventory. They also tell him the bad news: if they fail to find the receiver and that Fulcrum may learn that he's the Intersect, he will be taken into protective custody.

Chuck and Casey return to the Buy More to find their coworkers betting over a thumb war between Jeff and Lester. They drag the two into the Home Theater Room, where Casey intimidates them into confessing. The two Nerd Herders remain silent, until Casey closed the Theater Room's curtains, implying that he will torture them, they crack. After Jeff was cut off (again) at the local Bennigan's bar, he and Lester came back to the store to access Big Mike's stash of liquor in his desk. Intending to turn the security cameras off so as to leave no trace of their intrusion, they instead mistakenly turned the security cameras back on, unaware there was a real intruder in the store. They arrive in Big Mike's office to discover his stash is already empty, and decide they have to do something else. Jeff suggests they burn it down, while Lester instead decides on stealing something and makes off with marlin, which they stash back at Chuck's apartment. At the same time, Sarah is on phone with Beckman, who tells her that Chuck is coming in either way.

Chuck and Casey rush back to his house and begin searching for the missing Marlin. During their search they are interrupted by Ellie. Anticipating he may not be able to see her again, Chuck tells her goodbye "just in case." She then tells him she saw Morgan leaving with the fish. Chuck and Casey look at each other before the latter says, "He's mine."

The duo returns to the store. While Chuck is called in to Big Mike's office to be questioned by Conway, Casey takes Morgan to the Home Theater Room and interrogates him on the location of the Marlin, threatening to pull out each of his facial hairs. Morgan says that he must be hit with his personal kryptonite: grape soda "on the rocks" (which Casey tries but is disgusted by) when threats fail. Morgan reveals that the night before the store was cleaned out, he grabbed Chuck's bag from his locker and went back to Chuck's apartment to play an advanced copy of the next Call of Duty game that Chuck had previously refused to let him play until Morgan was under "adult supervision." While he was digging through the bag, he discovered the ring Chuck was holding for Awesome. He freaked out and Ellie, who was in the living room, rushed in. Morgan mistakenly believed the ring was for Sarah. Casey presses him on the Marlin, but Morgan is too wrapped up with the thought that Chuck was going to propose to Sarah. Before he can extract any more information from him, the Schwarma Girl arrives with a lunch delivery from Pita Palace and Morgan slips out.

Meanwhile, Chuck is interrogated by Big Mike and Conway. Both of them think that the robbery was an inside job and the latter knows that the other employees "couldn't tie they shoes" without Chuck's say-so. They then leave Chuck alone in Big Mike's office as Conway takes a call. Chuck then becomes suspicious when he notices the Schwarma Girl had made her 30th delivery. He then sneaks out through the ventilation ducts and locates Jeff and Lester's video. Editing out some of the footage, he sends a digital snapshot of the delivery girl to Sarah. He then covers up any of his indiscretion before Big Mike and Conway return. The scene cuts to Big Mike announcing that Chuck cracked. Conway then calls Casey, who is still trying to pull an answer out of Morgan. Jeff and Lester then ask him what he told Casey, and where he hid the Marlin. Morgan tells them he hid it in the freezer at the Weinerlicious. The delivery girl overhears them and leaves.

The Schwarma Girl, Lizzie, enters the Wienerlicious to ask to get the marlin out of the freezer. Sarah, having received Chuck's message, fights her. In the midst of the fight, Sarah turns on the restaurant's security camera. Unfortunately, Lizzie regains her gun and forces Sarah to give her the marlin before imprisoning her in the freezer.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan admits to Chuck about the Ring, at which Chuck corrects that it's really meant for Ellie. Once he gets the location of the marlin, he runs to the Wienerlicious. Chuck arrives to find the marlin broken on the restaurant floor and Lizzie, the receiver, and the ring gone. He hears Sarah call for help and finds her locked in the freezer. At her instructions, he finds a gun hidden in a tub of horseradish sauce and bumbles his way through trying to shoot the lock. However, Detective Conway arrives at the behest of Big Mike and sees the gun in Chuck's hand, taking Chuck into custody despite his protests that he was trying to help Sarah out of the freezer.

After Casey is finally released from his interrogation, he tracks down Morgan, forcing the location of the Marlin from him, and hurries to the Wienerlicious. He rescues Sarah from the freezer, who tells him Lizzie planted the bugs and that Conway arrested Chuck. They report in to Beckman with the information, who has decided to extract Chuck anyway. Sarah and Casey are ordered to track down Lizzie. Sarah objects but Casey accepts the General's instructions. After they break contact with Beckman, he tells Sarah he'll take care of Lizzie while she tracks down Chuck.

While in his car, Chuck tries to reason with Conway, but the detective doesn't listen. Conway makes a phone call and reports in to his superiors as "Longshore." Chuck flashes and realizes that Conway is actually CIA. Longshore tries to encourage Chuck that things aren't going to be so bad in government custody - he'll have every amenity he needs, and will be allowed outside in controlled locations. He admits though that it's safer for Chuck's family and friends that he just disappear and for them not to know what's happened.

He takes Chuck to a rooftop helipad for extraction, where the two are confronted by Sarah. Sarah tells Longshore they've identified Lizzie as the Fulcrum agent and will soon have the receiver so there's no longer a need to extract the Intersect, but he tells her he has received no instructions to that effect. She asks Longshore for just a few minutes to talk to Chuck, and is ready to draw her gun (hidden behind her back) until Longshore agrees. Chuck asks her to tell his family and friends something to make his disappearance easier to bear, and that since they no longer work together, he and Sarah can be honest with each other about how they really feel.

The three are then ambushed by Lizzie, who kills Longshore and shoots Sarah's gun from her hand. Sarah and Chuck take cover while Lizzie gloats about knowing that Chuck is the Intersect. She also has Awesome's ring for Ellie. Because the worst that Fulcrum could do to Chuck is torture, Sarah advises that he distract Lizzie. Chuck then runs away from her back to the helipad. With Lizzie pointing her guns at him, he tries bargaining better accommodations on, but Lizzie isn't interested in negotiating, as she is the one with the guns. It is then that Sarah sneaks up on Lizzie and the two engage in another fight. The two are again evenly matched and the fight takes them dangerously close to the edge of the building. Casey finally arrives to back Sarah up only to watch the two women plummet over the side. They land safely in a garbage bin, where Lizzie is knocked unconscious. Casey comments, "Had a feeling that girl was dirty."

The next morning, Big Mike arrives at the store the next morning to find that everything is back, including his Marlin (which is now held together by duct tape).

Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah are searching the garbage bin where she and Lizzie fell. The latter insists that when Lizzie was taken in, she only had the receiver on her. Perhaps it's better that they replace it. Chuck refuses to give up and manages to find it. The two rush back to Chuck's apartment, where he sneaks in through his window to give Devon the ring. Chuck then leaves to watch from outside while Awesome proposes. Sarah tells Chuck he's safe for now and that the extraction order has been canceled. Chuck asks her to come inside to congratulate Ellie, but Sarah tells him that it's a family moment. He looks back at her and tells her "I know," before finally going in alone. Casey arrives, and while Sarah watches Chuck, tells her they won't be able to keep him there forever.
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