City of Heroes/Villains Issue 12 now in closed beta


Nov 13, 2007
Just wanted to put this out there in case there are some ex-players who hadn't yet heard. It seems like new issues can often interest people in coming back to the game for a while.

The highlights:
  • Romans! Don't know much about this one
  • Villain epic archetypes, where you play an Arachnos Spider or Widow soldier, and can branch into the later forms of arachnos minions like Crab Spider. (yes, spider appendage backpack attachment included) Requires a level 50 villain to unlock.
  • Powerset proliferation which is fancy for "we're caving and are deciding not to limits some sets to some ATs and giving people as many sets per AT to choose from as is reasonable". Only a few sets are being proliferated in I12, but there are more to come in the future.
More information: [1] [2] [3] [4]

This combined with the XP curve smoothing has made the game a lot more attractive to me again, so I felt it was post worthy. The XP curve smoothing is possibly the biggest one for me though, I always had particular level hurdles that were just too slow and made me get stuck, lose interest, and wander off. Now it's much better.