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In the days ahead visitors will notice some slightly older threads & discussions showing up in our forums. This is the result of us recently merging the community into Cool Sci-Fi.

The history behind CinVin is a bit complex. :coffee:

Years ago I used to have a small business creating & selling themes & misc. add-ons for the vBulletin forum platform. This was back in the days of the vB 3.x series. Business was pretty good and CinVin had a reputation for quality products. Before vBulletin 4.x was released I was part of the beta team for it and we all said that there were many problems with it that should be dealt with before it was released. They didn't listen, the release of vBulletin 4.0.0 was a disaster (not as bad as the release of vBulletin 5.0.0 but that is another story :mirelly:), and around that time I closed CinVin down. Some of the product rights were sold to other companies so there are still traces of that period in my life out there in various spots.

After being dormant for bit was brought back online and was used for some software experiments and was presented as a general chat site with a nod towards IT tech. It was also used as the spot for any misc. forum add-ons that I was still releasing for other people to use so "CinVin" was both a branding and a community. It was also used a gathering spot for any small forums or sites that I purchased or had in the collection over the years and were gathering dust. That meant it ended up having a good amount of content but hardly any active members.

The "CinVin" branding will still be used as the name has a bit of personal meaning for me. :smiley: