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XenForo [CinVin] Footer Tweaks (expanded footer) 1.0.6

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Kevin updated [CinVin] Footer Tweaks (expanded footer) with a new update entry:

1.0.6 - New Options, Tweaked CSS

New options added since the 1.0.3 public release...

New: Option in the 'Network' Column to automatically sort the list of links by their Title value
This way you can add a bunch of links without trying to add them manually in alphabetic order.

New: Option in the 'Network' Column to flag the links as rel="nofollow"
For SEO purposes you might want mark the links as rel="nofollow" - some search engines might not like having external links on every...

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So far this is working fine with XF 2.3.0 beta and PHP 8.2 -- I'm not expecting any issues but will fix them if any are found.