[CinVin] Lazy Load YouTube Videos for Xenforo 2

XenForo [CinVin] Lazy Load YouTube Videos for Xenforo 2 1.1.0

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Hello every one
first thank you for this addon really I need it so much
I just want to help me in this even if I will pay for development I'm ready
the image of the youtube video is contain black bar upper and lower
is there away to remove this and make the image clear just like the video it self?

Screenshot 2023-06-16 013459.png

without addon view:
Screenshot 2023-06-16 013543.png

thank you
Early heads-up... this add-on as it is currently will not work with the upcoming XF 2.3 release.

The XF 2.3 release will remove jQuery as a stock library. Add-ons such as this that use jQuery can either bundle their own copy of jQuery or be rewritten to be pure JS instead of using jQuery. If multiple add-ons all start bundling their own copy of jQuery that could end up being a performance nightmare so at some point I'll be rewriting this.